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File 129383551163.jpg - (41.29KB , 300x500 , 1196494855357.jpg )
509 No. 509 Stickied hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So in this thread, we post Gamer Tags, Friend Codes and whatever other means by which people can contact us online for gaming-related purposes.

Here's my SteamID page:

My Wii Number:
4392 5906 0867 3500

I can't currently connect my DS to the internet due to LOL WPA but when I can, I'll be posting my SoulSilver Friend Code here.

I'm DrTanner on Minecraft.

Chances are if you see a Dr Tanner anywhere, it's me.
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>> No. 1638
File 132186733477.jpg - (169.80KB , 1600x951 , but mom i dont even know.jpg )
withdanger on steam, deviantart, and a few other places. Adastarshine on Runescape (YEAH SO WHAT FUGGUT!?), Ada Blaukempt on Second Life. Bombadiergirl on Hatena. Uh... I think that's it. Hey, why the fuck not, add me on Fecesbook, /lulzisacorruptionoflol.

File 146186734322.png - (64.02KB , 200x200 , 1415985095160.png )
1820 No. 1820 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Doom Thread.

Post your favorite wads & pk's!

Doom Enhanced HD
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>> No. 1822
File 146219296788.png - (299.82KB , 640x480 , 290507.png )

>> No. 1824
File 146631699574.jpg - (13.83KB , 256x170 , 1464456092233s.jpg )
Enahnced Doom 1
with shaders and lightning effects!


>> No. 1825
Sperglord Edition

Recurring Nightmare:

No. 1819 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  >take a game
>add "& Knuckles"
>post results

File 143221670784.png - (566.75KB , 800x600 , hellrisinghand.png )
1805 No. 1805 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hey so I was told to post here, 4chan's /v/ and /b/ are currently playing this game and we are looking for allies and members.

The game is a horror survival mmo/simulator. You play as a character stuck in the quarantined city of serling. You can play as a human, vampire or zombie and try to fight it out and survive. It has gameplay similar to Urban dead except with more options like trading/crafting and 73 skills to buy rather than 40.

Anwyays give it a try if you want
Here is the group join if you want
>> No. 1806
I remember playing this back in '08/'09 or so. Is it still basically a complete clusterfuck where all the humans hide in the military base, only leaving to shoot things for exp, and all the zombies and vampires throw themselves at the barricaded and defended base doors trying to get levels? That was pretty much my experience aside from the very occasional stray player that had just started, roaming around outside in the less populated areas.
>> No. 1818
No, though humans still hide but its not all in one place now and they go out and attack people.

File 12918117753.jpg - (61.39KB , 400x300 , fatalframe2_16_resize.jpg )
372 No. 372 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
It's that time again. So, what's some of your favourite horror games /vg/?

I'm tempted to get Amnesia: The Dark Descent because its only a mere £12 at the moment. Anyone played it?
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>> No. 1815
File 145675262056.jpg - (55.72KB , 480x480 , 1575_b810.jpg )
I didn't even know its from 2011!

I was just happy finding a Horror-game-thread!
>> No. 1816
It's just not gonna be possible to get responses from any of the previous posters. I think they've been gone since then.
>> No. 1817
But what if new people show up?

File 142163003936.jpg - (17.71KB , 256x256 , s2K3eQt3.jpg )
1798 No. 1798 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Guys, I am madly in love with Trevor Philips from GTA V. Any resources?

Also, express your love for Trevor here I guess.
>> No. 1801
I've only really played Vice City, and for only a few minutes before I realized I don't really have it in me to be a dick.
>> No. 1811
  >in my sleep, Trevor climbs in through my window
>he gets on a scooter
>he runs me over to wake me up
>i get on a scooter aswell
>scooter brothers

File 14215982687.jpg - (14.43KB , 403x395 , 1419712249451.jpg )
1795 No. 1795 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
opinion on gamergate
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>> No. 1807
Both sides are dumb.

Just shut up and play video games.
>> No. 1808
its shit that none cares about you know?
who gives a fuck? people should stop freaking out over video games imo.
>> No. 1810


File 137390988955.jpg - (149.99KB , 1280x800 , tf2vaycay.jpg )
1769 No. 1769 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Totally called Killing Floor getting Steam Trading Cards. Told my best friend just the other day that that'd be exactly what the game needs to get people to play it more.

Kinda wish there was a mod/mutator/whatever to keep the Summer, Halloween, or Winter Zed models all year round, though. I hate the default ones. Although that damn cymbal monkey Scrake haunts my fucking nightmares forever. The sight of it jamming its chainsaw in slow motion into my character's gut was enough to make me hate the damn things.
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>> No. 1792
File 140132034790.png - (15.65KB , 398x439 , swordbullets_medicwat.png )
>>should have known better: gaming edition
>>1. do not play assassin's creed ii on shitty computer that cannot run the game + steam well, let alone uplay
>>(uplay is awful and ubisoft needs to realize nobody cares for it, at all)
>>2. do not play assassin's creed ii without controller, it is not really made for mouse and keyboard
>>3. do not believe friends who lie and tell you you can skip the first game without any knowledge of the plot
>>(I have no idea who these characters are or what is going on or what the fuck an abstergo is)
>>(also how the hell does one play a stealth game)
>> No. 1793
File 140136808839.jpg - (55.68KB , 427x231 , how do staleth.jpg )
>> No. 1800
File 142264666575.png - (440.60KB , 963x585 , rubacava.png )
I have wanted to play Grim Fandango since I was seven years old. I am finally doing the thing.

File 13983066178.jpg - (23.57KB , 374x500 , 1345910227701.jpg )
1784 No. 1784 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I've seen that no one else discuss about anther TF2 rip-off. But then I have to post this by myself. This game is basically TF2 + Gunz. Some of the maps, resupply locations, & even modes are identically same as Valve's property.
>> No. 1785
  Here's the example 1 of the reskin map + my bad gameplay.
>> No. 1786
File 139840995111.jpg - (70.12KB , 560x437 , hahaohwow.jpg )
You weren't kidding. I love the lack of props. Empty hallways are just SO FUN
>> No. 1787
File 139895560636.jpg - (91.92KB , 1024x640 , tps 2014-05-01 13-57-08-09.jpg )
And at 4/30, Tencent's fuck up the map: no more Health Kits on the map !! So if you caught on fire that no water on the map & no Dispenser nearby, you're fucked.

File 135465691568.jpg - (27.35KB , 640x360 , x (5).jpg )
1752 No. 1752 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 1756
Moved from /gmod/ to /vg/. Not sure why you put it there instead of here, but /gmod/ is mainly for Gmod/Source Filmmaker works.
>> No. 1770
I love it, too! Hey, add me if you want to play. I'd love to have some chan buddies to play with. My Playstation Online ID is Fluffycatz
>> No. 1771
If you could somehow get the game models into the PC, you could conceivably use them in Source Film Maker, and make films using them. That would be fun to see.

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