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Creative Conditioning

“And then I was all ‘THWACK!’ TAKE THAT, YA ASS-GRABBER!” Scout laughed as he told his tale to what few teammates remained at the dinner table. “That’s whatcha get for bein’ all queer and shit in my neighborhood! Nobody, I mean NOBODY crosses me! Am I right, fellas?” He grinned at them, expecting to see a similar expression reflected in their faces.

Medic and Heavy just looked at each other, silently communicating restraint.

Sniper stared down at his coffee. The fingers on his ‘#1 Sniper’ mug looked about ready to snap off the handle.

Engie just frowned. “Now, Ah think maybe ya skipped a part. Why exactly did you and yer buddies feel compelled to this, again, son?”

“Cause!” Scout replied, like it was obvious, “He was a fucking homo!”


“AND?!” The junior balked. “And….he was a homo! A queer! A fag! Somethin’ wrong with your ears, Tex?” He laughed, thinking the old man must be slow and not understand JUST HOW homosexual the other man had been.

Engie still sat there, arms crossed; cool as a cucumber outwardly, but about ready to spit brimstone inside. “He ever lay a hand on you or your pals, son?”

“Well….no, but he was a still a freakin fag, man!” Scout was on the defense now. “I don’t know how it is in Buttfuck, Texas, but where I’m from, ya can’t just let those kinds of people get away with….with bein’ that way!”

“Those kinds of people are still people, Scout.” The Texan reasoned, “An’ they deserve to be treated like you an’ me, and NOT have their skulls smashed over a sidewalk, y’hear?”

“Fuck that, man!” Scout scoffed. “He was a fag. He had it comin’.”

Medic stood up, and looked about ready to do something heroic and violent, but Heavy quickly led him away, muttering diffusing phrases in his native tongue. Engie watched them go, and just shook his head.

“Y’know, Scout, not everyone here thinks the way you do, ‘bout…
those kinds of people.” He explained, treading lightly on the words, “And if you keep talkin’ that way ‘bout ‘em, might find yourself in the same spot that you and your buddies put that scared young boy.” He stood, taking his empty plate over to the sink. “Jus’ think on that for a while.”

“Pffft. Yeah, whatevah, man.” Scout stood and left his plate where it was on the table. “Just watch your back, hardhat. Never know when one of dem queers’ll sneak up on you.” He laughed, walking out of the mess hall and down to his bunk.

Engie washed his plate in silence, and came back over to get Scout’s. He saw Sniper’s tense hand on the long-since-empty coffee mug, and laid a soapy hand over his. “Y’alright there, Slim?”

Sniper just grumbled something that sounded vaguely like ‘Yes’, along with some other choice words for the departed Scout.

The Texan smiled, gently, and took the empty cup over to the sink. “He’s young. He’ll learn.”

“What if he doesn’t, Truckie?” Sniper half-turned in his seat, to look at the other man. “What if he just gets worse, and worse, and…”

“Ya really think he did what he said, Sniper?” Engie laughed in mid-scrub. “Boy like him, wouldn’t be surprised if he did nothin’ but stand ‘round and watch while th’others did all the work, if he was even really there at all.”

“Point’s not if he really did it. Point’s that he thinks it’s right t’do that sorta thing.” The Aussie frowned at the floor, as if it had been the one committing the offense. “Been ‘round too many people who think that way, Truckie. Seen too many blokes beaten…even killed, just for bein’ wot they are.”

The Engineer frowned, and dried his hands before he placed one on Sniper’s shoulder. “Hey, ‘s long as you got a feller like Heavy on your side, don’t think you got anythin’ to worry ‘bout with Scout.” He chuckled, “That big ol' bear could snap that scrawny lil’ city boy like a dry twig. If Medic hadn’t been here tonight, Ah’m pretty sure he would’ve.”

They both laughed at that, and Sniper stood, towering over the much-shorter Texan. “Thanks, Truckie.” He nodded, taking back the damp mug from him. “ ‘m glad I got a bloke like you on m’side, too.” The Aussie smiled, and raised his mug briefly in thanks, before making his way to his own bunk.

Engie smiled and went back to the sink. He scrubbed at a stubborn piece of macaroni that someone (probably that fussy Spy) had left on their plate, while he thought of what to do about Scout. His attitude certainly was a problem, and an Engineer’s job was to fix things, after all…

And who said he couldn’t have a little fun while doing it?

The week went on as usual – they fought the BLU’s, sometimes they won, sometimes they lost, but either way they all came back to the dining hall where the Soldier would regale them with his stories of how he punched Hitler in the face, shoved mustard gas up his NAZI butt, and swept Eva Braun off her feet. Because she was kind of hot, that’s why. You kids today don’t know what real beauty is. What was that? Get back here you little-

Engie just sat there, eating his dinner, and watching amusedly as Scout ate his dinner. He sat in the same spot every night– they all did – so Engie knew just where to install the device. Now all he had to do was flip the switch. The Bostonian shoved a big helping of potatoes into his mouth, and tried to talk shit through it at Solly. Three…two…one…

“MFFRFKKKERRR!” Scout screamed, spitting his potatoes out, and jumped up from his seat, clutching tightly to his left ass cheek. “What the fuck was that!?” He shrieked, rubbing the sore area.

“Vhat happened?” Medic asked, flatly, annoyed, as he wiped the potatoes off of his glasses.

“Somethin’ fuckin’ shocked me or somethin’. Jesus.” He poked at the area of the bench, but found nothing.

“Let me take a look, son.” Engie bent down, and stealthily pocketed the small device under Scout’s seat. “Nope, ain’t nothin’ there.” He shrugged. “Must’ve just been static or somethin’.” With that, he went back to his dinner. Scout did, too, but only after poking at the metal seat for a bit, until he was satisfied that the threat was gone.

Engie smirked into his beans. The trials were the best part. They really were.


Scout went to bed that evening to find his bunk tied up in a series of cords. Someone must have taken Ph.D. level courses in short-sheeting– that much was clear. He shouted out in the hallway that his team was a bunch of assholes, and slammed the door before he got to work, trying to undo the ties. Several he was able to just pull apart with his bare hands. Some he had to gnaw at with his crooked teeth to get them to come off. Eventually, he had to go ask Engie for help. The Texan played dumb to the whole thing, citing Spy as a possible culprit, as he cut the remaining cords from the boy’s bed, noting the thickness Scout couldn’t break through on his own.

He bid Scout good night, and took the cords he’d cut back to his workshop, leaving Scout to clean up the rest.


It bothered Engie that he’d had to seek Spy’s help in the matter, but the Frenchman was more than glad to install a secret camera in the ceiling above Scout’s bunk. No doubt he had his own monitor somewhere, and was watching, like Engie, as the boy bucked and writhed against his own hand, biting his fist to keep quiet. The Texan wasn’t watching it as a voyeur, but as a student. From this and the other sessions he’d recorded, he was able to find out just how Scout liked to please and tease himself- how fast he liked it, how hard, how long he lasted…
And Engie couldn’t wait to use that against him.

A full week went by, from the first ass-shocking incident, all the way to the last late-night showing of Scout’s sexual exploits with his own palm. Engie studied and studied the data he’d obtained, and finally, he was ready.

Scout was already asleep in his room when Spy picked the lock, and granted the Texan access with a sadistic grin. The runner cried out in protest when the rag was shoved over his face, but soon fell back into a chloroform-induced sleep. Engie swung the boy over his shoulder and made his way down the hall.

Heavy was coming out of the kitchen with his usual midnight sandwich, and for a moment, Engie thought he was done-for. Called a traitor, fired for treason, maybe even arrested…but no. Heavy just smiled, and let the Texan pass without a word.

Engie smiled. So far, so good.


“Mmm….whfff…hhhnn…” Scout mumbled as he started to come around. He tried to wipe the sleep from his eyes, but he couldn’t. He tried to sit up in his bed, but he couldn’t do that either. In fact, he was already sitting up…kind of. As he slowly regained consciousness, he soon became aware of his surroundings. This wasn’t his room at all. It looked like the Engineer’s workshop. And he wasn’t in bed– there was no doubt about that. The surface under him wasn’t even bed-like. It was just a series of cords, netted together in a sort of a seat. Cords were wrapped around his legs, and torso, too, and several kept his arms held aloft. “What the hell?” He mumbled.

“Well, well, well.” A voice chuckled darkly from somewhere in the room. “Finally woke up, Sleepin’ Beauty?”

“What the fuck? Hardhat? What the hell is this?! Get me down!” Scout thrashed in his restraints, but found himself tightly bound. He wasn’t going anywhere any time soon.

“Now, don’t go tiring yourself out, son.” The Texan finally came into view, holding something behind his back. “Gonna wanna save your energy.”

“What the fuck is this, you goddamn psycho!? Lemme go!” Still he thrashed about, eventually realizing that these cords were the exact same type that he’d found wrapped around his bed. “What the…? HEY! You’re the one who fucked with my bed!”

Engie chuckled. “That ain’t all Ah did.” From behind his back, he brought out a remote, and clicked one of the buttons. The television monitor on Scout’s left came to life, with images of the young Bostonian stroking his hard cock and fondling his sack with his other hand.

“…WHAT THE FUCK?!” Scout shrieked, eyes wide as dinner plates.
Another chuckle. On screen, Scout began to tweak and tug at one of his nipples. “Hooo-eee. Kinky lil’ feller, ain’t cha?”

Scout blushed, and found he couldn’t tear his gaze away from the screen. He really, REALLY didn’t want to look at the Engineer right now. His insides were bubbling with a mixture of rage, shame, and terror, and he felt like he was going to be sick.

“Wonder if’n you like it as much if someone else’s doin’ it.” Engie grinned, and Scout was broken out of his trance by a calloused thumb circling around his nipple.

“H-HEY! GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!” Scout thrashed again, and it was now that he realized he was completely naked. COMPLETELY. His eyes went wide again, and he looked up at the Texan in terror. “Wh-wh-why-“

“-you bare-ass nekkid?” Engie finished for him, and went to the work bench. “Figgered it’d be a lot easier t’strip you ‘fore Ah tied you up. Save me cuttin’ up your clothes, too.” He came back over with two sort of gator-clamp-looking things, attached to something that looked vaguely like a small car battery.

“WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!” Scout tried to lean away from it. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”

“Now jist hold still, y’squirmy lil’ eel.” Engie chuckled, and clamped the first clip onto Scout’s nipple. The junior cried out in pain and surprise, and, before he could trash away from the other, Engie clipped it on as well.

“WHATTHEFUCKISWRONGWITHYOUGET’EMOFFGET’EMOFF!!!” Scout shouted, twisting his body to and fro in a fruitless attempt to shake the clamps away.

“Settle down, now. Settle down!” Engie laughed, readying the battery device. “Now, this might sting a lil…” He grinned, and flipped the switch. Of course, it wasn’t anywhere near as powerful as a car battery. Hell, it hadn’t even been as powerful as that little shock to Scout’s rear in the mess hall. Still, the charge was noticeable, if the way Scout’s body went rigid was any indication. After a few seconds, Engie let him have a reprieve. “There. Not so bad now, was it?”

“….f-f-fuck….y-you…” Scout’s teeth chattered and he exhaled shuddering breaths as he tried desperately not to cry.

“Watch your mouth, mister.” Engie turned up the juice again- a little higher this time- and counted, “…three Mississippi….four Mississippi….” He counted, and shut it off at five. Scout was sobbing now, though the tears hadn’t quite yet started to flow. In all likelihood, the kid was probably just scared. Engie had tried the charge out on himself before, at double this, and it still didn’t hurt near as bad as Scout was making it out to be.

“L-lemme go, man…please…” Scout trembled, and looked, pleadingly, into the Texan’s goggled eyes.

Engie just smiled, and mussed the boy’s hair. “Now you jist relax.” He soothed, and readied his hand on the battery device.
“No…no, PLEASE, no…” He shook his head, protesting. Engie turned the dial anyway. This time it was much lower, and not really painful at all. It was almost…pleasurable, really. Scout hummed low in his throat, out of pure instinctual reaction, but quickly inhaled through his nostrils, and glared at the Engineer. He was still grinning that same goddamn grin, like he knew how good it felt. It made Scout worried, and he wondered what else the other man knew.

“That’s enough fer now, then.” Engie shut the battery off, and Scout almost seemed to sigh in relief. The Texan smirked at this as he clipped the device to a nearby cord, leaving it attached to Scout’s nipples. He pulled up a chair, and another remote.

“You an’ me are gonna have a little talk.”

“ ‘bout what? How you fucking kidnapped me and tied me up like some goddamn crazy fagg-“

The button was pushed, and Scout expected something like more voyeuristic videos. A loud THWACK and a stinging sensation lingering on his ass cheek certainly surprised him.


Another thwack, and another cry of pain. Scout looked back this time, to see the device moving back to the ‘start’ position. A large wooden paddle, on some sort of spring-loaded mechanism was behind him, positioned on a metal tripod, much like a sentry. A spanking sentry. Not all that effective on the battlefield, but here it had its uses.

“What the hell is that thing?” Scout looked back at the Engineer, fuming, his face as red as his asscheeks.

Another spank, and Scout growled at Engie, furious.

“Ah said, you an’ me are gonna have a little talk.” Engie continued. “Can’t do that with you runnin’ your mouth, now can we?”


A series of spanks, one right after the other, until Scout’s ass was a blushing crimson, matching his face.

“Now if’n ya speak outta turn again, that’s what’s gonna happen.” He explained. “Ya got me?”

Sniffling a little, Scout nodded, still glaring hatefully at the other man.

“Good.” Engie sat back in the chair, relaxed. He had all the time in the world. “Now Ah reckon you recall tellin’ us ‘bout that lil’ story o’ yours. One where you beat up some poor kid, jus’ fer bein’-“

“Bein’ a fag. Yeah, I remem-“



THWACK again.

“Now what did Ah say ‘bout speakin’ outta turn, boy?” The Texan couldn’t help but smirk a little.

“Awright awright! Jesus!”

Another TWHACK, and Scout finally shut up, his lips pressed together in a childish pout.

“Now ‘bout that lil’ story o’ yours…” Engie paused, readying his hand over the remote for when Scout inevitably spoke out again. But he didn’t just yet. For now he behaved.

“Know a few people out there that don’t take kindly t’hearing someone’s bein’ treated like that.”

“Yeah, homos and queers!” Scout spat, and grunted when he felt the paddle against his tanned hide once again. He was learning, though. This time he stayed silent, and didn’t warrant a second paddling. Engie hit the button anyway.

“OW! WHAT THE FUCK MAN! I DIDN’T EVEN SAY NOTH-“ Another spank, and the junior fell silent again, seething.

“Sorry ‘bout that.” The Engineer smirked. “Mah finger slipped. Now where was Ah?” He scratched at the fuzzy blonde whiskers on his chin, in thought, for far longer than he really needed to. “That’s right. I was sayin’ how wrong it is t’treat someone that way.”

“Oh, like you’re treating me?! You goddamn fucking gay-as-hell rapist fag-licking…“ He fell silent as soon as he saw the Engineer’s thumb hover over the button, threateningly.

“Whadya know?” Engie snorted. “The boy can be taught.” Another chuckle. “That’s good, then, because you’re here to learn a lil’ lesson.”

Scout opened his mouth to speak, but shut up when the Engineer’s thumb threatened to spank him again.

“Ah want ya t’learn, Scout, that it ain’t right to be cruel t’others, just ‘cause they’re different.”

“But he was a fucking ho-“

THWACK, and Scout fell silent again, grumbling angrily.

“Don’t matter what he was, Scout.” Engie replied, in that professorial tone of his that made everything sound like a university lecture. “Whether he was gay, or a Negro, or a Jew, or just different from ya, he was still a person, an’ deserves t’be treated like one.” His thumb sat poised over the button, ready for the outpouring of protest that was sure to come. “Y’git me?”

“Yeah, yeah, I getcha, now lemme go!” He struggled in his restraints again, but stopped when the paddle slapped his already over-sensitive ass. “What the fuck, man! I said I understand, now stop spanking my fucking ass, you fucking queer-as-shit-“

Another series of paddles left Scout silent and panting for breath.

“Ya see, Ah don’t think ya really understand,” The older man continued. “If’n ya did, ya wouldn’t run ‘round, spouting words like ‘queer’ and ‘fag’. Wouldn’t like it if Ah started calling ya a Mick, wouldja?”

Scout frowned, and looked away.

The Engineer furrowed his eyebrows, and spanked him. “Now wouldja?”

“….no.” He mumbled, and got spanked for it again.

“Didn’t quite catch that, boy.” Engie smirked.


THWACK, and Scout exhaled a shaky breath that made him sound like he was near tears.

“Y’ever been called that before, son?” The Texan asked, a little more gently than before.

“…yeah.” He sniffled, wishing he could rub at his sore ass right now.

“Don’t feel good bein’ called somethin’, jus’ because you’re different, now does it?”

“It’s not the same!” Scout protested. “I was fucking born Irish, they weren’t born-“

Another spank, and the runner fell silent once more.

“Now how d’ya figure they weren’t born that way, Scout?” Engie questioned, his thumb threatening another blow any second now.

“Because they…they just weren’t! They just fucking decided to be-“

The Texan hit the button again, before Scout’s words could dissolve into nothing but more gay slurs.

“You decide to be straight, then, son?”

Scout sputtered. “But…I…well, no…but…”

“So you were born heterosexual, then?”

“….I guess.” He shrugged as best he could in the position he was in.

The Engineer nodded, seeming content with the answer. “Then don’t it stand t’reason that they were born homosexual?”

Again, the runner sputtered, finally spitting out a vehement “NO!” to the end result of another spanking barrage, leaving his ass and his face redder than ever.

“Don’t it?” Engie repeated, to the same reply and result. This went on for several minutes, until Scout was trembling, and his chest heaving with sobs.

“Don’t it?” Engie tried again, a little gentler.
Scout paused, thinking about it, and then whimpered out an unsure “M-maybe…”

A small smile. Now they were getting somewhere.

“Ah think that’ll do fer now.” He set the button device down on the workbench, and went back to receive something else.

“That’s it? You’re gonna let me go?” Scout seemed relieved, but without cause. Smiling evilly, Engie came back to the runner with two rubber gloves in one hand, and in the other he held a small bottle that looked like it probably came from the med bay.

“The fuck are those for?” Scout raised his eyebrow.

SNAP went the rubber glove, first on one hand, then on the other.

“Hardhat? Hardhat, what the fuck are you doing?!”

The bottle was squeezed, and a generous amount of the medical lubricant – for Scout could read the label on the bottle now – landed in a large dollop on the Engineer’s hand.

“HARDHAT. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU-“ Scout was cut off when the other man cupped his genitals in a slick hand.
The runner swore, and tried to thrash away as the Texan calmly and thoroughly lubricated the flaccid member. “Now jus’ hold still,” He shook his head, and chuckled. “Ain’t gonna hurt ya.”

“LEMMEGOLEMMEGOYOUFUCKINGFRUITASSPERVERTOHGODLETGO” Scout screamed and sobbed, wishing with every fibre of his being that he could kick the Engineer in the head right now, or that a bolt of lightning would come and strike down his captor. He didn’t even notice that the Engineer had stopped rubbing at him, and had turned on the battery device– still hooked up to his nipples– until the shock ran through his body again. It wasn’t a painful one, but like an electrically-charged finger tickling his spine.

Scout froze, silent and panting from the shock. It rushed through him again, and he gasped as it was combined with Engie stroking his cock with both gloved hands. Every five seconds that delectable charge ran through his body, while the stout Texan massaged his member into an erection.

“Fucking…wh-why the fuck….” Scout groaned out, trying to resist the feelings of arousal, but the Engineer worked as if he knew every curve; every vein; every little sweet spot on his cock and on his balls, and he seemed determined to exploit this.
Slick latex slid up and down the hardening young shaft, rolling back the foreskin to rub a calloused thumb around the head – Christ, even through the gloves you could feel how rough his hands were. More electric shocks went through his nipples, then his spine, then his entire body, all the way down to his cock.

“Stop…fucking…let go…” Scout gasped, his member hard and twitching against the Texan’s ministrations. “Fucking…pervert….faggot…rapist…asshole…”

Engie smirked. “Tell me somethin’, Scout.” His hand left the hardened flesh, and reached for the remote again. “Who’s ‘Davey’?”

The junior froze. How did he…?

Images flashed up on the screen of Scout stroking himself again. This time, the tape played with audio. Scout was moaning a steady stream of, “Oh god, yes, right there, Davey, right there, Davey, Davey, fuck!” before he released into a clammy palm.
He looked back at the Texan, shocked, unsure of what to say. The older man just smirked, and turned off the TV. “Now, you could sit there and tell me some lies, about how Davey’s a nickname for some girl you know, but we both know that ain’t true, don’t we.”

Scout just blushed, and turned his head away, thoroughly embarrassed at this point. His member threatened to soften from the shame, but the tiny little jolts of electricity kept him aroused and erect. “I never fucking…” Scout protested, “I….Davey’s just some kid I knew at summer camp! I don’t know why I was…” He chewed on his lower lip, shutting himself up before he said any more.

Something else was taken off the workbench, and the Engineer sauntered back, casually, with it behind his back. “Oh, Ah’m thinkin’ it’s more than what you’re lettin’ on, son.” He paced in front of the boy, slowly, menacingly. “In fact, Ah got a little theory. Ah’m thinkin’ the reason you’re so bent on hating homosexuals is ‘cause…you’re one of ‘em.”

One could practically hear the gears screech to a halt in Scout’s brain. “Wh-wh-wh…” He stammered, “WHAT THE FUCK?!” The runner thrashed again, angrily. “I AIN’T NO FUCKING HOMO YOU GODDAMN PIECE OF SHIT FAGGOT ASS-LICKING-“

Deftly, the Engineer grabbed the boy’s cock, silencing him with his own hiss. Quickly, he wrapped an extension cord around the still-hard member, tying it tightly at the base.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!” He shrieked, looking down at the cord with such a tight grip on his cock. Too tight, really. Felt almost painful. “GET THIS FUCKING THING OFF ME!”

Engie didn’t bother to respond, though. He just traipsed over to his workbench, picked up another item, and came back with it.

This was getting to be almost routine. Engie grinned, as he set the device down on another stand, like the sentry’s tripod, in front of Scout.

“IS THAT A FUCKING CHAINSAW?!” Scout’s voice cracked at the end, in terror.

“Used to be.” He nodded, attaching it, and plugging it in. The power source was the first thing he’d changed. Electricity was easier for him to control than gasoline, and a lot quieter, too. “Ah played ‘round with the speeds, and took off the parts used fer cuttin’, and put these lil’ babies on in their place.” He stroked a pliable little piece of rubber along the chain of the saw. There were several of them along it, in fact. Each one was small, and red, and…dear god they were fake tongues.

Engie uncapped the bottle of lube again, and began slicking each one up with the slippery substance, before slicking some more over Scout’s neglected manhood as well.

“Wh-what are you gonna…do with that?” The junior gulped, and tried to reel away from the device – again, to no avail.

The Texan smirked, and pulled the cord on the saw, revving it up. It moved quickly, like a regular chainsaw, but he fiddled with the controls, and soon the tongues moved very slowly indeed. Engie moved the stand and the saw closer to Scout, despite his protests, and watched with a grin as the dozen-odd rubber appendages began to lap at his cock and balls. You could tell from the look on the Engineer’s face that he was quite, quite proud of his inventions, and rightly so.

Scout gasped and groaned, his cock twitching under the soft, slippery, teasing tongues. He began to lose himself in the moment, forgetting the Engineer was there, almost entirely, until the Texan bent forward and cranked up the speed on the machine a bit. The runner moaned loudly, and bit his lip to stifle himself again. Grinning, Engie stood, and turned the voltage up on the device attached to Scout’s nipples – just a fraction, but enough to send him bucking and gasping in the restraints for a brief moment. He turned it down again, to let the boy catch his breath, before he sent him into another electrically-induced fit of ecstasy.

He repeated this several times, until he could tell Scout was about ready to come. Then he shut down the electricity, and slowed the tongues on his package until they were completely stopped.

“Tell me the truth, Scout.” Engie crossed his arms, ever the stern parent figure, even in situations like this. “Are you gay?”

“FUCK NO! I’M NOT A FAGGOT! I’M NOT!” he protested. “LEMME GO! LEMME OUT OF THIS THING!” His cock was throbbing and hard now, and in desperate need of relief.

The Texan seemed unaffected by the reaction, and just went back to his work bench. He didn’t want to have to use this, but desperate times and all that.

When he came back, he held in his hand a power drill with a rubber phallus attached to the end. He revved it a few times, delighted with the drop of Scout’s jaw, and the subtle, terrified, shaking of his head. Engie set the device down, for now, and set to work re-adjusting the cords that held the boy in place. When he was finished, Scout was still sitting up, as before – trembling, now, though – but his legs were spread wide, granting the older man full access to his hindquarters.

“Please, man…I’m fuckin’ beggin’ ya…don’t.” He choked out, eyes growing watery. Engie merely snapped his glove again, and lubed up his right hand. Scout pleaded and begged even more, and by the time the older man’s finger was gently pressing into his entrance, tears were starting to stream down his cheeks. The Engineer paid them no mind, though, and set to work prepping the Scout for his ‘drill-do’. He chuckled just thinking about the name.

Thick fingers – first one, then two, and then a third – slipped in and out of Scout, loosening his hole with every stroke. There was some pain associated with the stretching, but there was pleasure, too – especially when the Texan rubbed against a sensitive little bundle of nerves inside of him. All too quickly, though, those fingers were replaced by something much larger, and made of slick, lubed rubber.

Scout tried to swear. He tried to beg for mercy. A deeper, darker part inside of him wanted to beg for more, and this desire – voiced in absence of all other sound – came out as a soft moan. Engie looked up, smirked, and then began moving the phallus in and out of Scout, slowly, and carefully, with his own hand. He may have been trying to break the boy, but he didn’t want to hurt him.

The runner panted, and bit his lip yet again in an attempt to keep quiet. When the Texan hit a button on the drill, thrusting the false cock into him once, and hard, he cried out. Loudly, and not in pain, but a much more pleasured “OH GOD!” Blushing, he looked up at the Engineer, as if to say ‘Um, I can explain.’

Engie just smirked.

“Ya like that, did ya?” Without waiting for a response, he thrust it again, to the tune of another pleasured cry. “Ah guess ya do.” Another push of the button, and this time he held it down a bit, letting the device thrust, slowly, into Scout a few times, his swollen and bitten lips spilling forth loud moans with each one. “Reckon you’d even be willin’ t’let me fuck you proper, just to get off, wouldn’t ya?” Scout opened his mouth to protest, but was cut off by another of his own moans. Scout’s body began to twist and contort in his restraints, hips bucking forward unconsciously in an attempt to get some stimulation for his weeping cock.

Engie chuckled. “ Nah, ain’t gonna take you like that.” He continued, turning the dial on the drill, letting it thrust a little faster. “Y’ain’t been good enough for that, anyhow.” Though his feet were bound, Scout’s toes began to curl, trying to seek purchase on the wires that held him. The Texan grinned, and pulled out the remote for the spanking sentry. “Ya been a bad boy, i’nt that right, Scout?”

THWACK. Scout gasped, and shut his eyes as tight as they would go, blocking everything out.

“Innit?” Engie asked again, giving the boy another loud THWACK. The runner groaned, softly, and shook his head. The other man frowned, and began a rhythm with the drill and the spanker. THWACK. THRUST. THWACK. THRUST. On and on it went, until Scout was crying out loudly with every hit, his body soaked with sweat.

“Say it, Scout.” He slowed his thrusting, and stopped the spanker for now. “Say, ‘Ah been a bad boy’.”

“FUCK YOU!” Scout screamed, before the drill moved faster, fucking his tight hole with mechanical vigor, as the spanker slapped his ass over and over again. It stopped, and the drill slowed again, giving him a chance to catch his breath.

“Say, ‘Ah been a bad boy’.” Engie repeated.

Scout opened his mouth to speak, but no words came, as if he had forgotten how to speak all of a sudden. Another THWACK, and he managed to utter a soft, “…I….I….” but stopped there, and was spanked for it again.

“Ah been a bad boy.” The Texan repeated for him. Scout mumbled something incoherent, and again the Engineer hit the button, and repeated the phrase.

“…I…I been a bad…a bad boy.” Scout finally said quietly.

Another spank. “Louder.” He ordered.

“I been a bad boy!” Scout shouted at him, and this time was rewarded for his compliance with a jolt of electricity run through his nipples, and a twist of the phallus within him, placing the device right against his prostate. “OH!” He exclaimed in surprise.

“See? Don’t it feel nice when you do what I say?” Engie smirked, letting the phallus spin, oh-so-slowly inside of the runner, grazing his prostate with the head again.

“…yes.” Scout growled, quietly. One more spank, and cried out, “YES!” much louder, practically screaming the word over and over again when the Texan rewarded him with more thrusts and spins against that wonderful little place inside him.

“Ah been a bad boy.” Engie repeated.

“I BEEN A BAD BOY!” Scout shouted, immediately. He screamed in pleasure when the rubber phallus fucked him harder, and faster, and his nipples were shocked again.

The Engineer slowed the phallus again, and stopped the charge.

“What have ya been?” He asked.

“I BEEN A BAD BOY!” The runner screamed again, and was again rewarded for his obedience. “Please! Please! Jesus fuck…” he swore, panting. “Lemme cum, please…wanna cum…”

“What do ya want?” Engie smirked.

“I wanna cum! Please, Jesus fuck, Hardhat, lemme cum!” His hips thrust wildly, trying to buck the extension cord-cock ring off.
The tongue-saw was brought forward again, and revved up, the tripod raised a bit higher to lap at the boy’s wet cockhead. Scout groaned, long and loud, desperate and pleading for release. After a minute of agonizing pleasure, Engie slowed his thrusts, and moved the tongues back, away from the runner’s cock.

“Tell you what, boy,” he began, “I’ll let you get off, if’n you do one thing…”

“What?” He choked out, soaked in sweat and panting like he’d run a marathon with an elephant on his back.

A wandering, still-gloved digit traced its way up the turgid flesh, running along the sensitive vein that ran from the swollen base, to the tip, dripping with precum. “Admit that you’re gay.” He replied, like it was the simplest thing in the world.

Scout spat, “I AIN’T A FUCKIN’ FAG!” The gentle digit on his cock quickly went back to the remote and spanked him for his insolence. Quickly, Scout corrected himself, “I mean…I ain’t gay, alright? Can’t ya just lemme…?” He gestured down to his needy cock as best he could, given the restraints.
The Texan smiled, and gently stroked the boy’s member. The runner swore, and again pleaded for release in his euphoric state, hopeful that this time the other man would finish him off. No such luck. Again, the Engineer pulled away, and said,

“Admit that you’re gay, son, and I’ll finish the job.”

The runner groaned. “I ain’t gay, I just wanna cum! Pleeeease!” He whined.

“Well, then,” Engie crossed his arms and stood. “Guess you’ll just hafta sit there, ‘til you’re ‘bout ready t’admit it.” He grinned, and made for the door.

“WAITWAIT!” Scout cried out for him. “I…you can’t just leave me here like this, hardhat! Come on! Have a heart.”

The Texan just chuckled, and shook his head. He came back over to the boy, and brought out a third tripod base. To this he attached the drill-do, and inserted it back in Scout’s body. The tongues were brought closer, and the clamps on his nipples came to life with electricity again. The saw revved to life, and the drill began thrusting, hard, against his prostate. Scout cried out, louder than Engie had ever heard him, but he paid no mind. Again, he headed for the door.

“Y’all let me know when you’re ready t’admit it.” He grinned, and left the Scout to writhe in his painful ecstasy.

For about ten minutes, Engie ignored Scout’s screams, pleas, and cries of profanity. Sobs began to spill past the door between them, and the Engineer could just make out something that sounded vaguely like an ‘alright, I’ll do it’. With a cocky smile, he strode back in, shutting the door behind him. “Well, then. Got somethin’ t’say, Scout?”

The young man tied up in front of him looked even worse than before. He was shivering, panting, and tears ran down his cheeks, intermingled with the sweat already there. “J-just…fucking…stop ‘em…” he choked out, “Can’t fuckin’….take it no more…”

Engie wasn’t heartless. He turned down the charge running through the clamps into Scout’s nipples, and knelt to turn down the tongues and the drill as well. They didn’t stop entirely, though – they kept running to keep the boy teetering on the brink of orgasm.

“Now, then,” The Texan stood in front of the younger man with his arms crossed, “Ya had somethin’ t’say, did ya?”

“I….I…” THWACK. Scout cried out sharply. He hadn’t even seen the stout man reach for the remote. “I’m… ‘m not…I just…” Another THWACK, and the Bostonian exhaled a shuddering breath, his scabbed lower lip quivering.

“Come on, son. Ain’t got all day.” Another push of the button, and Scout cried out in anger.


A barrage of spanks left the boy’s ass cherry-red, and his eyes, dripping with tears, matched it. “I….” He whimpered. “Okay….I’ll…I’ll fucking say it if you stop!” He pleaded.

“Fair ‘nough.” Engie nodded. This was easier than he thought it’d be. He hadn’t even brought out the REALLY big guns, yet. Oh well. He could always disassemble that for parts, later.

“I’m…I’m not a fag, but-“ Another thwack, and he corrected himself, “I mean, I’m not…gay, but…but this…it don’t…feel too bad, y’know?” Engie wasn’t satisfied, so he spanked him again.

“Ain’t lettin’ up ‘til y’admit it proper, boy.” He explained, arms still crossed over his chest, sternly.

“But I’m not-“ THWACK. Scout was silent for a while, clearly wrestling with his own will. Engie spanked him a few more times to push him along. “…fine.” Scout said quietly, nodding. “Okay, fine, I’m…I might be a…a little bit…” THWACK. “ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! I’M A FUCKING HOMO! IS THAT WHAT YOU FUCKING WANT?!” He shrieked, and prepared himself for the onslaught of spanks. But there weren’t any. Confused, the runner looked up at the Engineer, and was met with a seemingly satisfied grin.

“Now was that so dang hard?” He chuckled, coming forward to undo the extension cord around the boy’s swollen cock.

“Ohhh Jesus fuck…” The runner sighed, grateful to have that menace gone. “Please…fuck…Engie…need to…”

“Ah know, boy, Ah know.” He chuckled, re-lubricating his gloved hand. “Ah’m a man o’ mah word, don’t you worry.” Scout gasped when he grabbed his hard cock and began to stroke it, slowly. The tongues were turned back on, and lapped as his tip, while the drill was set in motion again, fucking him hard and slow.
The younger man gasped and groaned as the Texan pleasured him.

Finally, FINALLY he would get some relief! Suddenly, the Texan grabbed the base of his cock, hard, preventing him from tipping over the edge.

“Say it again, boy.” He smirked, not letting up on the squeezing pressure. The fake phallus inside still mercilessly pounded against his prostate, and the tongues continued to lap, teasingly, at his tip. Strings of thick, creamy, precum were pulled away as they licked him.

“Fffuck…” Scout groaned in pain, “Fine! I’m a fuckin’ homo, okay?” Another squeeze, another groan. “For the love of-JUST MAKE ME CUM ALREADY, JESUS!”

Engie chuckled. “Ya want me t’make ya cum, ‘s that it?”

“YES! FUCKING MAKE ME CUM, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE.” He sobbed, hips thrusting forward wildly.

“Ya realize Ah’m a man, don’tcha, Scout?” A shit-eating grin was flashed up at the boy.

“Yes…” he growled, impatient.

“So ya want another man t’make you cum, is that right?” Well, now he was just rubbing it in.

“YES!” The runner shouted, bucking in his restraints like a mule. He was so close that it hurt.

“So what does that make ya, then?”


Engie smirked. “Alrighty, then.” The rubber-clad fist began to pump him again. “Brace yourself, boy. Reckon it’ll be a big one.” A hearty chuckle harmonized with the junior’s moans and gasps.

“Fuck…faster…” He groaned. The Texan obliged, and Scout’s pants increased in speed, faster and faster, until…

He screamed with pleasure. His body contorted, spasming and bucking erratically into the Texan’s hands. Thick globs of semen spurted forth, and just kept coming. The orgasm felt like it went on for hours, and it was easily the most intense one that Scout had ever had.

Engie smirked, triumphantly, and turned off the machines once Scout had finished and passed out.


He didn’t remember being cleaned up. He didn’t remember being untied. He didn’t even remember being redressed and brought back to his room. But he did remember the way he had been treated. The things he’d been forced to say. And he wouldn’t soon forget them.

And he remembered who he was, and what he wasn’t. He was the Scout.

You didn’t ever cross the Scout and get away with it.

A week later, Engie ran into Sniper in the mess hall. “Hey there, Slim. How are ya?” He smiled as he poured himself a cup of coffee and joined the other man at the table.

The sharpshooter paused, and reached into his vest. A small envelope was pulled out, and he handed it to the confused Texan.

“Why’re ya givin’ these back, Sniper?” He asked, glancing into the envelope, to make sure it was the pictures he thought it was.

“Don’t feel right.” Sniper shook his head. “Can’t look at ‘im like that. Can’t…can’t look at ‘im at all, now, without….seein’ ‘im like that.” He pointed to one of the snapshots Engie held. The image was one he’d taken of Scout – tied up, unconscious, and practically drenched in his own seed.

“But…Sniper…” Engie didn’t understand. “Didn’t hurt him or nothin’. Didn’t change ‘im. You saw him on the battlefield today- he’s madder’n tougher than Ah’ve ever seen him.” He was right. The boy had been bashing in heads left and right. The poor RED team was practically afraid to come out of their barn, lest they face the wrath of Scout’s bat.

The Aussie shook his head again, and stood, taking his mug over to the sink. “Still weren’t right, what ya did.”

“What Ah did?” Engie balked. “Ah didn’t do nothin’ but help that boy see what he really was.”

“What if he wasn’t, then, mate?” Sniper turned. “What if ‘e’s just as straight as you or the next bloke?”

“He told me he was gay, Sniper.” The Texan crossed his arms, defiantly.

“If you had an extension cord tied ‘round my donger, and were paddlin’ my ass for hours, mate, I’d tell you I was the bloody Queen of England if it’d get me let go.” The taller of the two matched the Engineer’s stance, glaring down at him sternly.

Engie pouted. “Ah didn’t do nothin’ wrong. You’ll see. That boy’ll probably come back t’me, beggin’ fer more.” He chuckled, and picked up his mug to take it back to his room. “Ah’ll be sure to send him your way.”

Sniper watched him go, and just shook his head. His gaze went back to the pictures, still on the table. Quickly he cleaned them up. The boy had been through enough. He didn’t need to have the entire base see these, too.

One photo slipped out of the stack, and threatened to flitter to the ground. Sniper caught it, quickly, and rubbed his weather-beaten thumb affectionately over the image there. At first, the pictures were arousing, but now…now he just felt dirty from holding them. Ashamed. He felt like he should apologize to Scout, but the mere fact that he knew what happened would probably only hurt the runner more.

With a sigh, Sniper tucked the pictures back into their envelope, and back into his vest. He’d make a campfire later tonight and burn them. It was the right thing to do.

Engie was a little fuzzy on the details. He remembered talking with Sniper, and walking down the hallway. Vaguely he remembered a metal clang, but the impact was forgotten, save for the splitting headache that now remained.

The ceiling of his workshop was the first thing he saw. Then came the cords. He hadn’t bothered to take them down, yet, and was beginning to regret this now, when he realized he was tied up in them rather tightly. The chill in the air made it all too clear to him that he was naked, too.

“Hey, there, Sleepin’ Ugly. How ya doin’?” Scout sat there, on his workbench, grinning cockily.

“What in the…?” The Texan’s vision was still swimming a little, but he could see well enough to see who his captor was. “Scout?” A long pause, as the runner just nodded, grinning like a sadistic Cheshire. “…how in the hell did ya…”He struggled with the cords, trying to undo the amateurish, yet effective knots.

“Tie you up?” he finished. “Wasn’t easy. You weigh a ton, y’know that? Need to lose some weight, tubby.” He snorted, and picked up a remote. “Think I got a way for ya t’shed a few, though.”
A buzzing from somewhere behind the Scout was heard, and Engie looked over in the corner. Oh god. His eyes widened in terror.

“Yeah, forgot ‘bout that lil’ beauty huh?” The junior snickered, and pushed the large device over, in front of the Texan. It was a sort of a modified sentry, but it lacked the turrets, and had a very large rubber phallus on the end. Said phallus was currently vibrating steadily, as Scout tinkered with the remote.

“Now…let’s see. Which button did that- Ah! There it is.” He grinned, triumphantly, as the phallus started to fuck the air roughly. “Ooh, boy…That’s gonna hurt, ain’t it?” Still smiling, he adjusted the tripod so it angled down, positioned in front of Engie’s tight, unprepared hole.

“Now hold on just’ a second, Scout!” The older man cried out in protest.

“Hey, like I told ya, hardhat.” Scout grinned, darkly. “Gotta watch your back. Never know when one of dem queers’ll sneak up on you.”

The Engineer’s jaw dropped in horror as the machine inched closer.

“You been a bad boy, hardhat.” His thumb poised over the button. “A REAL bad boy.”

The button was pushed, and Engie screamed in pain.

You never crossed the Scout. Ever.