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File 128918485359.jpg - (38.49KB , 400x387 , mtv-trl-logo.jpg )
24 No. 24
All requests for them pretty pictures go here.

1. No flaming, save for where flaming is due (MPREG I'm looking at you)
2. Only post your request once. No incessant pestering for your request to be fulfilled.
3. Keep porny requests/request fulfillments to the Adult Fanart thread.
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>> No. 40
>>MPREG I'm looking at you

What about that one Cat Bountry fic? Hmm?
>> No. 42
Soldier planting vegetables in a Victory Garden. This is something I really, really need.
>> No. 62
Anything Scout/Heavy related. Could be fluff, could be smut, I'll take whatever ya got.
>> No. 63

If Surrogate fanart is acceptable, then I dare someone to draw a pic of Heavy's swollen breasts dripping milk. *hork*
>> No. 136

...if you feel like making requests that'll SCAR THE REST OF US FOR LIFE, be my guest.
>> No. 168
Very stressed RED Spy being consoled by RED Sniper would make my very lousy week better.
>> No. 194
Sniper up in a tree, taking pictures of some rare and dangerous animal, or maybe Sniper running for his life from said animal.
>> No. 198
I'll take that challenge if that's cool cuz I imagine Sniper's '...Eey, don't worry, mate' face. Any particular style? Cell? Cartoony? Realistic?
>> No. 218

Sweet! Whichever style you're most comfortable with. Thanks!
>> No. 223
File 128936040622.png - (34.15KB , 611x547 , 1289106292372.png )
>> No. 224
File 128936143424.jpg - (114.02KB , 1024x768 , 128114179818.jpg )

... I'm not even sure if I should discourage this or not.
>> No. 240
I would kill for some Scout's Mom/RED Spy fluff <3
>> No. 242

Seconded. Maybe like the both of them dancing in fancy evening wear, or just sitting and holding hands.
>> No. 249
third. It takes two to tango and I would love to see them dance.
>> No. 262
File 128940994975.jpg - (185.69KB , 571x800 , smokeandmirrorssm.jpg )

Request filled. I hope it's what you expected. I can do one with his mask if you'd prefer.
>> No. 263
That is so very adorable. Love your coloring style, and your idea of mask-less spy :)
>> No. 264
That is so very adorable. Love your coloring style, and your idea of mask-less spy :)
>> No. 268
Very nice! I love the colors!
>> No. 271

This is brilliant. I love Scout Ma's sparkly dress and the look of contentment on both of them. Well done and thank you!
>> No. 283
Jane and Tavish reconciling post-WAR.

>> No. 337
Pyro doing a cooking show. The mere thought of this makes me break down into giggles.
>> No. 509
File 128982187058.png - (223.22KB , 698x554 , reddits_reaction.png )
Could someone please do an illustration of Scout sleeping with a Teddy bear named Mr. Buttons?
>> No. 511
>> No. 513
Figure I'd put this in the request thread.

Tumblr and/or deviantart pages of anyone's that's done a half-decent amount of tf2 fanart. Many thanks.
>> No. 514
This isn't really a request, just something I've been wondering about...
Are we planning on hosting TF2 Secret Santa this year? It'd be awesome since previous one was a success.
>> No. 551
I'd love Secret Santa!
>> No. 602
Is anyone willing to organize it? If so they better hurry.
>> No. 864
Not exactly a request, but could someone please do a repost of the series of art pieces featuring TF2 Medic vs. TF Classic Medic? Whoever it was that dreamed that concept up was brilliant.

...also if anyone wants to do some Femme!Spy (or Spy disguised as a female x ScoutMa - cute or seductive rather than x-rated for /tits/ it wouldn't go amiss.
>> No. 1002
Engie/Medic. Any Engie/Medic will do. I am in the mood for some Genius!Shipping.
>> No. 1007
If someone would draw the BLU Sniper as Mister Drover from Australia (bonus if it's the bucket shower scene http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVcYX9DV4tE ), I would be eternally grateful.
>> No. 1155
This one humbly requests a drawing of Engineer as one of the Poke-Engineers in the power plant where you find Zapdos.
>> No. 1170
I'm in an EarthBound mood at the moment so I'm requesting Scout, Pyro, Engineer and Spy dressed as the Chosen Four (Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo)
>> No. 1225
I'm very sorry to clog this thread up even more with unfilled requests, but ...

04:00 - [#e]Perrydotto: All these wonderful and diabeetusinducing pictures of the TF2 classes as kids got me thinking
04:01 - [#e]Perrydotto: Why don't we take it up a notch and have the kid versions and the "today versions" spend time together?

I'd be so happy if someone used this idea and ran with it!
>> No. 1274
File 129179149051.jpg - (263.97KB , 800x800 , spiper-sketch.jpg )
Moar PG rated butts!
>> No. 1391
12:29 PM - Oper's Curiosity Cabinet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbfD9OKwqBs what-
12:30 PM - Dr Tanner: Pffahaa
12:33 PM - LESBIAN COMMUNIST ZOMBIE: Oper's vid: Now I want to see Demoman doing that
12:33 PM - LESBIAN COMMUNIST ZOMBIE: Riding a unicycle and playing bagpipes while wearing a Santa costume and a kilt
12:34 PM - LESBIAN COMMUNIST ZOMBIE: Wonder how drunk he'd have to be to do that.
12:34 PM - Oper's Curiosity Cabinet: yes
12:34 PM - Dr Tanner: Chtristmas is never that awesome here
12:34 PM - Oper's Curiosity Cabinet: let's commission someone to do that for us
12:34 PM - Oper's Curiosity Cabinet: group-commission
12:34 PM - Dr Tanner: Guys.
12:34 PM - Dr Tanner: GUYS.
12:34 PM - Oper's Curiosity Cabinet: !?!
12:34 PM - Dr Tanner: THE REQUEST THREAD.
12:34 PM - Dr Tanner: #
12:34 PM - Oper's Curiosity Cabinet: HWHAT
12:34 PM - Oper's Curiosity Cabinet: oh shit
12:34 PM - Dr Rev. "Homosaurus Cat" D'Eath: ?
12:34 PM - Oper's Curiosity Cabinet runs
12:35 PM - LESBIAN COMMUNIST ZOMBIE: Who will request?
12:35 PM - Dr Tanner: I vote Oper because he posted the video.
12:35 PM - Oper's Curiosity Cabinet: yesssss
>> No. 1402
Medic with a goatee holding up a syringe menacingly.
>> No. 1422
Emst? I'm doing it I'm doing it.
>> No. 1432
File 129228550668.jpg - (114.14KB , 957x1194 , 489.jpg )
in the last thread someone requested this..far I remember
>> No. 1446
I needs me some more Medics. Hell anything will do. DOCTAH. Hell I'll even doodle something in return for this request.
>> No. 1468
File 129240034693.jpg - (37.12KB , 533x745 , large-787.jpg )
Would kill to see Medic in Nathan's outfit from Repo: The Genetic Opera.

Double post, here and adult, because while gore would be appropriate in context it certainly isn't necessary. Also get the feeling more people look at requests in regular ole' fanart.
>> No. 1469
i'll do this when i'm done the Christmas cards.
>> No. 1520
I want a Heavy/Medic piece with plenty of fluff. Bonus points if it's Christmas-y.
>> No. 1534
Chieftain Heavy VS Chieftain Solly.
>> No. 1560

Similarily, I want to see Heavy and Soldier vs Engineer playing cowboys and indians. Do it maggots.
>> No. 1563
A friend of mine had the idea of Lady Gaga as the tenth class, and I'd love to see someone's take on it.
>> No. 1615
I have the awkward desire to see Sniper in the context of this A Bit of Fry and Laurie sketch (The one with the Australian soap opera)...

>> No. 1616
I will do this. Only because I bloody love a bit of Fry and Laurie. That sad part is that I can see Sniper in that eye searing shirt, too.
>> No. 1619

May angels in repulsive shirts smile upon your soul. (Thanks!)
>> No. 1624
Anything with the Guard Dog.
>> No. 1635
May I suggest a Jeeves & Wooster/TF2 mashup? (i.e. Medic as Gussie Fink-Nottle)
>> No. 1700
File 129313163770.png - (302.86KB , 600x1000 , imdrunkyoudonthaveanexcuse.png )

So I heard some people wanted drunk Demoman playing bagpipes while riding a unicycle, wearing a Santa outfit and a kilt?

Please excuse the fact that I can't draw pretty much everything in this picture and this being the first time I even post here on the TF2chan.
>> No. 1706
I'd suggest getting a thread in workshopm, half of demoman looks missing.
>> No. 1712
ಠ___ಠ I will pee my pants if I do so, but um... In the future perhaps, when I ain't a total coward. Maybe after New Year. : I
>> No. 1718
I believe in you!
Also, in honor of this dream I had about a week ago; I would love anyone forever if they made a fire-breathing Rudolf The Red-Nosed Pyro.
>> No. 1728

Funny thing, I started drawing something along these lines a few days ago. Then I looked around the thread and saw this.

It's done now, by the way: http://tf2chan.net/workshop/res/16.html#567
>> No. 1784
23:35 - Phonik shanGhai: aw christ, picture of engie de-pantsing solly...
23:35 - Phonik shanGhai: if only I could draw haha
>> No. 1834
File 129362412243.jpg - (297.88KB , 559x1200 , aussiesoap.jpg )
Request filled. Took me FOREVER beause I kept watching the show instead of drawing. Heh.
>> No. 1852
Might I request some gratuitous Demoman in kilt?
>> No. 1859
I request a great many ducks and Medic.
I love ducks.
>> No. 1865

This. is magnificent. THE SHIRTS ...Oh, the shirts. Thank you kindly.
>> No. 1872
Scout sneaking into Demo's room to stick a google eye on his eyepatch.
Someone with a double monocle on.
Heavy carrying Medic through deep snow. I just... more Heavy/Medic is never a bad thing, yes?
>> No. 1873
Any Medieval?
>> No. 1874
File 129399851584.png - (321.03KB , 826x617 , mediceval_by_snook_8-d363rvc.png )
Found this, I personally love it
>> No. 1877
Solly playing the harmonica.

>> No. 1879
Seconded times a million
>> No. 1903
Scout in Vietnam army garb, after being in the war for some time.

Possibly coming back and being greeted by his team, or his mom (OR BOTH... if you wouldn't mind!). For the sake of logic, you can assume that BLU (or RED), didn't particularly mind giving away their scouts for the sake of the Vietnam war. Scouts are sort of annoying, after all... And I'll betcha that RED/BLU would get paid for such a 'well trained' soldier.
>> No. 1912
Tron style versions of the team(s). Spy and soldier would be two most important to me. :v
>> No. 1917
After noticing that, in Epic Mickey, the Gremlins fix EVERYTHING with a wrench, now I can't stop thinking about an engineer with a gremlin helmet.

Floating would be hilarious, but no necessary.
>> No. 1918
>>Floating would be hilarious, but no necessary.

OK, that's it. No more badfic for me.
>> No. 1955
File 129476825813.jpg - (267.30KB , 800x996 , Soldier_tron_style.jpg )
Tron Legagy style soldier here
>> No. 1956

Solly playing the Harmonica
>> No. 1957
File 129477155348.jpg - (110.20KB , 909x588 , Solly 1.jpg )

Solly playing the Harmonica
>> No. 1960

Thank you! It's perfect!
>> No. 2011
Medic with a spray bottle saying something like: "Bad Cat!" (can be even a teammate if you choose this way)
>> No. 2033
Demoman. Absinthe. GO.
>> No. 2052
May I suggest some sort of a M.A.S.H/TF2 crossover? Any character is fine. I'm just very interested to see the uniforms and the mood put into the picture and... I would really just adore this.
>> No. 2066
File 129557538766.jpg - (20.62KB , 400x266 , 1042929605_turesbruce.jpg )
A roomful of Snipers singing the Drunk Philosophers Song a la Professors Bruce of Monty Python would be pretty beaut...

>> No. 2100
FemSpy x FemPyro please...
>> No. 2110
I would be ridiculously thrilled if anyone could draw Engineer riding a dala horse* with a big grin on his face. Maybe someone on the side telling Engineer is such a kid, but in honesty all they want to is ride it as well.

* Just Google it, pfff.
>> No. 2112
File 129617334693.jpg - (426.06KB , 1000x1451 , nessy.jpg )
>Demoman having a messy and epic fight with Nessie to the song "Loch Ness" by Judas Priest.

For PerryJ! the request was in the adult Fanart, but its not smut so I'm posting it here. This needed to be done.
>> No. 2144
File 129643020441.png - (146.52KB , 374x342 , Approving Demo.png )

This is awesome beyond compare. My internet was out for days and when I came back today to check on the chan I certainly didn't expect this level of badassery. I NEED THIS IN A BIGGER SIZE SO I CAN PRINT IT OUT
Demoman fighting Nessie needs to be hung on a wall.

You know what, have ALL of my babies.
>> No. 2147
This isn't TF2, but I was reading FML and I came upon one that said:
Today, I looked deep into my wife’s eyes and told her how much I loved her and how much she meant to me. Her reply was “Clean your glasses.” FML.
I immediately thought of Gordon Freeman saying this to Alyx, and her response.
I need a picture of this so badly please.
>> No. 2152
Also I'd love to color this. :D I'm trying out a new painting style, it should work for this great piece.
>> No. 2155

Here's a link to the bigger sized version OFL kindly provided me with:

Have fun!
>> No. 2205
I would kill for an epic sewer battle between Sniper and Tentaspy.
>> No. 2211
File 129703637140.png - (270.67KB , 500x422 , 1292514935887.png )
I basically want this picture, but but changed into the BLU team walking away after destroying the last point of a random Payload map. Yes, the strutting and smug expression is a must. Here's a better reference in case you haven't seen the picture before:
>> No. 2318
I do not know if this already exists somewhere, but if it does, I have not seen it. If it does not, I am very ashamed that no one has yet thought of it.

Inspired by Valentine's Day.

Sniper as Cupid. Diaper, wings n' all. Can be like, itty bitty body with a Sniper head, or large lanky hairy Australian man in a diaper. Either works for me, as either is hilarious.
>> No. 2370
File 12984033668.jpg - (541.57KB , 1142x1736 , IMG.jpg )

His body turned out to big but I hope this is good enough... Had fun drawing it atleast, even if it's anatomy fail.
>> No. 2371
File 129840397039.jpg - (733.41KB , 1175x1719 , IMG_0001.jpg )

Uploaded the wingless version. Feel so stupid.
>> No. 2376
Oh, it's adorable. I especially like the little bear. Kudos!
>> No. 2380
File 129845565187.jpg - (146.45KB , 605x900 , 125247629983.jpg )
Hey guys. I was drudging through the mess that is my TF2 folder and found this lone comic page...

I was wondering if any of you had the other pages (?) or could direct me to the source of these. Thanks in advance.
>> No. 2387
Feel free to correct me if I'm completely wrong on this:

Sadly I don't have any more pages but I recognize the artist as KrentistTheDentist and that's a few pages of Tanner's Lessons that she drew.
>> No. 2397
File 129868947820.png - (1.19MB , 943x2076 , cupidsniper1.png )
First time delurking
And, even though its been filled, i just had to draw this.
I imagine those little wings flapping so hard they're almost buzzing.
>> No. 2398
File 129868962432.jpg - (28.78KB , 602x892 , cupidsniper2.jpg )
have a little one too
>> No. 2400
Oh ye gods thank you. I love them!

That last Sniper is ADORABLE.
>> No. 2410
Requesting Medic/Heavy bacne squeezing, vaguely noncon (inasmuch as Heavy is just putting up with it).

I dunno, I figure Medic would be the kind to get enthusiastic about that. NO VAIT HOLD SCHTILL
>> No. 2426
Can I request some Sniper/Demo, non-smut? I don't even really care what they're doing. Whatever you want. Just Sniper/Demo, please.
>> No. 2493
if i can get a sad-looking RED Sniper i'll love you forever
>> No. 2518
File 129958434924.png - (169.77KB , 664x500 , tf2-demosnipe2.png )
I triiiied
>> No. 2534
Pyro of unknown gender (still in costume, mask on and such) acting seductively towards a very confused Engineer working on a sentry or something.
>> No. 2543
File 12997332917.jpg - (325.40KB , 1008x756 , Cale-Milo1 copy.jpg )
I was wondering if I could get some help on the bulky guy in this picture I'm working on.
I feel like his torso and arm is off.
I hope it's alright to ask for some help on non-TF2 pic's.
>> No. 2544
I think you're looking for /workshop/. I'll be happy to comment there, though.
>> No. 2545
Okay, thank you.
>> No. 2556
Anything with Geisha Medic. Anything. The more ridiculous the better.
>> No. 2558
Ha, I love it! Thank you.

I was loling harder thinking about Demo having a katana or whatever now, too.
>> No. 2566
Geisha Medic and Sumo Heavy. I need this like air! Pretty please.
It will also make Cat Bountry make undignified noises because Japanese Waifu Medic.
>> No. 2570
Seconding this, also adding mine: Samurai Demo vs Aku.
I'd draw it myself, but I don't have time for it atm. :F
>> No. 2587
The Demoman having a drunken fistfight with Bo Rai' Cho from the Mortal Kombat series.
>> No. 2613
What do I get if I actually try to draw this?

...besides eternal shame, of course.
>> No. 2736
File 130115072663.jpg - (7.31KB , 260x227 , gasmask-bong.jpg )
Pyro using this. Scenery, situation and everything else is up to the artist.
>> No. 2739
Huntsman!Sniper injures his leg in the heat of battle but needs to get into the fray, so Scout gets an idea and let's him ride on Scout's shoulders while he arrows.

Scout giving a scared-shitless Sniper a piggyback ride. Please?
>> No. 2774
File 130173720170.jpg - (50.86KB , 295x222 , Phantom-of-Paradise-Swan-Leach.jpg )
Medic in this mask, please, from the greatest musical ever. I can dig up some more reference if needed.
>> No. 2822

Okay. I know i may sound like a total loser, but...

Would you please explain me which musical this is from? You got me interested.
>> No. 2824
It's called Phantom of the Paradise, and it's sort of a mix between Phantom of the Opera, Faust, and '70s music.
>> No. 2825
Hispanic Pyro please?
>> No. 2834
File 130235519626.png - (102.04KB , 500x652 , tf2-fiestapyro.png )
>> No. 2835

captcha: gochat
>> No. 2836
La cucaracha, la cucaracha...
>> No. 2841
I'd like to request something, I have for a while but never got the nerve to ask here.
But anyway, I'd like to request a drawing of Soldier having something to do with the song 'Soldier Side' By System of a Down.
Forgive me if this is already been done. If it has I have yet to see it.
>> No. 2878
I had an idea for drawing all of the classes, but I'm the worst about getting around to something when I actually want to. The idea was to group up the classes, Offensive, Defensive, and Supportive, and have all the classes either being offensive (rude), defensive (protective), and supportive (mothering).
>> No. 2880

Sniper + mothering = does not compute
>> No. 2881
Now I'm imagining him holding a koala like a baby.

Although, it'd more likely be a small crocodile he'd be holding.
>> No. 2882
File 130297188470.jpg - (15.72KB , 336x263 , toothy.jpg )

I immediately thought of one of these. Now I want to draw it.
>> No. 2884
File 130299897947.png - (690.89KB , 1080x864 , scoutsniper.png )
Here it is, hope it's good enough. After lurking around tf2chan for a while, I decided to fill up some requests.
>> No. 2885
Whoa, that looks fantastic. Sniper looks on the young side though, wonder if you wouldn't mind going back to age him a bit. But other than that it's awesome.
>> No. 2886
I'm trying to do something, even with my bad skills
>> No. 2892
I'm excited.
And don't worry about your skills, take pride that it'll always be better then something I could do.
>> No. 2911
A short comic of Pyro seeing everybody paired up going about their usual business. Sniper and Spy yelling at each other, Demoman and Scout having a drinking contest, Medic handing a sandvich to a heavy in bed from injuries (and the heavy yelling 'I LOVE THIS DOKTOR'). Then Pyro goes to his kind-of-messy room, punches the mirror of his bathroom, and shakily reaches for some pills.

Whoever does this shall have my ETERNAL GRATITUDE. And whatever I can find in my backpack to repay.
>> No. 2927
File 130356422980.png - (1.56MB , 700x3051 , reqtake2.png )
laldnfadf long file is long.
Anyways this was very interesting to do actually, but turned depressing in the end.(emo!Pyro actually).

But still, here's to you dear.
>> No. 2929
I should have expected DAT END.

Not the one who requested it, but still awesome.
>> No. 2930
File 130359268480.jpg - (1.27MB , 1000x1000 , 10.jpg )

(Dis be anon who requested by the way. I love you.)
>> No. 2946
It can be Portal 2 crossover time please?
>> No. 2969
File 130395702765.png - (798.85KB , 976x1420 , portal.png )
You are very welcome:)
This was so fun to do!
>> No. 2978
I want to see Scout in a suit. I love suits.
>> No. 2984
File 130408859938.jpg - (240.93KB , 400x706 , scoutsuit.jpg )
why you wearing a suit Scout, you ain't no spy!
(my attempt-backgroundfail)
>> No. 2985
Wow, you made Scout look actually handsome! Hooray for suits.

Thank you guys for all the request filling recently, this is awesome! Keep it up, folks, you are the best.
>> No. 2986
Oh man, I think I love you. This is one awesome Scout. Thank you!
>> No. 2987

>> No. 2991
This one's a bit odd, but I can't get it out of my mind.

I want a human!Shovel, sort of creepy possessively clutching onto Soldier from behind. The reason I'm asking for this instead of doing it myself is that, along with having zero chops when it comes to art, I have no idea how to make human!Shovel look. The only thing I know for sure is that it should be totally androgynous- after all, shovels don't HAVE genders- and that, if possible, it should be somewhat transparent-looking, being a delusion and all.

Have fun with this one, y'all.
>> No. 2992
File 130413525352.png - (171.34KB , 651x961 , an.png )

Shovel? SHOVEL? We need more than just SHOVEL.
>> No. 2995
File 13041491564.jpg - (33.87KB , 255x198 , tumblr_lg7ik12SgB1qdd768o1_400.jpg )

Shit, I wanna see some people make this happen.
>> No. 3000
Okay, I dunno how precisely to explain my request, but here goes.

You know how in old cartoons when a mouse scurries across the floor, the housewife jumps up on a chair? I wanna see Medic do that. However, he jumps onto one of those wheeled chairs. Which leads to him falling on his ass.
>> No. 3001
Okay, this may sound like an insane request, but here goes:
You guys know 'A Streetcar Named Desire'? Not the play, but the movie made of it. The infamous 'STELLLLLLAAAA' scene midway through? And after Stanley yells, Stella comes don, and they embrace passionately?
Replace Stanley and Stella with TF2 characters. Don't care who. You can find this scene all over youtube, so pose referencing should be fairly easy. And if you'd rather make it a smutty picture and post it in afanart, no complaints from me. It's just not a very porny prompt, so I figured I'd post here.
>> No. 3005
>>2992 Uhm like the Jarateglass of Sniper?
Oh gott, human Jarateglasses would be like Picman. You trow them and they would DIE. (SmashBros)

Or did your way of thought went to Sasha and Natascha?
>> No. 3006

Off the top of my head: Shovel, Piss-jar, Sasha and Natasha, The Eyelander and The backburner, maybe?
>> No. 3007
The ambassador!
>> No. 3008
Everyone dressed for Halloween, all-out. I only ask two things:
1) Don't dress Heavy as something cute/baby related, and that goes for them all. I want them to dress as something they'd actually dress as.
2) Scout is a L4D Hunter. Please, please, PLEASE. I would kiss the feet of the artist that made Scout into a Hunter. Or Spy, Al Capone.

(Capatcha: buchuv. Bunch uv luv!)
>> No. 3021
A scenario that came out of my diseased brain after a long night of writing a research paper.

[quote]Scout: 'Ey there, hard-hat! I hear a lotta people been hatin' on that ugly-ass mullet of yours you decided to grow out this spring. What you got to say to that?
Engie: ..... *removes helmet* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymKLymvwD2U[/quote]

Dance and all, please. This would be much appreciated.
>> No. 3033
ALSO. Thanks to that awesome update last night ( http://www.teamfortress.com/meetthedirector/?p=1 ) I have a huge craving of some Scout\Pauling. SOMEONE MAKE THIS HAPPEN.
>> No. 3036
File 130474124574.gif - (489.90KB , 200x150 , tumblr_lj5opvPd4z1qf384j.gif )
We watched Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in one of my classes the other day. I didn't like it, but when 'Those Canaan Days' came on with the cheesy French accents, all I could imagine was Spy singing in a stereotypical French setting.

If anyone wants to make that image a reality, please. Forever in your debt.
>> No. 3051
10:59 - Sparky: Australia, I think, isn't well enough known for its cowboy culture
10:59 - Perrydotto: I want to see Engie and Sniper drawn as cowboy bros now
>> No. 3093
Now I have a terrible idea...The classes hanging out with their human-ized weapons.
>> No. 3094
I can picture Scout with his.

"I'm a force-a-nature."
"No, I'M a force-a-nature."
>> No. 3130

DO eeet
>> No. 3165
in Australia Cowboys are called Drovers. Just a thursday night fact for y'all ;)
>> No. 3167
Requestin' some Pyro/Jailbot bro shenanigans.
>> No. 3185
No one started this amazing request yet?

Right now this is the order: Kritzkrieg, Backburner, Sasha and Natasha, Sandman, Blackbox or Shovel?, Southern Hospitality, Embassador, Huntsman, and Chargin Targe.
>> No. 3197
This is gonna sound uber dorky and I'm probably gonna get picked on for it...
But has anyone seen the opening for Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes? The scene where Magoichi Saica's laying on all the sticks of dynamite and is pointing her gun upward? I'd like to see a TF2 version of that, any class.

Here's a reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4upHp9aCQU&feature=feedf
>> No. 3423
File 130817493243.jpg - (103.93KB , 1024x768 , Medic - 05.jpg )
Aww friends ima in a desperade need of cool nazi medics, do you have some?
>> No. 3424
how about a Medic riding a dove into the heat of a battle.

to save princess heavy
>> No. 3429
Anything with extreme size kink. Make characters bigger or smaller or wider than they really are, use femclasses, I don't care.

All I ask is that Nazis NOT be involved at all. They've made me really nervous for some reason for years.
>> No. 3439
File 130824209028.png - (111.93KB , 600x372 , princesshoovy.png )
>> No. 3470
Ok this is just something brought on by the fact that I've been playing way to much Assassin's Creed 2 lately.

Basically what I want is Spy dressed up as Ezio and Engineer dressed up as Leonardo.
>> No. 3513
Uhm, this might be stupid as a request but, I haven't seen much VitaSaws and since we're in such a Medic-themed period...
A dark themed picture of a hatless Red Medic (bust-only?) filling his VitaSaw with a green, obviously venomous serum with a mischievous grin on his face and ready to cause some mayhem. I like to think of the Medic as a mad scientist/doctor. :)
>> No. 3543
.....Engineer with a St. Bernard, please.....named Doyle. And maybe it has a lil' toolbox around its neck instead of brandy.
>> No. 3554
brb drawing all the tf2 characters as dogs.

The St. Bernard is an irish breed though, and too large of a dog to fit the short lil engineer... I was thinking more of an American Pitbull, which is a pretty popular dog in texas. Sniper would be a Kangaroo dog, hunting dog bred for superb vision, and obv medic would be a White GSD...
>> No. 3555
I know I know....I just always felt like Engie would have a big workin' dog.

Plus Doyle is a nice name for a Saint Bernard.
>> No. 3556
Okay. Watched Meet the Medic. Loved it. And because I am a musical buff, once I thought of this, I could never unthink of it.


Shitty quality because all the good ones are blocked in America for copyright, apparently. Good time to be a canuck.

Anyways prompt is this: Medic in lederhosen, doing the Guten Tag Hop Clop with the birds in the background singing along.
>> No. 3568
This might sound ridiculous....

"After the Fortress."

The lives of some of the classes after they retire. Just small, somewhat sentimental sepia-toned scenes. It goes along a theory that after their lives on the Teams, they end up, surprisingly, leading mostly-normal lives. Here's a few ideas:

-Scout as either a college student or a young dad (He strikes me as someone who would do something risky (IE premarital sex) but be willing to accept the consequences)
-Heavy as a champion boxer
-Engineer making a very complex mobile for a baby's crib
-Pyro as either a fireman or in an asylum for pyromania
-Spy drinking a martini at some sort of fancy event
-Sniper rubbing his head and holding a child's slingshot while a little boy (that looks like him) looks up at him apologetically

Granted, yeah, it's probably a stupid idea, but it seemed nice in my head. Gonna brace myself now.
>> No. 3574
So I was watching Adventure Time.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqL-mA_rI AM A FAGGOT HUMP MY RUMPA

This needs to happen. Period. Maybe in a Gmod video if anyone is any good at that. I'm thinking Spy as Jake, Scout as Finn, and Heavy or Engie as the other dude.
>> No. 3594
I'd love to see Sniper hanging out in his van or in a sniping tower, with emphasis on how out of place or isolated he is.
(also captcha, I can't type the square root of pi, goddamn)
>> No. 3602
Soldier putting a helmet on a very confused baby.
>> No. 3633
Thanks to the weirdballs-ness of Youtube, I've encountered Spyper...


And got me to thinking. What about other abomination hybrids, like Pyrogineer, or Demoscout? What might they look like?
>> No. 3634

We once had a tread were there was some versions of these hybrids before the Chan crashed. It was a quite fun thread to read. I even made up a combination of Soldier and Medic for this. I´m saddened no one came up with this thread again.
>> No. 3676
And here's another idea I came up with if someone wants to draw it. A picture of a drunk Medic, either happy (maybe having fun at the Oktoberfest?), relaxed, or embarassed and all clumsy. Bonus point if he's not wearing his coat, his clothes look a bit untidy and his tie is loosen. General rated picture, of course.
>> No. 3709
File 130941839956.png - (301.18KB , 800x800 , Intoxicated.png )
Sorry, I know that it's kinda simplistic. I just couldn't resist such a prompt.
>> No. 3710
Oh gee, it's beyond adorable! Thanks so much for this. :)
>> No. 3724
Scout racing a Brittany Spaniel. Those fuckers are fast.
>> No. 3731
Two RED Pyros wrestling about or arm wrestling. Or something of the sort justmorepyrosyes.
>> No. 3733

>> No. 3742
Sniper with a glare so intense it's like he's saying "I'm going to punch you so hard you grow ovaries."
>> No. 3752
File 130958660828.png - (303.11KB , 500x750 , Scouts and Spaniels.png )
Scout, you can't win. Sorry. Just let it go, buddy.
Welp, this is probably like the second time I've ever drawn a dog lol. I know it's not perfect, but ehh here you go anyway.
>> No. 3754
Ahhh! I absolutely love it! As a Brittany owner I commend you!
>> No. 3770
Engineer shaking hands with Dr. Wily and this big text overhead that says "SCIENCE!"
>> No. 3809
The spaniel's like "Hey! -pant pant- Watcha doing? -pant pant-"
>> No. 3846
>humanoid Jarate
>humanoid -full of urine-

>> No. 3861
I was having a discussion with a friend about naming fics after songs that relate to them. I was trying to name an Engie/Spy fic and I got caught in a large clump of songs by the Offspring.

>though i suppose spy is pretty fly for a white guy

I need some fail gangsta Spy. Maybe Scout making fun of him because he's so bad at it.
>> No. 3880

This made me realise something.

Genuinely happy and smiling (and sober) Medic, anyone? He rarely has anything but a scowl or slight frown on his face, and when it's anything reminiscent of a smile, it is of the grudging or utterly batshit insane and sadistic kind. (...which is not to say I wouldn't like it anyway.)

Can he even be drawn with a smile on his face without making him look as deranged as always?
>> No. 3883
File 131043320249.png - (182.92KB , 498x712 , Smile.png )
Sorry if it looks kinda weird. I figured it was a good time to try to improve my Medic faces.
>> No. 3884
I don't think he looks weird. I think he looks adorable!
>> No. 3889

Requester here, thank you for the quick fill. Seconding >>3884 regarding the outcome.
>> No. 3892
Someone please draw the Loch Ness Hamster.
>> No. 3899
Medic performing the trick where the magician waves his wand and the doves fly from the hat.
>> No. 3902
Oh, I second this.
>> No. 3906

>> No. 3908
Except the hat is one of the enemy corpses.
>> No. 3910

He does the Demo not have a stove? This is a good hat for letting birds out...
Now look who laughs at least.
>> No. 3912
File 131068387457.png - (80.77KB , 619x561 , scan0182.png )

Aw shucks. I saw this about an hour too late.
>> No. 3914
And with Heavy as the lovely assistant. Awesome.
>> No. 3915
File 131070585512.jpg - (98.79KB , 700x903 , iz - hop clop.jpg )

Pardon the sloppiness...
>> No. 3921
The lovely assistant Heavy cracked me up. I love his "not-sure-if-serious" face.
>> No. 3922
Soldier fighting with Popeye to win over Olive Oyl. Alternately, Soldier brofisting Popeye.
>> No. 3923
Scout relaxing with a 6-Pack of Crit-A-Cola and polishing his Shortstop
>> No. 3924
>polishing his Shortstop

Uh, adult requests are on a different board. (just kidding, I knew what you meant, but it was too good to ignore.)
>> No. 3928
As I figured lol
>> No. 3930
Oh gosh I'm sorry I could not view this glorious piece of artwork the day it was posted. It's beautiful. And I thank you for taking my request!
>> No. 3931
I will love you forever. Danke. Danke so fucking much.
>> No. 3933
Ever see the old Chuck Jones short, The Dover Boys of Pimento University? At random points in the short, an old-fashioned swimsuit man shows up. I'd like to see a confrontation between two classes interrupted by Old-Fashioned Swimsuit Man.
>> No. 3953
Medic dressed as Dr. Frank-n-furter from The Rocky Horror picture show.
>> No. 3977
Ohmygodyes. Challenge accepted; drawing soon.
>> No. 3985
What about...Saxton Hale?

How about some Stalker!Spy?
>> No. 3986
You have no idea how much I love you right now.
>> No. 3988
File 13110349017.png - (69.77KB , 234x234 , painiscupcakedos.png )
I am so fucking exite right now
>> No. 3992
Grumpy old sniper owning a gun shop after the war.
>> No. 3993
I shiver with antici............pation.
>> No. 3998
File 131106670944.jpg - (1.00MB , 1800x1200 , Dover Boys WIP.jpg )
Confound that RED team, they drive me to drink!

Here's the WIP-- if I had more time and less to do, or it wasn't the middle of the night, I'd finish it now, but I wanted to get a little teaser up before I shut down.

Now someone draw me the Administrator as Dainty Dora Stanpipe... Oh how I love her (father's money).
>> No. 3999
FUCK I giggled. It looks great so far.
>> No. 4001

You're very welcome!

Also, a sort of part 2 may be in the works.
>> No. 4003

>> No. 4004
Or to be more TF2 related...

"RED Checkpoint? I'll steal it! No one will ever know!"
>> No. 4006
File 131113663379.jpg - (892.80KB , 1800x1200 , doverred copy.jpg )
Whew! I was sent fleeing from my chair by a spider and had to finish this in an awkward position... it's kind of hard to work like this, so I guess it'll be a bit before I get back to filling out requests (but man, there are a couple more I want to do...)
>> No. 4008
File 131114290486.jpg - (558.47KB , 1800x1200 , SuperLikeYou.jpg )
... Once I put the cape on him, he became a lot harder to recognize, but here's Phantom Medic creeping on Heavy.

I feel like I should draw Administrator!Swan, and maybe Scout as a Juicy Fruit... I thought about Solly!Beef, but I don't know if I can properly render that...

(still slightly awkward, but I found a slightly better way to work while ducking spiders)
>> No. 4010
Unhand the intel, BLU Spy!
Unhand the intel, BLU Spy!
Unhand the intel, BLU Spy!
Hey! We're getting in a rut!

I love this. Thank you so much.
>> No. 4011
Just because I spent the whole day yesterday having the worst fever I have ever had I am going to request Medic have a ridiculous high fever, lying in bed and Heavy is taking care of him.
>> No. 4012
The scene somehow reminded me of Ren and Stimpy's episode "Nurse Stimpy".
>> No. 4013
Oh wow, it looks great! Thank you!
>> No. 4034
I second this. Hard.

Also, I don't know if this is the right place for it, but here goes: for some reason I want to see Makani's Fem-Medic assisting her husband with the Ubercharge device surgery. They'd have some amusingly morbid/casual conversation even as his chest is open and she's testing to see if the replacement heart works with it.
>> No. 4038
Inspired by a post in the general request thread on /fanfic/ - the entire team in cold-weather (read: winter) versions of their usual clothing.
>> No. 4046
File 131138254986.jpg - (94.43KB , 800x800 , sick medic.jpg )

Quick sketch.
>> No. 4054

Nurse Heavy, so sweet! I wasn't the requester, but this made me smile.
>> No. 4058
File 131140776540.jpg - (353.08KB , 1800x1200 , winter one copy.jpg )
I thought this sounded fun, but I had to split it into three different pictures.

... Wow, I spent a surprisingly long time on this... my hand is gonna cramp somethin' fierce afore I'm done, but drawing winter wear is fun.

Expect the rest of the classes eventualment.
>> No. 4059
File 131141333271.jpg - (290.87KB , 1800x1200 , winter two.jpg )
Okay, I have to stop arting for the night, but here's the next winter pic... turned out very Christmassy, actually. Came out better than the last.
>> No. 4062
File 131143369646.jpg - (327.04KB , 700x2378 , those tf2 days.jpg )
>>3556 (again...)

The "sort of part 2" I mentioned earlier.
>> No. 4063
I love you, man. The Producers is my favorite musical.
>> No. 4065
If you could see me right now, I'd have big cartoony hearts in my eyes over this.

Also glad I'm not the only one who can't unsee Medic and the Hop-Clop.
>> No. 4066
File 131145663189.jpg - (80.67KB , 800x757 , shortstop.jpg )

Uh. I don't really know anything about baseball, but when I googled "shortstop," this pose was one of the things that came up. Anyhow, here you go, anon.
>> No. 4069
Requester here, I baaaaaw'd greatly. Thank you so much!
>> No. 4081
someone call Valve, tell them Pyro NEEDS a mistletoe hat immediately if not sooner.
>> No. 4082
File 131149245751.jpg - (351.92KB , 1800x1200 , winter three.jpg )
My attempts at winter wear continue to turn out very Christmas in July...

Medic needs a real overcoat instead of his lab coat (a lab coat? Not great protection against winter!), but Heavy just throws on a thermal undershirt and a sweatervest and is all 'Let's go, Doktor!'

And then... then Demo is the world's most terrifying Father Christmas. If you've been good, he brings you booze, and if you've been bad, he brings you BOOM.

Yeah, I continue to not even know, but I like drawing wintery stuff, it lets me pretend I don't live in heat wave central.

Captcha says 'exammn Table', which sounds like it's drunkenly saying 'examinating table'... which seemed somehow apropos? It amused me, at least.
>> No. 4084
File 131149994939.jpg - (298.12KB , 1800x1200 , lochnesshamster.jpg )
Going through requests looking for something to spark my interest, and then this...

It became so much more than just a quick sketch... This is, like, the wall of a madman. A madman obsessed with the Loch Ness Hamster.
>> No. 4086
I wanna scream. It's so damn cute! Thank you so much!
>> No. 4087
RED Medic talking to his beloved dove Archimedes. Except Archimedes is not Archimedes but BLU Spy disguised him. I am hoping this makes sense!
>> No. 4088
This is a super silly thing, but I was reading up on fairy tales a little while ago and when I got to "Goldilocks and the Three Bears," all I could think of was Heavy as Papa Bear, Medic as Mama Bear, Sasha as Baby Bear, and Spy as Goldilocks.

Like I said, so very silly, but if it makes someone giggle enough to draw, go for it.
>> No. 4091
File 131157629374.jpg - (198.00KB , 1800x1200 , three bears wip.jpg )
I had no idea how to do Sascha baby bear, so I figured I'd just draw a baby bear with a little bandolier... then I remembered that I hate bandoliers... but leetle bear was looking promisingly cute, so bandoliers it is.

I have just typed 'bandoliers' so many times...
>> No. 4092
File 131157988256.jpg - (311.66KB , 1800x1200 , Spy and the three bears.jpg )
"Someone eats Sascha's porridge!" Wept Sascha Bear.

But by then, Spy had cloaked himself, and was already breaking the bears' furniture with abandon.
>> No. 4097
File 131159491338.jpg - (26.47KB , 319x500 , 9.jpg )
In defiance to all the Sniper-with-koala pictures - and thank you, ApricotSpot - Sniper with a snake hanging out around his neck, like this woman here. Bonus points for it being a native SA species.

(Captcha: Aristida. Also native to Australia. Good job, captcha.)
>> No. 4102
File 131162880276.jpg - (122.80KB , 319x500 , snipes.jpg )
>> No. 4104

Dahaa, love it! I thought later that Scout would make a good Goldilocks, or at least the version of Goldilocks that gets slaughtered at the end. Thanks so much!
>> No. 4122
Okay, well aware this may be a weird one-- or at least, one that no one who didn't grow up with the same cartoons I did will get, but... Sniper hunting the Bunyip. That is all.
>> No. 4143
Medic in a Nazi uniform. And everyone else on the team too, save for the struck-over part. Perhaps nationality-appropriate ones, if someone feels like doing additional research. I swear I would do this myself if my artistic skills were satisfactory.
>> No. 4146
File 131182847733.jpg - (238.18KB , 1066x3822 , poppycock_by_fedini-d2yyn7n.jpg )
Could someone render this image with TF2 cast? Bonus points if the girl is Scout and the pussie guy at the end is Spy.

Much thanks in advance.
>> No. 4147
I kinda want to really make a request here for sexy (not bishie) Sniper hacking away with his kukri. Bonus points for super-dynamism.

Also, I think I might want to hang around and fill a couple of requests here myself. Sounds like it'd give me more material to work with. (I just hope no one minds if it's not colored.)
>> No. 4149
File 131183833096.jpg - (168.12KB , 1200x1200 , cookingwithpyro copy.jpg )
I was reading through old requests, then making a list of ones that hadn't been filled yet that I thought I could do or wanted to take a crack at, and this leapt out at me.

Let's just pretend Pyro's about to pull a turkey out from under the counter, because I couldn't draw one...

I just like to imagine all the cooking instructions being given in muffled huddas, and the audience looking on in confusion. I don't know what kind of cooking show Cooking With Pyro is exactly... (but I know if Engie had one, it would be Good Eats)
>> No. 4150

Google-searching for a Bunyip is giving me a lot of mixed results. Reference, please?
>> No. 4152
Derp... I would forget to include this.


My apologies for being scatterbrained. And for triggering the childhood nightmares of anyone else who grew up on this.
>> No. 4154
File 131186942393.png - (528.58KB , 600x800 , Kerblaga.png )

Quick in-progress shot with crappy camera phone because I'm nowhere near a scanner orz

Shaping up to be a load of fail so far. Sorry, mang. I'll try to make it better ghshahdkj;

Whaddya know, it acts just like a Spy. Filthy spook.
>> No. 4155
Have you guys seen the trailer for the Captain America movie? There's a guy that looks a lot like Demo, and I can totally see Solly as Captain America. Could someone please draw something based on this?
>> No. 4157
No, no, it makes me ridiculously smiley to see this! Do not apologize!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who saw that trailer and thought '... Demo?'

I will have to draw this.
>> No. 4159
I'm looking foward to it!
>> No. 4164
File 131192293866.jpg - (214.05KB , 1500x1500 , HooRah.jpg )
Including a vignette!

'In his dreams, Jane is Captain America. In part because sometimes there's nothing to do around the base after hours but read the comic books Pyro leaves lying around.

Mostly, though, it's because Captain America is a soldier, nay, The Soldier, the epitome of what a red-blooded American Soldier ought to be, and he likes that.

No. Mostly it's because Captain America wears red and blue, and sometimes Jane thinks, if he could have been Captain America, then color wouldn't have been able to come between them, color or his own stupidity.

In his dreams, he and Tav fight Nazis, because Tav is his best friend, and he is Captain America...'
>> No. 4165
This is awesome! Thank you!
>> No. 4166

Your picture and the accompanying little blurb make me happy and sad at the same time...
>> No. 4168

Once I'm satisfied with the Bunyip picture, I am doing some of these. Oh my goodness.

I wouldn't want to draw Pyro in an asylum, though; that'd just be too depressing. :(
>> No. 4184
File 131207424331.jpg - (52.66KB , 1023x531 , one piece friendship mark.jpg )
There's this scene in a show called One Piece, and the crew members put an X mark on themselves to identify each other and later it becomes a symbol of their camaraderie.

I'd really, really love a TF2 fanart like that. Everyone on a team, either RED or BLU, standing side by side with each other and their backs to the viewer, with their left hands reaching up in a fist. On the top of each left wrist is an X mark. I guess for the TF2 boys you'll have to take some gloves off/pull some sleeves up, have Spy's jacket thrown over one shoulder, except for Pyro because we all know he IS the suit. Just a picture to encompass teamwork and friendship.
>> No. 4188
File 131210180641.jpg - (39.35KB , 273x185 , GeishaMedic.jpg )
I went and found a background and looked up four different reference pictures to make this tiny thing that was requested ages ago, because... I don't know, because there's something wrong with me.


(and then it turned out so small that I wasn't able to include any real detail, rendering most of the reference pictures pointless... there were places that went one pixel at a time because I am too stupid to re-size a picture of a Japanese screen but am dedicated to creating more Geisha Medic, idek...)
>> No. 4194
Spy/Engineer waltzing.

Bonus points if they're both dressed to the nines.
Double bonus points if you put Engie in a dress.
>> No. 4216
You know, I'd like to see some fanart for this fanfic:
http://www.Mary Suetopia/s/6310348/1/Jacksons_highly_questionable_adventures_at_2Fort

I was reading it and figured there was plenty of funny scenes someone could draw. I would if I had talent.
>> No. 4217
mmhmm... Since when did we filter fan fiction . net?
>> No. 4218
Weird request time? Weird request time.
Pyro, who is unmasked to show a survivor of one of the Atomic Bombs on Japan.
Gender doesn't matter.
Don't ask. Headcanon.
>> No. 4246
File 13124480436.jpg - (3.97KB , 125x122 , 125524988652s.jpg )
Does anyone have a bigger version of this picture? All I can find is the thumbnail.
>> No. 4248
File 131246434326.jpg - (101.94KB , 542x531 , 125524988652.jpg )
Here you go. Art by Tantarted.
>> No. 4261
Can I get a pic of Sniper hanging out with the greatest Australian of all time(Im my opinion anyways) Steve Irwin?
>> No. 4270
I second this so much.
>> No. 4292
File 131266676377.jpg - (433.15KB , 715x1147 , snoipa_res.jpg )
I don't know much about snakes, but I liked this one. Hope you like it.
>> No. 4296
I read this fanfiction called Reunion by Cat Bountry...
It's amazing. Seriously, I recommend it. Someone named Anadapta made a fanart poster of it (http://i762.photobucket.com/albums/xx263/CatBountry/000pq1fh.png) But I'd love to see more :)
>> No. 4298

"Cooking with Pyro" sounds a lot more like "Biker Billy Cooks with FIRE" to me.

>> No. 4303
Awww, what a cutie! And Sniper's not too bad either.

Do you have a name to which I can give proper thanks and credit?
>> No. 4320
Thank you!
>> No. 4325
I'd love to see someone do this youtube video starring the TF2 Engineer.

>> No. 4347
The lack of Disney crossovers in this fandom desterbs me.
Can I get some disney crack up in here?
(My insanity is OVER 9000! cuz I've had like no sleep...)
>> No. 4350
This lines up nicely with a flash of crack inspiration I'd been toying with and thought no one would ever want to see...

I am working on this.
>> No. 4356
File 131301099160.jpg - (225.54KB , 1500x900 , LesPoissons.jpg )
Zhen I'll stuff you with bread,
It won't 'urt! You'll be dead!
And you'll surely be lucky you are...

Hon hon hon... Chef!Spy vs. Spycrab, to the tune of The Little Mermaid... I don't know what's wrong with me, but I hope you enjoy it, requester. Because every time I listen to this song, I A) sing along far too loudly for a childless adult, and B) picture this scenario.
>> No. 4373

The imagery in my head is something along these lines when I think of Spycrabs.

Also, I love the file title, because that line is what usually accompanies that image.
>> No. 4374
Having a craptacular week of feeling sick, so give me something cute and fluffy*. Any two classes being bros would make me smile. Alternately, anybody with a kitten.

Guess I'm just craving some warm fuzzies**.

*Cute/fluffy, of course, does not necessarily mean devoid of violence.
**Warm fuzzies, of course, does not necessarily mean devoid of fiery explosions and/or "surprise" organ transplants.
>> No. 4388
This is a request inside of request. I've been reading Cat Bounty's fics NON STOP and I can't pick what I want to draw from them (any of them) so can I get someone to suggest something for me? Thanks! So itchy to draw but huge fucking block of too much awesome won't let me.
>> No. 4389

Draw the most traumatizing thing.
>> No. 4390
Draw a weeping Medic.
>> No. 4391

asofjdklsghf! Ok....oh my. Ok, I got an idea. Oh dear...I kinda hate myself (a lot) for thinking of this. But it will fill the requirement.
>> No. 4393
As the summer heat completely destroys my will to do anything at all, I was thinking that probably Pyro, Spy and Medic are the classes who, due to their outfits, suffer summer heat more than anyone else in the team.

My request is: can someone please draw a Pyro/Spy/Medic in their summer uniform? Something bright and fresh-looking. :) Obviously, I'm not saying to draw all three classes at once: just one picked from those three is more than fine for me, whoever tickles your imagination the most.
>> No. 4399
File 131344608331.png - (95.04KB , 445x320 , 127485946757.png )
I didn't draw this, but I thought you might enjoy it anyway.
>> No. 4400
File 131344857899.jpg - (228.44KB , 600x1200 , SummerSpah.jpg )
Oh man, I feel ya. Summer is pretty stifling where I'm at, too.

Here's a Spy trying to beat the heat.
>> No. 4403
Aww, these are so adorable, thanks to both!
>> No. 4427
Monday night combat engineer hitting on our Engineer and Solly totally not being happy with how Engie isn't refusing his advances.
>> No. 4430
File 131364550860.jpg - (257.65KB , 695x907 , CatBountyWhy.jpg )
I don't know what the TF2Chans rules are for scrap fan art, but I don't want to start my own thread, and I don't have a LJ, Hipstr, DA, or anything else. I just draw for fun on 4chan, post it in a thread and let it die. So...this Cat's fault if you go to her Hipstr every 10 minutes like I do.
>> No. 4431

The fact that he's wearing the dress is the best part.
>> No. 4432
I was listening to Jonathan Coulton's 'I Crush Everything', and... and it makes me think Tentaspy thoughts. Not the porny kind, the kind of sad/adorable kind.

So if anyone has a lonely Tentaspy sketch in them, I... I have such a soul-deep longing for one.
>> No. 4440
Can I have a Medic that is having a major OH SHIT moment in battle?

I want to feeeeel the tension.
>> No. 4446
I'd like to see a harpy!Medic, along the lines of TentaSpy. :B

Bonus points if he's based on a lammergeier or Egyptian vulture, eats bones, and keeps doves to snack on?
>> No. 4454

I second this. I want to see him at his most vulnerable, soul-shredding moment. No one cries pretty.
>> No. 4455
File 131381712735.png - (93.54KB , 500x650 , Untitled-1.png )
>> No. 4456
1. The SOON meme with any class. Particularly the Support classes.
2. A BLU Heavy/Medic kissing, while Heavy punches a BLU Soldier in the face.
>> No. 4458
I'd like to request a solo picture of Miss Pauling please. Something that shows that behind the nerdy glasses lies a woman who, while not a professional killer like the rest of RED and BLU, can still murder someone and thinking of it as just another job well done.

>> No. 4459
File 131383474232.jpg - (285.45KB , 1800x1282 , TonightYourLifeIsMine.jpg )
Both these prompts are beautiful. I want to see a flood of TF2 'SOON's.

Here is the first.
>> No. 4464
I...I love this.

Especially the fact that Heavy has chubby cheeks, and I've actually worn that Medic combination.
>> No. 4541
I just want to see Sniper eating an apricot. This could be cute or terrifying, depending on personal style, the minutiae doesn't matter to me.

That or Scout with a hula-hoop. You know, for kids.

(I should start a list of things I shouldn't do at the same time, and put 'Watching The Hudsucker Proxy while playing TF2' at the top of that list...)
>> No. 4549
On behalf of a dear friend, we would both like some HOT SAFE FOR WORK SCOUT RUMP. (all caps is absolutely necessary...)
>> No. 4554
File 131416480860.png - (285.36KB , 1260x948 , snipereatinganectarine.png )
>> No. 4556
Aw, huzzah! I'm happy. World, don't bother Sniper while he's eating fruit, it's part of a balanced diet!
>> No. 4562
File 131423287475.png - (230.43KB , 594x565 , Crying.png )

I know it's not the best but I thought I'd have a go at it.
>> No. 4563
I likw ir
>> No. 4568
I'd like to see some class snapshots similar to the opening of the anime Baccano!. As in, the camera zooms in, shows their name, etc.
Sniper would be my favorite.
Reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Msg8ypnLqaw
>> No. 4570
File 131432181879.png - (0.96MB , 832x928 , Harpy.png )
Here you go. He's omnom-ing on a rabbit because I'm sorry, I just couldn't make it one of his doves! I would cry if he ate them.
>> No. 4579
"Professionals have standards" according to Sniper; that's what I thought of when I saw the phrase "professional standards" in my Paralegal 101 class. Someone please draw Sniper in the legal field?
>> No. 4581
First off, if I'm breaking any chan etiquette here, please let me know.

I've had a few ideas for Portal/TF2 crossover drawings in my head, but I can't draw, so...

- Engineer with sentry turrets (Building them or just standing with them all badass-like)
- Medic and Heavy in cooperative testing
- Scout goofing off with endless falling
- Soldier and/or Demoman vs. Mashy Spike Plate (with the mercenaries winning, or at least looking as though they stand a chance)
- Pyro writing and drawing the stuff on the walls of the Rattman dens (If you fill this, I swear, you will have my eternal anonymous love, my soul, and however many children you may wish.)
>> No. 4612
So I was thinking. I'd like to see two tentaspies fight. Maybe one trying to restrain the other. I think that would be interesting/funny given all the tentacles. It would like trying to grapple only both opponents have 10 limbs instead of 4, and 8 of them would be really nimble.
>> No. 4630
File 13148498261.jpg - (17.66KB , 500x375 , scootheart.jpg )
This specific look/expression from Scout is why I love him so much.

If someone could draw (or gmod?) this except maybe full body or a large portrait type thing, and make it into a 1920x1080 wallpaper, I will have all your babies and love you forever.

BLU Scout if you do, or can include RED if you want (just shirt recolor) in same or an additional image.
>> No. 4631

"This is what it sounds like... when doves cry."
>> No. 4632

If Solly is Cap, Demo should be 616 Nick Fury (the black one, based on Samuel L. Jackson).
>> No. 4633
In my mind, that is absolutely true...
>> No. 4634
Halloween Costume ideas for the classes. Some crazy thing my mind came up with one night.

Pyro- Cousin Itt from The Addams Family (they are both short and speak incomprehensibly)
Solly- Injun Chief (with his entrenching tool replaced by a Tomahawk)
Engie- Cowboy
Sniper- Vampire (or Cupid, given his Huntsman)
Heavy- Teddy Bear or Lead from Sapphire and Steel (Lead was a big guy who was ultrastrong, but had a soft heart)
Medic- Doctor VonFronkenshteen from the Gene Wilder movie
Demoman- Jimi Hendrix
Scout- Hank Aaron or an Imp, given his propensity to cause trouble for others...
Spy- James Bond (yeah, I know- wish fulfillment, but I had a hard time coming up with anything that the Spy would actually want to *wear*.

Your ideas?
>> No. 4638
Medic punching a Nazi in the face.

I'm probably the only one who wants this, but I've never been able to see him as one.
>> No. 4641
ahmahgawd I can't wait, the gmod's so fucking adorable.
>> No. 4650
Clinton Kelly as a spy.
>> No. 4653
Oh man oh man... I am going to wind up drawing so much Hallowe'en fanart... My favourite holiday and my favourite mercenaries?

It may take a while, but... I guess I have about two months before I'm too late to be timely.
>> No. 4655
"Go to hell and take that cheap, ill-fitting suit with you! I had to spruce up for work, so do you!"
>> No. 4659
Heavy wondering why people keep drawing him in drag.
>> No. 4660
File 131510362992.png - (407.01KB , 2300x1600 , 8-26-11_p2tf2doodles.png )
I'll admit I was partly scratching my own itch for TF2/Portal 2 crossovers with this, so I went a bit beyond the original request. Couldn't resist the idea of Spy cloaking past a turret, or Sniper and Chell chilling out to Exile Vilify. (Or the terrible "Android Hell" joke, though I apologize for that one.)

New here, by the way, so feel free to yell at me for any mistakes.

(Backgrounds, what are backgrounds, I have no idea what you're talking about.)
>> No. 4661
I love it!
>> No. 4662
I've seen comments about Medic being like a wet cat when X happens. Can I have a wet cat medic? Not wet catboy or furry Medic, that's not it at all. I'm thinking more like referencing a wet cat picture or thinking about a wet cat when drawing Medic.
Although I won't say no to a wet cat in a pet-costume Medic outfit. And I guess MAYBE catboy.
>> No. 4664
File 131515884523.png - (676.89KB , 720x1120 , tumblr_lqel5049vf1qjqbwoo1_1280.png )

Rasp actually did something like that already.
>> No. 4665

>> No. 4666
Oh my gawdddd I sound like there's something wrong with my throat. Neeeeeeee.

Best crossover.

I can't help notice that Medic looks like he's prancing into the portal, haha.

>> No. 4667
I love you for giving me such fun-to-draw ideas, plus an excuse to use my workplace Cintiq during my lunch break. Consider us even!

Ahaha, I like that better than what I thought of while sketching out the pose. (He was running and Heavy zapped the portal under him, mid-stride. Last thing he does before he falls in is a "WHA--WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!" look/gesture. Hoovy, this is what happens when you don't communicate properly with your co-op buddy.)
>> No. 4680
I formally request a smirking Medic. Maybe over a bottle of wine?
>> No. 4682
Ooo, seconded.
>> No. 4689

This >>3769 might come close to what you're looking for.
>> No. 4690
File 131541896440.jpg - (1.52MB , 1574x2284 , nessycopy.jpg )
oh hey, I finally colored this.
>> No. 4691
File 131542429845.png - (101.74KB , 509x308 , MAGNIFICENTSpy.png )
Oh man, that's beautiful. Work on pushing your darks and lights and pay attention to specific shadows (the straps on his chest need a pair of shadows dropped on either his chest or kilt, and the sword may have a faint drop down shadow). Don't be afraid of using reference (for the curve of his right foot and the right knee/calf area). And have fun with throwing other colors in, like a blue/green light source from the water/sky, some green parasites/mold/barnacles on the beast, a yellow green in his fangs or pink veins in the fin's thinnest parts.
>> No. 4712
File 131547127550.png - (23.22KB , 208x211 , Happy Medic.png )
All of my love for you. All.
>> No. 4728
File 131559076588.jpg - (48.03KB , 640x360 , Panty05.jpg )
A heavy/medic or spy/sniper version of this. DO IT.
>> No. 4733

I'm so tempted to do this just for the sheer insanity of it.

WE SHALL SEE. I might just end up doing Sniper 'cause I'm a loser.
>> No. 4736
My life is now complete. That is just absolutely fantastic.
Except... now there has to be Chell/Sniper.
>> No. 4738
The guys playing Rock Band. Please?
>> No. 4739
Bonus points if they're not cross-dressing.
>> No. 4745
Where's the fun in that?
>> No. 4746
One of the classes reaction to this gem of text in a book I have to read about Augustan era poetry:
"When the god Aelous blows up a storm to add to Aeneas's discomfort, he does so by withdrawing a peg from his anus and releasing a huge fart..."
>> No. 4755
Might I request something with a BLU Spy and a BLU Pyro(femme though prolly wont matter if in full suit) please? Something cute perhaps?
>> No. 4756
BLU Spy lighting RED Sniper's cigarette-- either in full couple-y mode, or just in a failed attempt to be charming. I would be such a sucker for this...

Alternately, Scout trying to impress Miss Pauling, because that's never not hilarious.

I don't know why I have such a yen right now for potential fail!wooing...
>> No. 4757
Vest and Glove with Ubercharge?
>> No. 4760
I'd like to see someone make a screenshot of what a Team Fortress 2 dating sim might look like.
>> No. 4761

Like, I shouldn't want this, and yet...

I might have to. I might have to do several.
>> No. 4762
I'm glad you like the prompt so much!
>> No. 4767
Hi there, I wondering if perhaps I could get a picture of a T-Rex dressed up as a Pyro sporting a miniature jet plane with the Shark Face design on it's nose on his head

It's for a spray tag that I wanna do called "TYRANNO PYRO KAMIKAZE"
>> No. 4768
Okay, so I think I have a real request this time. I hope no one thinks me weird for it.

Been seeing (and doodling) a bit of the classes as little kids. Honestly, this stuff's adorable and I really want to see more of it.

So, like... one/more/all (whatever) of the classes in kid form. I'd really love it if more than one person did this, but I totally understand if that's generally not done here.

Bonus loves if any of the classes drawn are Engie, Sniper, and/or Demmy. And extra extra bonus loves if it looks like they were just zapped like that or something, because a kid being swamped in clothes way too big for him is freaking adorable to me
>> No. 4770
You know, I was actually thinking about this the other day. It will probably be in pencil if I do it, but it is just durn adorable.
>> No. 4781
File 131606906580.jpg - (555.45KB , 1500x1800 , AcceptSandwichYN.jpg )
Finally able to use tablet again! Celebrated by knocking out a couple quick things based on the Dating Sim prompt. Medic has offered you Delicious Sandvich, do you accept?

(Okay, and a little inspired by Excel Saga's take on dating sims...)
>> No. 4782
File 131606933123.jpg - (711.36KB , 1500x1800 , TsunTsunScout.jpg )
And here's Scout as the tsundere option. He doesn't like you or anything. He's just blushing for no reason. Keep staring if you want your ass kicked...

Ugh. Okay, I'm gonna have to apologize for drawing crappy Scouts...

(Also, I might wind up doing more, after I work on a couple other things/general improvement)
>> No. 4793
File 131614444146.png - (397.98KB , 774x1000 , babbies.png )
I'm sorry that it's in pencil, but here are some babbies for you.
About the Sniper.. think "Cowboys and Indians". Remember that game? Yeah. Me, too.
>> No. 4794

Oh my gosh, Kid Sniper. That is so totally appropriate, ha. Totally going to draw him like that myself if you don't mind

These are adorable; thank you~
>> No. 4795
File 131618575215.jpg - (20.36KB , 293x359 , 836115_1281123440336_38res_293_359.jpg )
Soldier has SuperJail Warden-like teeth.
You can't imagine how much I giggled at it, he's adorable!
>> No. 4796

I found this a while back, I think it fits. :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6ErlteGFhg&feature=player_embedded Naturally, Medic is the one addicted to sex, and Heavy is the one addicted to sweets. It works.
>> No. 4812
File 131635450889.jpg - (355.09KB , 1360x1034 , tf2 dating sim - demoman.jpg )
I had a go at this prompt too. Have some Demo and a bad pick up line...
I would really like to see all the classes done or a dating sim actually made! Oh man...
>> No. 4818
File 131640427467.jpg - (46.13KB , 500x375 , reanimator.jpg )
Saw this picture and had to ask - has anybody drawn something like this with the Medic and Blu Spy's head yet? The picture's just begging for it.
>> No. 4819
Wow that's like Young Medic there! I second this!
>> No. 4823
I second third this! Reanimator is one of my favourite movies and I've always seen Medic as some kind of relative for Dr.West.
>> No. 4830
I fourth it for the exact same reasons. It's a big part of my headcanon that medics son or grandson went on to become Herbert.
>> No. 4845
File 131656201383.png - (155.08KB , 455x650 , engineer sim.png )
Here's one for the Engineer I did. I'm working on another one two, for a different class, because I love this idea.
>> No. 4846
Only now do I realize I mispelled "too" as "two".
>> No. 4857
File 131674874435.png - (239.04KB , 455x650 , sniper sim.png )
Here's the second one, complete with cheesy dating-sim dialogue. These were actually quite fun to make.
>> No. 4858
File 13167507922.jpg - (234.63KB , 1089x715 , Job.jpg )
This is one that Syberfox did a long while ago.

Oh, and >>4728 , I really want to do that request. It may take some time but it sounds like a lot of fun.
>> No. 4863
Scout's my favorite character. why? because he's annoying, that's why. and baseball themes are big for me, because they remind me of my dad.

i'm also an anime nerd.

anyways, if anyone could make me a wallpaper-size picture of a Scout crossover with either FLCL OR Paranoia Agent, i would love you forever.

really hoping i'm not breaking any etiquette here....
>> No. 4868
Someone please draw a picture related to (and containing) the follow phrase:
"You probably thought this Spy was alive. Nope! Chuck Testa." Bonus points if Chuck is dressed like the Engineer.
>> No. 4875

I second this.
>> No. 4879
"Astrophysics and You" book in the background... Engie, you nerd.
>> No. 4885
could... i possibly get more men in suits up in here... (preferably not the spy since he already wears a suit and that'd be nothing new)... i really love a well-dressed man!
>> No. 4887
File 131703085936.png - (293.73KB , 630x855 , Chucklenuts.png )

Your wish is my command? (Though, admittedly, this was done previously for my roommate. And it's a work-in-progress. Also, please excuse the cruddy scan.)

I'll attempt to do more for this prompt once I actually have time for it.
>> No. 4889
yesss. excellent. this is good, very good. ♥ heehee thank you!
>> No. 4892
Wow Scout looks dapper as fuck. Nicely done, Kino!
>> No. 4911
I came up with this in bed, though its surprisingly un-smutty. All of the classes shaving their faces. In various states of dress, or maybe just towels. I guess its just a very manly-man thing for our men to do and would love to see someone sketch it up.

Engie's entire head is covered in shaving cream but goggles show through, Spy meticulously pulls the edges of his balaclava out of the way and does a little at a time instead of taking it off, Medic would be a little too interested in the person next to him getting nicked, Solly uses his shovel (yes), Scout would only have like three chin hairs but wants to be manly anyway... blahblah.
>> No. 4916
File 13172067804.jpg - (91.65KB , 397x524 , IsKissyTimeNow.jpg )
It took me forever, but I also did the kissing-and-face-punching.

(... Captcha says 'farflung'...)
>> No. 4919
File 13172191387.png - (136.78KB , 620x965 , ooh mister shovel.png )

This is wonderful. I like how you put expressions on the turrets, and gave the whole team a place in the Portal world. Also very amusing that Engineer and Demo get to continue doing what they usually do.

An old request, but damn anthropomorphizing things is fun.
>> No. 4923

Oh my God I love this.

More please?
>> No. 4931
Anything particular you would like?

Also, I want you to know how much I enjoyed reading your Shovel and Shovel Jr. Hmm, suddenly I'm thinking Soldier, human!Shovel Jr, and a sandcastle...
Or (rather sad, this) human!Shovel being taken away in an evidence bag?
>> No. 4933

... Both of those sound good, actually.
>> No. 4939
Bear with me on this, because it's kind of weird, but...

Colouring book pages. I don't just mean lineart, I mean in the style of a children's colouring book, or even colouring/activity book, with the terrible 'help Scout find his way to the intel' mazes/'untangle the medigun beams to find out which medic is accidentally healing the enemy Spy' puzzles.

Okay, that's a stretch, but... Just, the more inappropriate the better. Cutesy simplification of hardened killers, that kind of ridiculousness.

(I don't know, I just love this kind of thing. I can't express how badly I want the Dune colouring book... Never should have been created, so awesome...)
>> No. 4940
I second this so hard.
>> No. 4941
This is literally the cutest idea and I am all over it. Homework, what's that?
>> No. 4942
File 131743339088.png - (105.87KB , 604x708 , pink plastic spade.png )
Soldier has the happiest delusions!
>> No. 4943

AAAAAAAAAAAAAA that's adorable!

Is that Rosie back there, perchance?
>> No. 4944

I love how you included Engie and his daughter there. So cute.

(The hell, Captcha, are those Hebrew characters? How the heck am I supposed to type those?)
>> No. 4951
BLU Pyro and Scout trying to act gangsta, with the caption BLU TANG CLAN AIN'T NOTHING TO FUCK WITH"
>> No. 5002
>> No. 5060
My non-porn art request:

Heavy. Medic. Birds. Cuteness.

Or Medic being the badass and saving his Heavy for once. I guess that one doesn't even have to be romantic at all (well, I guess neither one has to be. But yeah, I'd like to see Medic taking someone out, not just because he's on his own defending himself, but because he happened to spot the threat first. (even though I am never that badass when I am Medic-ing... I just let us both get killed...)
>> No. 5063
Would this be good? It might have to be in comic form.

Heavy and Medic are charging across a field. Medic is used to Spies and is constantly looking around, and he notices a Spy behind him who's just missed a backstab. The Spy gives up on stabbing Medic and runs forward to stab Heavy (easier target), so Medic kills the Spy.
>> No. 5064
That would be awesome.
>> No. 5068
Something like this?
http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=x6FxHgHVh_8
>> No. 5072
Ta da!
>> No. 5073
Now that is some badassery.

Yay! I might have just flailed and clapped. Just saying. (happy birthday to me! Saving this to my hard drive so it can still make me smile the next time my Internet goes out on me)
>> No. 5075
File 131850306273.png - (460.39KB , 620x4133 , annethecatdetective request.png )
It's your birthday? Then happy birthday! May this bring you many smiles when your internet is down. Did I mention I love your writing? It's so poetic, it kind of gives me the impression that the words are glowing with light like a watercolour painting.

I've just realized I left out Heavy's bandolier in the bottom half of the comic, though, so here's a fixed version.
>> No. 5086
Pyro holding the Reserve Shooter aloft like in the Zelda games when you get an item from a chest
>> No. 5112
Yup, it was, and thanks so much! (both for the art and for the saying-nice-thing, aw)
>> No. 5115
So I'd like to see a picture of this scene from Afterwards by Cat Bountry. The facial expressions would be interesting. Medic's evil smile, Engineer looking a little freaked out and uncomfortable, I don't know what Soldier and Heavy would look like.

"“Ja, I had,” Medic said. “But zat was after I pulled out all his teezh, fed him his own testicles, drilled a hole into his skull and zen poured in ze acid…” he started to chuckle, a wicked smile overtaking his features. “Oh, how he screamed in agony, just begging me to stop… my only regret is zat I did not have more time to watch him slowly degenerate into a human vegetable.” He sighed wistfully, as someone would recalling a fond childhood memory. “Ah, but it vas a much different time back zen, in Germany.”

Engineer choked out a nervous laugh, trying to mask the chills that were currently wracking his body. “Yeah, uh… I did mention that I didn’t want you murderin’ nobody, doc.” "
>> No. 5133
I really want to see this scene from Cat Bountry's "Reunion."

“So, I am sitting in zis restaurant, viz Heavy, und zis woman starts crying out, in panic. She’s nine months pregnant, und she’s screaming ‘I’m having my baby! I’m having my baby!’” He waved his hands about for emphasis as his voice adopted a falsetto tone to impersonate the woman in question, “Und at zis point, I vanted to try und avoid zis, but Heavy immediately stands up und says ‘DOKTOR! VE MUST HELP VOMAN VIT TINY BABY!’”

Basically, I'd love to see Medic imitating Heavy.
>> No. 5149

Oh. My. GOD.

I am seconding this so hard. CAN SOMEBODY DO THIS? PLEASE?

Maybe even add in a little picture/thought bubble at the top depicting said scenario?
>> No. 5166
File 131898718272.jpg - (18.77KB , 400x266 , repo6b.jpg )
I've had this stuck in my head for a bit and after trying to draw it, and failing to do so, myself I thought what better place to come then here.
I would love to see part of this scene from Repo! The Genetic Opera drawn with Medic and Scout. It doesn't even have to be Scout, he just seems to fit to me.
>> No. 5168
File 131900147892.jpg - (128.99KB , 1063x752 , fyi_you__re_going_to_die_by_yamikatt-d3ect4i_png.jpg )
Yamikatt made this one, it's kinda like that.

I support any TF2/Repo crossovers!
>> No. 5182
I wake up tired and sick, and I find this waiting here.
Oh damn, thank you.
>> No. 5227
I want to request a picture of Saxton Hale dressed as Major Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist for Halloween. Shirtless, with the metal gauntlets and pink sparkles naturally.
>> No. 5315
I gots another. I kinda wanted to doodle it myself (and I may anyway, eventually), but right now I don't have the time.

Anyway, could someone draw Pyro as a Deku Scrub? Because that would be really awesome.
>> No. 5363
Engineer with one of the Ro-Bear Berbils from Thundercats dressed as a Teddy Roosebelt.
>> No. 5369
Soldier wearing his Halloween costume and pestering Engineer for a tune up.

Robot sex jokes go.
>> No. 5371

Already did it, sorry: >>5353
>> No. 5380

Darn, should have asked for it in adult fanart.

I guess Merasmus fanart then?
>> No. 5439
I want a picture of any of the team, trying sincerely to dress as a woman. Makeup, heels, wig, the works. Except that they are still recognisable and the dressup is unsuccessful in a jarring way. And they know it, and they're trying not to cry.

I want it to be heartbreaking. I want it to be as realistic as possible and to inspire the viewer to want to comfort.
>> No. 5449

Kino, Your request for a Deku Pyro has been officialy filled. >>5448
>> No. 5476
I'll try this.
>> No. 5482
File 13206622638.png - (337.25KB , 614x1563 , medic is mtf.png )
I hope this is serious/realistic enough - I tried to make it as non-cartoony as I could. I hope it also satisfies the other points you mentioned.

The first image wasn't depressing enough so I added a bit more. Yay for angst?
>> No. 5487
File 132070921839.jpg - (69.35KB , 321x503 , 321px-TheRiddler_AC.jpg )
So I've been playing Batman: Arkham City non-stop. Now, Riddler, as maddeningly attractive as he is in this game, is driving me nuts with a few trophy challenges.

As such, could someone please draw Spy backstabbing ArkhamCity!Riddler? Place of murder? Riddler's hidden hideout.
>> No. 5495
I'd love to see a sniper and a spy (RED or BLU doesn't matter) getting hammered and telling each other goofy secrets about themselves in their drunken state. Not anything romantic, just stuff that two drunk guys would normally share and laugh their asses off about, you know?

Thank you in advance!
>> No. 5510

If I were creative enough to actually think up any such secrets for them to tell, I would totally have at this one, because it's awesome.
>> No. 5517
This is definately heart breaking. I like how you made it a comic too, It makes it alot sadder.

I was going to fill this request but I'm glad you beat me to it actualy.
>> No. 5520
Another Anon has already brought up an Arkham City inspired request, but what I want is a little different.

Basically what I want is the TF2 cast as various Gotham City Rogues. I could only think of a few at the top of my head: Heavy as Bane, Medic as Scarecrow, Soldier as Two-Face, Spy as Riddler (or Hush. Now that I think about it, Engie might be better suited for Riddler), and Sniper as Mr. Freeze (no real reasoning behind that, I just really like Mr. Freeze)

I haven't been able to think of the others, in fact if someone does end up drawing this, feel free to disregard everything I suggested. I just need this in my life.
>> No. 5524
If you were going to fill the request, don't stop on my account! And thanks, I was a bit worried about whether it worked as a comic or not.
>> No. 5528
The villains exclusive to the game?

Or can I use other Batman villains also?
>> No. 5529
Any Batman villains would be fine.
>> No. 5574
Original requester of 5439 here

Thank you. You captured that wordless despair perfectly, and only made me want to cuddle poor ol' Medic even more.
>> No. 5582
File 132158591830.jpg - (110.21KB , 500x281 , Greater-Egyptian-Jerboa.jpg )
As you can tell from my handle, I love me some rodents. Ratties, hamsters, guinea pigs, and so on. Wild or domestic.

Could I please request the teams as rodents? I can totally see Heavy as a capybara, Scout as a really hyper kangaroo rat, and Demo as an angry porcupine...
Go on, it would be soooo cute..
>> No. 5583

Engie Hedgehog? :)
>> No. 5585
Isn't the stereotypical engineer animal the beaver?
>> No. 5591
File 132163800458.jpg - (577.08KB , 1900x1188 , pirate_fortress_2_by_fenomena-d2xlnfj.jpg )
Pirate!Medic meets Normal!Medic?

Or, even better, Pirate!Medic and the RED Medic scaring the shit out of BLU Medic.
>> No. 5593

If we're talking just animals in general, I pretty much pegged him for a black bear (you know, to Heavy's grizzly/Kodiak?). But as far as rodents go... maybe a beaver would make more sense, since it builds, but hedgehogs are cuter. In my opinion, anyway.
>> No. 5594
Something sweet involving Demo and Miss Pauling? Been wanting to see that since the WAR! Update forever ago and all I've seen so far that involved the two of them was almost exclusively threeway porn with Soldier. Mind you I am TOTALLY down with that(I love it, even) but it's... not quite what I'm looking for I guess?

Thanks in advance.
>> No. 5646
File 132195698930.jpg - (124.16KB , 458x471 , snap_329.jpg )
Is a Scanty&Kneesock Heavy&Medic okay?

Hideous camshot is hideous, I'll toss it in the scanner at some point and fix it up nice.

Uh should i be tagging this "mature"?
>> No. 5648
also, figured while I'm here, I'll request "Bill Nye The Medic Guy".
>> No. 5649
I would love to see the same kind of thing, but as bugs/insects/general creepy crawlies. Heavy as a Hercules Beetle, Scout as some form grasshopper, etc etc...
>> No. 5659
Look up engibees!
>> No. 5661

>> No. 5671
I'd like to see Engineer in the style of the video for They Might Be Giants' "Science is Real."
>> No. 5680
File 132237658530.jpg - (342.00KB , 1071x1206 , 014.jpg )
better version
>> No. 5681
File 132237665327.jpg - (125.65KB , 871x676 , 015.jpg )
and here's this crap.
>> No. 5685
I would dearly love to see Sniper attempting to show Spy how to enjoy a Tim Tam Slam, with Spy bemoaning the degradation of a good cup of coffee while still being obviously amused.
And my captcha was "FIGURE firstd." Honey, neither of them are hurting for an extra pound, let them have their chocolate.
>> No. 5713
Spy and coffee always makes me think of this
>> No. 5714
...And that is why Spy became a Spy. If it weren't 4 am and I'm supposed to be sleeping, I'd be drawing more crack art because of this.

Expect some in the next week. :I
>> No. 5718
This is scary and amusing at the same time.
>> No. 5751
File 132337353439.jpg - (71.40KB , 500x375 , fashion-fail-let-me-perform-for-you-the-fertility-.jpg )
Requesting art of Sniper similar to this. It doesn't need to be in that pose, but I am in love with the outfit and instantly thought of Sniper.

And I love stuff like this. I'm not even joking, I have a bust of Cernernos or however you spell his name
>> No. 5758
I have this weird ship going on between Engie/Hurt that I can't quite explain. There was this beautifully done fan art where Solly is cradling an injured/dying/dead Engie that I thought was just incredible. For some reason, the idea of Solly being upset over Engie hurt (or Engie being upset over Solly hurt) appeals to me. So if anybody is willing to tackle a picture of that nature I would be much obliged!

Who is hurt is up to you.
How they're hurt is up to you.
Whether they live or die is up to you.
The scene can be sweet or angsty, it's up to you.
Basically everything is up to you!

Thanks, folks! I would do it myself, but my skill level at art is between a four year old's finger painting and fat-looking stickmen. Sad.
>> No. 5799
File 132398909628.jpg - (1.04MB , 1920x1080 , heart2.jpg )
Good 'ol request threads, giving me ideas when I don't know what to draw. Enjoy.
>> No. 5800
File 132398919220.jpg - (1.18MB , 1920x1080 , heart.jpg )
And in red. I like red better.
>> No. 5806
Do something based on the new comic with Smissmas and the awesome kid.

>> No. 5807
Either Soldier or Engineer, shyly offering a helmet full of flowers, looking all tentative and sweet and adorable.
Bonus points if it's to each other.
>> No. 5809
That made my day!
I come back here, scroll up a bit and find that. I'm french and it is one of my favorite songs, but until today I never thought of TF2 while listening to it... guess I will now.
>> No. 5836
Something TF2 related with this:
>> No. 5844
File 132494093739.png - (503.37KB , 1051x600 , kid.png )
I'd like to imagine the kid as spy's apprentice.
Haven't done a comic in a long time so forgive me for the boring layout.
>> No. 5845
File 132494720173.png - (682.11KB , 864x1076 , why.png )
I know this post is old but I couldn't resist.
>> No. 5858
If anybody is interested, how about the first time Sniper called Engie 'Trucky' and why he did so.

I love Engie/Sniper @_@
>> No. 5875
I love engie/sniper and your idea sounds quite good,

BUT, you can't use emoticon in tf2chan.
Next time, please remind this.
>> No. 5881
Something featuring Engie regarding this. DO IT.
>> No. 5882
File 132543757774.png - (351.53KB , 716x374 , NOTIMEFERSEX.png )

I guess it's time to put this up again since people have forgotten about it.
>> No. 5888
May I request a mashup with the "Sprawl II" video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awHWColYQ90
>> No. 5890
So...these things were invented in the mid-1960s.


Please. PLEASE. Somebody draw the cast wearing these.
>> No. 5908

I have been lurking around here for some time and I though I'd post a request. I would like to see one of the (RED) classes dared into going into the "Swamp of Mystery" but finds out it's actually the Swamp of Embarrassment (from the adventure time episode Blood Under The Skin).

I don't think it's mature enough a request for the adult fan art thread, which is why I'm posting it here.

Please, I would love to see this very much.
>> No. 5921
Any other BBC Sherlock fans here? I've had the idea of Engie Watson and Spylock for a little while now, but I don't yet know how to really approach the idea in drawing. If it isn't too outlandish or out-of-place, I'd like to see what someone else might come up with for this.

(The connection made between Engie and Watson is... mostly based on appearances, I admit. I know their personalities don't quite match up. But Spy seems like he'd be a good fit for Sherlock in that regard.)
>> No. 5930
File 132693664786.jpg - (0.98MB , 1893x2015 , spylock copy.jpg )
Yeah... well... it's kinda just Spy and Engie in Sherlock and John's clothes but... I drew it anyways. First time I've really drawn Engie's face.
I loooove BBC Sherlock. The second season was great.
>> No. 5940

I love this. I love you. Thank you. So much.

I haven't gotten to watch Season 2 yet, mostly because the only way I can access it is online. It sucks, because I don't want to pirate it just to watch it - I'd rather buy it, because I like what I've seen so far and I've heard good things about this season and I'd like to actually support it - but if I recall correctly, it's going to take its sweet, sweet time just to air in the States, much less get released on DVD over here. :I
>> No. 5974
BLU Scout seems to be missing his thumb?
>> No. 5982
So Valve said this year they'll release meet the Pyro. Can I request Pyro's reaction to this?
>> No. 6097
This may sound a little odd...
Can I get Phil Ken Sebben as whichever class would suit him the best?
>> No. 6121
File 133249102133.jpg - (147.19KB , 1440x900 , 2012-03-23_00013.jpg )
Could anyone by any chance draw this screenshot i took? <3~
>> No. 6161
File 133347714968.jpg - (409.03KB , 1600x1200 , Scoot WIP.jpg )
not near a scanner right now But heres a WIP, sorry about the camera quality...and my drawfag level
>> No. 6173
File 133429704616.jpg - (85.85KB , 604x604 , 458ef9e3655a1d81128a1c949d612ea7.jpg )
Oh man~ I'm loving this. Goo work so far <3~
>> No. 6190
File 133471540665.jpg - (773.39KB , 1908x1669 , Image (18).jpg )
Well School's been interfering with my drawing {Damn school, all grades and levels} But here's what I've got. Also, Thank you for the complement, and sorry for no background I didn't know if that was supposed to be there too, but Backgrounnnndds like to turn out like shit on me so..if anyone else wants to.....
>> No. 6194
File 133473480035.jpg - (68.27KB , 462x536 , 131512044211.jpg )
This is pretty awesome, thanks man.
And also there are some pictures where you don't need a background. This is one of 'em. Thanks mate~
>> No. 6204
Jane wearing Tavish's sweater. Sorry if it sounds odd, but it's kind of relevant to Bomb Recovery, the story I'm writing, and I can't draw well and... gosh, I'd kind of like to see someone draw it.
>> No. 6218
File 133554601772.jpg - (387.76KB , 1371x857 , reflectb.jpg )
This painting, but with TF2 characters. It's not an easy one, so I won't try dictating the amount and choice of characters (although the man reminded me of Medic, which caused me to make the connection), nor the setting.
>> No. 6224
File 133563423646.jpg - (18.75KB , 300x354 , uncomfortable.jpg )

Neg. Maybe I'm a bleeding heart, but I think it's better to avoid appropriating the Veteran's Movement with fanart based on a cartoony video game.
>> No. 6226
File 133574174284.jpg - (726.60KB , 1624x1200 , tmp_487-986240838.jpg )

Well, given that it's already been crossed over like (for example) this, I didn't figure some AUish TF2 creation would be all that horrid. It's not like the fandom has ever been too PC, anyway, not even the SFW side of it.
>> No. 6227
I agree. But I still wanna see it.
>> No. 6231
File 133607726421.png - (117.66KB , 500x375 , nein.png )

i saw that nobody did it yet so i tried and there you go a quick picture of that
>> No. 6265
4818 here. Big thanks for doing such an old request, and doing a damn fine job of it. I'm digging dat medic face.
>> No. 6273
Medic charging into battle in his magnificent helicopter.
>> No. 6280
I saw a picture where sniper is likcing his knife and above him was a post saying 'Don't lick your knife others will think you're trying to seduce.' (NOT drawn by Katya) in somewhere in tf2chan, but I can't find it now. Does anyone who can show me that again??
>> No. 6351
File 134069488637.jpg - (281.16KB , 1483x1836 , 004.jpg )
I forgot that I drew this just for you
>> No. 6391
File 134191001393.jpg - (39.42KB , 462x608 , TF2-sweater.jpg )
I'm going to submit this and realize I have the colors reversed or something.
>> No. 6392
may I request Medic, Spy and Sniper whatching "The Human Centipede" in Sniper's Van (and Medic being the only who actually enjoys the movie)?
>> No. 6396
File 134199602712.jpg - (78.48KB , 643x737 , TF2-rodents2.jpg )

Half of two requests make one, right?
>> No. 6397
Wonderful! Thank you very much, it looks great!
>> No. 6402
File 134208908488.jpg - (215.53KB , 821x1131 , TF2-color.jpg )
I tried. Honest.

Have fun!
>> No. 6406
I'm a huge rodent fan, as well. If you give me some time, I'll try sketching out something for you. Any idea for the other classes/species?
>> No. 6410

Not the original poster, but Australia has two native rats. A water rat called the Rakali, and the Bush rat.
>> No. 6411
(poster 6396) If you're still open to ideas, I was thinking of making the Pyro vaguely squirrel-shaped and the Spy a rat.
>> No. 6412
Are crossovers allowed?

I'd like to see Demoman have a fondness over Demo, the cyclops, original creation of Raocow.

Because two cycloptic Demos, amirite?
>> No. 6449
For some reason I *really* want to see what the Medic would look like in a Triad Trinket. Hell, any of the other left-out classes would be cool, too!
>> No. 6477
Requesting medigun vapor inhalation. I know, it's very specific and niche, but I don't feel like I have enough in my collection.
Pic was related, but the chan wouldn't let me post it due to duplicates.

Captcha: printer isduck. Quack?
>> No. 6523
Scout in a wheelchair with his leg in a cast, looking out a window either sad or bored.
>> No. 6533
File 134540789169.jpg - (673.09KB , 1000x800 , sad scoot.jpg )
>> No. 6534
Oh that is so good! Good job! :)
>> No. 6538

>> No. 6551
Medic as a single dad, with young twin girls. maybe it's take-your-daughter-to-work-day.

I'm bored and off my medication. That's the only way I can come up with something that ridiculous.
>> No. 6552
Can I see Pyro in Pyroland having a grand old time hanging out with Peacock from Skullgirls? Really, I just wanna see Peacock interacting with multiple classes, but Pyro is funniest to me.
>> No. 6553
Okay, have any of you guys seen the film Dead Heat? Didn't think so.

Anyway, there's like...a reanimating machine in it, and when i saw it it became the head canon for what the respawning machine looks like.

I wanna see a class of your choice in this machine, being respawned. Maybe in pain.

-RoG- from I-Mockery.com made a gif in his review of the movie. Please feel free to use for reference. Artistic liberties will be given bonus points.
>> No. 6561
At least two people in the Headcanons thread want to see Saxton Hale being BFFs with Phil Ken Sebben.

Dear TF2chan, make this happen.
>> No. 6562
miss pauling pegging heavy

im counting on you guys
>> No. 6570
Okay, as we all know, RED stands for Reliable Excavation and Demolition. Knowing that, I'd like to see some of the classes actually doing some excavating work. Digging, mining, etc.
>> No. 6573
File 134562305429.jpg - (79.88KB , 691x385 , TF2-peg.jpg )
>> No. 6581
File 134576777675.png - (40.75KB , 375x343 , Dohoho.png )
>> No. 6594
Okay, this is probably among the sillier requests. (Actually it's probably nothing near those)
Well, you see, in my apartment we have a light switch that under no circumstances should be turned off, because it powers the TV and if it shuts off the TV power then we have to reprogram it all over again and it's just a hassle. I wanted to put an amusing sign over the switch to point out this problem and ask people not to touch the switch.

Right now, it's a picture of Uncle Sam saying "I want YOU to leave this switch alone" but I kinda want something TF2-ish. Maybe Soldier or something. It's okay if you guys don't wanna do it, i'm just bored.
>> No. 6601
Oh man, this was my request! Thank you so much.

I love these, too. Re-Animator's a great movie, and I can totally see where Valve homaged it in Meet The Medic.

Little Jack is probably my favorite comics-only character, and Pauling/Heavy always made me smile because of my size kink.
>> No. 6603
Okay, it's a lil' odd. But you know, this request is a bit of an outtake from Meet the Medic, where when he stands up to put Heavy's heart up to the medigun he smacks his head on it. Story of my life.
>> No. 6606
File 134656548721.jpg - (76.35KB , 700x490 , TF2-digging.jpg )
>> No. 6607
Yay! New best friend.
>> No. 6697
Can I see Medic admiring skeletons with Temperance "Bones" Brennan? And meanwhile Booth and Soldier are looking on like "what the hell are they doing"
>> No. 6701
As a Bones fan. Yes. Yes please!
>> No. 6702
Alternatively, an older Medic working at the Jeffersonian and discussing his medical conquests with a stunned Squintern of your choice. Or Angela; that's funny too.
>> No. 6703
Medic murdering Nazis, preferrably while wearing a Star of David necklace around his neck. The more guro, the better.

This is the only TF2 fanart I will ever need.
>> No. 6705
I want to see Scout not giving a crap about gravity.
>> No. 6706
>> No. 6713
You most certainly may! Is it alright if it's in gray-scale? Coloring isn't a strength.
>> No. 6724
Fat spy crying himself to sleep.
>> No. 6749
Does anyone happen to have that pic of Heavy drinking tea with a sweater on?
>> No. 6761
I wanna see Soldier staring down Supernanny.
>> No. 6767
File 135702437142.png - (467.34KB , 1000x1000 , supernanny.png )
They have reached and impasse.
>> No. 6780
So in last night's dream, Medic was singing "I dreamed a dream" from Les Miserables. I think you know where this is going.
>> No. 6781
someone's going to the naughty corner.
Nice work!
>> No. 6793
If we're gonna request Les Miserables stuff (Les Fortresse?) I wanna see someone draw art of Spy while listening to "Do you hear the people sing." Whatever you come up with. Either that or him singing it. Or maybe him saying Javert's lines from "One Day More."
>> No. 6797
Whatever you guys come up with based on the caption "I left you alone for FIVE MINUTES."
>> No. 6827
Could somebody draw Engie riding a Harley w/ Solly riding bitch?
>> No. 6832
I would like to see Medic have Seder (with someone?)
>> No. 8120
Can I see Brock Samson strangling a Spy and not looking phased about it at all? (Read: Brock being Brock)
>> No. 8172
anyone know of fan arr of alex gaskarth and jack barakat of all time low? They're a, in my opinion, mediocre pop punk band.
>> No. 8178
This is for Team Fortress 2 fanart only.
>> No. 8239
File 137863559332.jpg - (396.84KB , 586x922 , operatio_radicalis_by_monmercenaire-d5zaz02.jpg )
Hello, dear TF2chan! I've been wondering about what happened to the artist monmercenaire. They seem to have disappeared from the internet.. But I'm in love with their art, it's so very beautiful. Everytime I stumble upon something they did I'm in awe. But my internet research didn't result in anything. Does anybody know what happened or if they started anew with a new username or something? Also, posting artworks by this artist would make me very happy!
>> No. 8240
1. This board is for people to post their own artwork. /dumps/ is for posting other peoples' work.
2. It's (unfortunately) safe to assume that 9/10ths of the artists and fanfic writers from that "era" of TF2 have moved on and are no longer doing TF2 art (or in some cases, video game art/fanart in general). At least, that's what seems to be the case with many other artists I was a fan of when I joined. Or they only ever did the one drawing and that was it.
>> No. 8465
File 139798723179.jpg - (40.82KB , 604x443 , language of backstabbing dicks.jpg )
spy saying omlette du fromage and the rest of the team swooning
>> No. 8470
i recently found out that milk and jarate count as "wet" for the Neon crit bonus. can someone draw a pyroshark wielding a mad milk? thanks!
>> No. 8486
Unfortunately, anthro art is kind of frowned upon around here.

I don't have much of an issue with it, but if I did it, I don't think I'd be able to post it here.
>> No. 8545
File 140512357229.png - (357.18KB , 1356x809 , c5e6dd859c906566d0d58035074b65a7.png )
I actually want to get around to finishing this sometime.
>> No. 8547
Heavy is usually kawaii as all hell, but doubly so here.
>> No. 8712
File 143415793877.png - (161.25KB , 740x561 , Spoiler Picture.png )

That was fun!
>> No. 8721
File 143487839394.png - (575.84KB , 620x2631 , afterwards scene.png )
>> No. 8728
File 143512580281.gif - (299.96KB , 480x311 , anigif_enhanced-25423-1409873818-9.gif )
>> No. 8733
File 143518429914.png - (50.71KB , 728x787 , you done good kid.png )
>> No. 8743
File 143547716982.gif - (189.88KB , 300x165 , Me+too+yo+_71164dce588af8c6d2a701cc076aa312.gif )
>> No. 8959
>> No. 8960
Why do people keep responding to posts from 2012.
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