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Adult Fanfiction

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1Adult Request Thread Pre-emptive Strike68823 November 2011 04:52
2Dove's Derpilicious Thread5117 August 2014 00:59
3It Takes Three to Tango23 4 August 2014 01:27
4Request and taking requests6 3 August 2014 19:04
5Null Our Boor; or: Taco Run36 3 August 2014 01:52
6Any class and you?17422 July 2014 14:25
7Want You to Want Me (Helmet Party)1516 July 2014 01:38
8Raining on Sunday (Helmet Party)3615 July 2014 09:03
9Taking Requests for an interactive story of your choice1712 July 2014 16:38
10classcest party thread over here1711 July 2014 07:18
11Our Lost Kingdoms - (continuation)25 8 July 2014 14:30
12Wetter spots (Sniper x Engineer) WARNING WATER SPORTS20 6 July 2014 17:39
13Mostly Apples (Demo/Spy)5224 June 2014 13:11
14Dying Wish (Soldier/Bucket)722 June 2014 22:33
15little boy blue5922 June 2014 00:54

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Adult Request Thread Pre-emptive Strike (687)

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Okay, the newer one has already started to auto-sage. It's currently still on the front page but it has fallen past the line where we'll have to start clicking All Threads in order to see it.

Here is the link to it and the ones before it. Lots of great requests still in these!

I'm going to repost the two most recent ones from the most recent thread.

I know this is mostly requests for new stuff, but I haven't been here in a while and I'm having trouble finding an old fanfic. It was Engie x You, started with ambiguous-gender-ness and then had two endings, one for M and one for F.

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688 .

Don't know if this request thread is still alive, but:

If it hasn't been done yet... I want a fic based on this fanart


Most preferably that it leads to porn/sexytimes/what-have-you. I'm totally fine if writer plays it more towards the erotica bent--meaning sex is not a necessity, but sensuality/sensory input and emotional saturation becomes key (all because of Vampire!Spy and immortals being creatures of senses rather than carnal lust).

If this fic has been done, then just point me in the right direction.

Ideally I want the factions to be as they are in the art, but writer can feel free to switch things up... with only one exception.... No BLU!Sniper x RED!Spy. It's like the only pairing I can't read.

Other than that the sky is the limit. Multi fills, one-shots, multi-chapters, slow burn/build, pwp, AU, Halloween themed costumes/loadouts, go nuts. I just want to know the story behind this art.

Bonus points if this scene in the fanart + caption somehow happens in the fic... and the question posed is answered by Vampire-Hunter!Sniper. Super bonus points if this is somehow cannon--because magic is a thing in TF2, and does anyone else remember Australia is a futuristic utopia?

Dove's Derpilicious Thread (50)

1 .

Overall Plan: This thread will be where I dump random, hopefully shorter shit! I have way too many different threads on here and I'm going to try and consolidate by only posting new stories into this thread once I've completed them. I'm hoping it will also be an incentive to actually complete some of the stories I've started recently.

However, I can't claim any real quality. There are some amazing authors here and I'm not one of them. But I like to think if I work at it, I might become moderately worthy at some point.

I used the following prompts and some of my own prompts, as well as the many general requests for some classcest that I keep seeing.

Cat Bountry
I usually don't bother making requests in these threads, but you know what? Fuck it.

I'd like if somebody wrote some straight Engineer porn. The lady is up to the author. I just like to picture him as a very romantic guy in the sack and I'd like to see him treating a lady right.

In the normal game, when a team wins, most of the time they can charge in and kill any member of the losing team they find. Well, I want to see a fic where, instead of that, when the winners catch a losing team member, they can pretty much do whatever sexy thing they want to them as a reward.
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49 .

Dove I love you, a lot. I was looking at the board going 'I havn't done anything TF2 in ages..I should read something but what?' then I saw your thread and was all very happy! I love the TF2bugs, ssooo much you don't even know! That DemoEngie fic is also very good! At first I was like hm..well this is new...not sure if like. But I do, a lot heh. I also feel all write-y myself which is awesome! All in All, good to hear you've been feeling better and keep up the awesome work!

50 .

Although this thread is most likely dead, I just want to say that I enjoyed each and every story in it. I really did.
Dove, you are awesome.

51 .


you had me at 'Jizz-drizzling dreams'

(so sorry about replying to an dead thread)

It Takes Three to Tango (22)

1 .

This is a Spy/Engie/Spy porn fic. Very little plot, less dialogue. Concrit welcomed.

Requested (and betaed) by jeffian


Friday’s battle looked like it was going to end in a stalemate. Neither team had managed to capture the other’s intelligence even once. The Engineers had been extremely aggressive and creative with their placement of sentries and teleporters. Whenever a Spy or Scout managed to get to the briefcase, a Soldier or Demoman seemed to come from nowhere to shut them down completely. And it seemed like you couldn’t take a step without running face first into a minigun or flamethrower.

RED Engineer chanced a glance at his watch. There were less than ten minutes to go in the day’s battle. He had spent the last half hour or so planted behind his level 3 sentry in the Intelligence Room, guarding the briefcase. If he could hold out for a few more minutes, at least his team wouldn’t lose. He slipped his pocket watch back into the bib pocket on his overalls and waited, counting down the last few minutes in his head. With the exception of a BLU Scout that managed to get halfway across the Intelligence Room, Engie didn’t see anyone from the BLU team as he set himself up to run out the rest of the clock...

He was drumming his fingers idly on the back of his sentry when RED Spy darted in slightly injured, with the BLU Pyro in hot pursuit. Spy dove behind the Engineer just as a rocket made quick work of the Pyro. “What happened, Spah? Ah thought you were making one last run for BLU’s briefcase.”

“I was,” Spy said bitterly, brushing dust off of his suit. “I would ‘ave gotten it too if ze boy hadn’t run directly into a sentry just as I was sneaking into zeir intelligence room. A stray bullet decloaked me and I retreated, right into ze waiting arms of zat mumbling abomination. I barely got away with my life and most of my suit intact.” Spy lit a cigarette to calm his nerves. “Hopefully ze boy and ze Soldier ‘ave better luck than I did.” As the Spy exhaled smoke through his nose, the telltale sound of electricity crackling filled the air as
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21 .

love it all!! just feed moree!!!

(Sit down before you hurt yourself)

22 .

Okay, I actually have continued this after forever. I hope it's not too sloppy.


Thigh to Thigh and Cheek to Cheek (BLU Spy/RED Engineer)

As the two men drove back to base in Engie’s pickup, the BLU Spy rode in the passenger seat instead of hidden in the bed of the truck. Both of them had downed a few more beers than they really should have, especially in the company of the enemy, but alcohol had a way of making a fella forget common sense. As the truck bumped along over the uneven ground, the buzzed Engineer noticed with a start that the Spy’s hand had settled on his thigh and was moving towards his crotch, nimble fingers tracing small circles against his leg. “Wha-what’re ya doin’?” Engie stammered hoarsely, gaze flicking between the gloved hand and the road leading back to base.
The Spy casually blew a stream of smoke out of his mouth and pitched his cigarette butt out the window. “What does it feel like I’m doing, mon petit?” His hand slid higher up the Engineer’s strong thigh before finally settling against the slowly swelling bulge between his legs. He gave the hardening member a light squeeze, the sound of leather rubbing over denim seeming impossibly loud in the charged silence between them.

The shorter man could only grip the steering wheel more tightly as he forced himself to concentrate on the road and ignore the sudden tightness of his pants. He clenched his teeth against a soft groan, shifting in his seat as he tried to move away from the skilled hand and towards it at the same time. “Ahhh… dammit…”

As they came within sight of the base, the Spy smiled at Engie. “Well, it wouldn’t do for me to be seen going into your base wizh you. It would be best if I wasn’t seen, non?” With that, he ducked his head down, not towards his own lap, but toward the Texan’s. His thin fingers unzipped the fly of the Engineer’s overalls, freeing his throbbing erection from his unbearably confining shorts. He hadn’t had a chance to admire the weight and neat appearance of the Engie’s penis during their first tryst, but he could now. Puberty hadn’t given the man much height, but he wa
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23 .

this is hot in so many ways like
crossfaction is always hot
but crossfaction engi/spy

Request and taking requests (5)

1 .

I realize there's already a request thread, but my mobile can't load the entire page.

Basically, this is where I request something from you and I do my very best to fill yours.

Now honestly, I'll understand if I get zero replies because this site is very slow with activity and my plot ideas are kinda weird.

My plots:

Manncest, or more specifically, Blutarch Mann x Redmond Mann. I did post this idea in the request thread, but I am unsure if that thread got deleted or died. In this request, I'd like it to be the younger Manns being more friendly when they're young, with incestuous affairs like fucking in the garden in their mansion before dinner, or spending more time with each other than their assigned lady-friends. Then their falling out happens after their father dies, in which one another attempts to reconcile with each other but ends up making it worse, causing their hatred for each other. This could go into AU territory where they share the land and live happily ever after or they actually manage to have a child in their old freakish age. Have fun with this one.

Scout/Soldier. I like the young, brash kid with the older, not necessarily smarter older man. It could be Fem!Scout or regular, but fluff and awkward flirtatiousness would be awesome. Probably drunk sex as well.

Soldier/Spy. Could be cross-faction or same team. The Spy could impress the Soldier with his blunt brutality when pushed to his limits, which results in rough sex.

Engie/Spy. BLU Engineer finds a Stitched Saboteur lying on the ground at Teufort and fixes it up and brings it to the battlefield. The RED Spy is flattered by this and finds the Engineer later after the battle for some fun. Challenge: Incorporate aphrodisiacs and/or drunken dub-con.
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4 .

Don't bump threads, please. We don't do that here.

5 .

Well, since it's their own thread, it seems like an acceptable bump this time around. If after a while there's still no response wanting to do a fic trade though (that seems to be the goal here), probably best to let the thread die. Was worth a shot, after all.

6 .


I suppose. It was worth a try.

I guess I'll let this thread die.

Null Our Boor; or: Taco Run (35)

1 .

My On the Road/TF2 pastiche.

I first startarted bumming around with Scout a few years after the war ended and a few before that war ended which was never a war, really, and this was long before I realised that neither war really had a beginning or an end and that all of them just ran into eachother, willrun into each other til the end of time, but more about that later. Scout had decided that night he was “just stahvin for a taco” and I had to reflect that sentiment. We were both coming down and Scout was certain that he was the fitter of the two of us to drive, I could not object. He had only done “just a little speed and some mescaline.” “Where'd you get mescaline?” “Where didn't I get mescaline.” That's when I knew I would never get a straight answer out of him for anything, as if I ever wanted one. We left and very shortly I knew we wouldn't just be getting tacos. “I need to see the Medic,” he said and gave me a cheeky bloody wink and while we were driving he told me about his awesome life: running, literally, from one girl to the next high, to the next girl to the next high, to a few men in between, mostly for the money. “I'm the fastest hand in Boston!” I believed him about that mostly business and I didn't question him further on it. We arrived at Medic's place and before the engine stopped, Scout had bounded over the carhood and was screaming into the building's intercom, “I'M HYEAH TA BUY!” We were buzzed in. While dazed and lumbering halfway up the steps, he'd already reached his destination but immediately raced back down to intercept me, “Come on, old man, you're holding up the mission!” “Gwaawn, I'm not that much older than you!” “You are.” “You just seem young cause you still act like a teenager.” The door opened. “Aw, gawddammit!” “C'est le plus plaisir de vous-rencontre, aussi. You've brought another friend, I see.” “Saloooo!” I called out. A plain, unmasked face suddenly appeared and I was taken aback, we
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34 .

Let me update these links:

dA: http://ostrichridingcowboy.deviantart.com/art/Null-Our-Boor-or-Taco-Run-171416807
Tr: http://ostrichridingcowboy.tumblr.com/post/1648586468/null-our-boor-or-taco-run

35 .

“Try to remember the worst thing you’ve ever done. You needn’t tell me.”

“Yes. What now?”

“Do you associate this event with a choice or a compulsion?”

Medic considered this briefly. “There was a clear sense of urgency, as best it can be described with respect to discretion.”

“With respect to discretion, were the rules of ethics or morality suspended in this moment of indiscretion if your act was so compelled?”

Medic answered very carefully, “It feels as if yes and no could be correct in the same instant.”

“That is the essence of post-modernism this goes for science as well as art. Heisenberg discovered what literature has known for centuries; objectivity is the least objective of all experiences.”

“And now empiricism has to be re-examined? Along with logic and simple arithmetic, I can go back to testing a person’s humors, supposedly?”
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36 .


Admittedly, any biped with a marginally acceptable sense of ethics could have done that job. At this thought, the medic mused at the irony of how stressful and simultaneously simple the task of keeping everyone alive actually was; it was easier to decide on whom to take a bonesaw, to be utterly, gracelessly honest. Musing further, he concluded that this conflict encompassed the ultimate endgame of evolution; save the world at the pull of a lever, and pull enough times to nearly kill you. Forever.

It used to be that a life could be measured by the scars incurred, a document of times passing, but now everything can so easily be smoothed over. Each little meaningless resurrection. The first law of thermodynamics. All that can be is either being or becoming and it's all mostly emptiness; each unique arrangement of particles determines what bounces, bends, breaks or binds; all of it waiting for oblivion. I v prakh vozvratish'sya. “Knives, knives to grind,” he hummed.

The sniper quit the loo to stumble upon a line, the faces of those waiting ranged from dismay to bemusement. Well, I am allowed to use a toilet, aren't I? Even if, admittedly, at this point using a jar feels more natural. Reflecting further, he discovered a bizarre conjunction (and where it became a schism) between a duty (ignore the pun, s'il vous plait) and a right. The definition, the difference, depended purely on context and temperament. These are the choices: inside the tent, outside the tent; kindness or cruelty.

Spy felt an intrusion as he entered the bathroom. “Qu'est-ce que ça?

“Himmy uh mah.”

D'accord,” he complied giving the proposition only a brief thought. Before he could fulfill the request himself, a bare hand reached into the opening designated for his mouth, and feeling a strange, bare hand where any such contact had previously been infrequent generally, absent recently, his body involuntarily tried to graft itself onto the pyro's, commencing at the hips. He found it difficult to recover from this dizzying imbalance.

Even with the corporeal engulfment
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Any class and you? (173)

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I've been a thread stalker for a couple of months for a fanfic and I was wondering if there is anyone who can still make those kinds of fics now these days? If so, feel free to put it here.

172 .


170 here! And I'm so glad you liked it that much, ahhh :'D I've been practically stalking this thread worrying about how badly written my sex scenes are, heh.

Oh, damn it, that's true... I've really got to brush up on my French. Guess that's what happens when you accidentally wallow about in Sniper/Spy stuff for a while and get your head filled with "cher"s! I will be sure to keep an eye on the language in the future, though, and thanks again for reading :)

173 .

I second 170 on the fanfic requests, though I think it would be really interesting if someone combined the two ideas and did a threesome sort of thing, or a voyeur! sadistic, blood-fetish Medic. Like maybe he turned the fridge Spy into a tenta and captured the fem!reader at some point (on the opposing team or something?) and then the fun times ensue. Or something. I'm too shy to write this stuff, unfortunately.

But aw man, we gotta keep this thread alive. And good job, 170!

174 .

A/N: Yep, inspired by the events of Expiration Date, but altered a bit. First fic, so please critique on where I can improve! Please point out errors in spelling, grammar, or tense. And this is my second post (I’m Anon 156) so I hope I don’t commit formatting errors in posting this from MS Word.

[BLU Medic x RED female reader]
Dying Wish by FLAzura

As you pace through the spic-and-span corridors of this renowned hotel, your team Medic’s voice echoes through your mind. It continues to do so, after more than 60 hours that he said it.

“Ve only have three days to live.”

Not that you’re afraid of death, you’re only sad. Sad because in the past three days, you were growing anxious by the minute. You do want to see your family back in your hometown, but it’s extremely far away from the Hydro base, and you can’t make it there in less than three days. Even now, you’re still extremely anxious and nervous. You have been ‘allowed’ to leave the base, and you go catch the train to the hotel you and your secret lover have been going to in the three years of your relationship. The supposed last day of your life falls on the day of your third anniversary, and thank goodness, you have been allowed to slip out of the RED base.

You clutch your bag protectively against you, pulling it nearer. You hope you aren’t shaking as you pass by people. You jitter at suspicious people, ranging from regular civilians to smoking men. You try to stay away from smoking men, especially French smokers. You don’t want your secret discovered by any Spy from any team color. You start questioning yourself when you do pass by a smoking Frenchman by Room 459. You could have just brought a dirty-blonde wig and put on sunglasses and claim you had sore eyes. However, this particular French guy was undoubtedly shorter than you. You mumble about not being allowed to smoke indoors and hurry away. Your paranoia seems to be at the peak when you have to lunge through a crowd of people ordering food in the cafeteria lobby. You just have to cross the immense lobby (which is actually just a medium sized hallway) turn to the right, go up four floors, and
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Want You to Want Me (Helmet Party) (14)

1 .

Author's Note: Ooops. I was in the middle of the next part of SAWMAaS, and this came out instead. I'm not even sorry. I debated between using Engie's canon name or not, and in the end I decided that Dell was just too adorable of a name not to use.


A clink and a hiss heralded the opening of his second BLU Streak, and Dell raised the bottle to his lips with a grin. Nothing else could quite get the grit and dust out of his mouth after a battle like that, and he could already feel the rigors of the day dissipating as the alcohol slid coolly down his throat. Beside him, Solly sipped at his drink quietly, seemingly lost in his own thoughts. But that suited the Texan just fine, and he set his beer aside to pick up a pencil instead, scribbling out a few ideas he’d worked out earlier in the field.

Like so many nights before, it was just the two of them in his workshop. He had offered to let the brash military man pick the night’s music, and he’d lingered, unsure, before settling on the “most manly looking one” - luckily, Johnny Cash was the engineer’s personal favourite, and he laughed, setting the needle to the record. He wasn’t quite sure when he’d started allowing the soldier into his space, but he had, and found that if he looked past all the posturing and grumbling, he could be a fairly amiable. After a time, they’d even settled into an easy kind of friendship, enjoying each others company as they shared the contents of his cooler and the only seat in the room.

Normally, the music simply served as white noise. Dell knew the words to every song on every record he owned, and the soldier couldn’t be bothered to worry about sissy men singing about their feelings and lost dogs. But that night was different. Somewhere between the third and fourth verses of “I Walk the Line”, Solly turned to face the engineer, with the oddest expression Dell had ever seen. He’d been so quiet, listening to the song with the same intensity that ruled every action he took, that if it hadn’t been for the weight and warmth his shoulder leaning against his own, he would have forgotten t
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13 .

Helmet Party fics always get me hard, but this one really stands out. Great work.

14 .

Could you not? This thing hasn't been updated for 2 years.

Put 'sage' in the email field next time or I'll seriously slap a bitch.

15 .


Sorry, I completely forgot to sage. I haven't used chan in such a long time.

Raining on Sunday (Helmet Party) (35)

1 .

Slight warning on this one - it's just rimming, but that squicks some people out so you can't say I didn't tell you! There might be a few small errors here and there; I really need to find myself a beta....But you're not here for my rambling. ON TO THE PORN.


Rain fell heavily, droplets cascading down the windshield of Engineer’s old pick-up. Flashes of lightning brightened the dim skies, and thunder cracked at regular intervals, rolling to a deep and distant rumble. He’d given up on making it back to the base – the bridge ahead was washed out, and visibility near zero as the sheets of water danced in the wind, skittering across the gleaming asphalt. There was nothing to do but wait out the storm, and he found that he just didn’t mind. Lighting up another Lucky Strike, he leaned back against the comfortable, worn-out seat and glanced at his companion out of the corner of his eye.

He still wasn’t quite sure why Soldier had decided to tag along with him. The man had called it an “escort”, but he knew Soldier well and had dismissed it as one of his usual excuses. Maybe it had been an opportunity to get away from the base for a while, something the gruff military rarely allowed himself. Maybe it had just seemed like a good idea at the time. Either way, Engineer had appreciated the help as he loaded his supplies into the truck bed, and couldn’t deny the company was welcome. His rare trips to town were generally lonely, just him and the radio and a long, dreary ride down a dusty road. With Soldier around, it was at least interesting.

His decision to wait wasn’t sitting well with said soldier, however. “You’re gonna let some namby-pamby STORM beat you, Engie? This isn’t even half as bad as some of the downpours I saw in Poland! This truck is an admirable vehicle and could easily handle these conditions,” Soldier grumbled, folding his arms over his thick chest. His usual jacket was nowhere to be seen, and instead he sported a simple tight white tee; the helmet he wore daily, however, was still firmly atop his close-shaven head. A rumpled pack of cigarettes was
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Okay, at the very top of /afanfic there's a thing that says [A Moderator's Note - Please Read]. If you're confused about the rules, or even if you're not and it's one of your first times on tf2chan or a similar site, it's kind of a no-brainer to read the thing that says "Please Read." And if, in fact, you read it, the first thing it says is: "Resident Kilo Modster here to issue a statement on the particular issue with people necrobumping threads on the textboards. Some folk are doing so on accident, just simply by forgetting to put the word "sage" in the e-mail field of their comment. So, for folks wondering about the site rules, saying it's one of their first times here or on a similar site, etc--there you go. It's interesting to note that the very next thing it says is: "This is a forgivable offense as they may not know all the board functions. Viewers may demonstrate this function to folks, but any one who only comments to reprimand someone for not saging will be banned from the text boards for a short period of time on the grounds of inciting unnecessary drama. If someone bumps a thread and it bothers you, please make use of the report function in the comment box so the mod's can deal with it."

Just saying.

35 .

Well this hasn't been posted on in a while. I guess I'll post this anyways and hope at least one person notices it.

The first part was fucking amazing. Really hot and sexy. The second part, eh, I don't understand BDSM at all. Would've been better without it.

Anyways, can someone please link me some more good helmet parties?


36 .

Did you... did you not read the four goddamn comments at the end of this thread?

Sage. Put it in the email field.

goddamn all this necrobumping lately

Taking Requests for an interactive story of your choice (16)

1 .

Hey guys I'm taking requests for any ideas you'd like me to do. Request away! I'd like to write easy stories but if you're a hardcore requester (and if we get enough of the same request) I will probably write it.

in all honesty idk if this is the right way to ask for requests...

15 .

This is to continue and fill in the blanks of my horrid story on



Heavy at first didn't enjoy the feeling of such a slimy, wet flexible tentacle slide up and down his ass but after a few pained groans and yelps from his pinned body, he closed his eyes to try to fixate himself in a happier moment, to try to think that his dear doctor was doing this; but he couldn't, and he ended up giving into the pleasure the bread monster brought with it.

The Medic however was forced to be pinned with hands over head and syringe gun next to his body as he was entered so rough, he nearly screamed from the pain---- if not were for an extra tentacle in his mouth to act as a blowjob he would've.

16 .

Hi! Tbis is really good!<Like, jeez, I love the smut part~> Is this still interactive?

17 .


It still is but I'm kinda in the middle of life DX things will get more intense however depending on suggestions~

classcest party thread over here (16)

1 .

I'll start with Spycest, the prompt was "Spy/anyone, fancy cheeses." Feel free to


The rest of the team assumed he had been to see his lady love that weekend. And indeed, the Spy had taken the first available flight out of the local airport to Boston, but not to visit his little cauliflower. As much as it pained him to admit, he had left the base to indulge a far more selective taste. Wine and women, he could eventually find out here, though perhaps not quite to his standards. Fine cheeses, however, were near impossible to locate, of any quality other than that oily prepackaged swill the other men willingly put in their sandwiches and consumed.

He ate a sandwich once, in the middle of battle, injured and in desperate need of healing. He vowed to never put himself in the position of requiring one again.

When the Spy was certain the team had gone to bed for the night, he slipped out of his room and fled to the kitchen in shameful silence. There, in the refrigerator, in a paper sack labeled “dead dove, don’t open” and which had been clearly opened at least twice then hastily closed back, he retrieved a small ripe wedge of Roquefort. Tucked behind a six pack of Red Shed, he found his prized Chevrot, and squirreled away in the rarely-used vegetable bin, a piece of Manchego. With care, he set the cheeses out on the cleanest plate he could find, admiring their colors even in the fluorescent lights. A flick of his knife sliced each wedge into a few bite-size pieces, fanned out to best showcase their unique textures.

The Spy quietly uncorked a bottle of wine, a pricey sauvignon blanc he had been hoarding since his last trip to civilization, and filled a glass. A handful of raisins and some soda crackers that had seen fresher days would help cleanse the palate in between nibbles of cheese. The contents of the plate made for a rather tragic picture, nothing like the decadent displays of his own country, when he could count on a wine and cheese tasting every other week, no repeats for at least a year. And yet, the Spy could not help smiling a little at
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15 .

Is anyone interested in me posting the rest of the classcest series or are you guys all good and I can start to fill other requests? I just want to know, so I can work on other requests, thanks.

16 .

I would like to see the others but if you dont feel like it then you dont have to

17 .

Nah, I'll finish the series regardless, I just thought maybe I should fill requests elsewhere that someone is actively waiting to get filled instead of these seemingly abandoned prompts. Anyway, here's Scoutcest, filling two prompts, 1. I’m a lonelier version of you and 2. he gets off on being able to watch himself cum.


Not So Fast

By the sun’s path through the desert sky, they’d been playing ball for well over an hour now. Just the two of them, the RED and BLU Scouts, tossing and catching and batting, racing each other through the scrubby wasteland outside of their bases. Of course, their version of playing ball involved leaping over ravines and bouncing off shoulder-high boulders, cleats tearing up the ground into dusty clods as they dove for the baseball that soared impossibly high, unnaturally fast through the air. Neither one missed, despite their reckless speed. They were the best at what they did, after all; their respective corporations would not settle for less.

Eventually though, they did run into each other, both of them too intent on reaching for a surefire homerun the RED Scout batted into the air that they tripped over each other and landed in a heap of snarling bodies on top of the ball. Pulling himself free, the BLU Scout scowled at his counterpart, blaming him for the run-in.
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Our Lost Kingdoms - (continuation) (24)

1 .

The first thread ( http://tf2chan.net/afanfic/res/9805.html )stopped moving up after all, so the rest of "Our Lost Kingdoms" will be posted here. The end is fast approaching, so here's another vignette!

In response to the last thread's last comments-
207- BLU Spy isn't an engineer, but he's practical!
208- Thanks for looking over that last one again. After I fixed it up, I sat around twiddling my thumbs and wondering if anyone would bother reading it again, or if it was an improvement at all. Gah.
209- I've been kind of imagining him as something like a splicer covered in metallic paint, or maybe the lovechild of The Thing and T-1000. When I'm done writing this one, I think I'll try drawing some of the scenes and locations, so people might know what the hell I was imagining.

On a note, the insult BLU Spy has been using for his unlikely travelling companions- tête carré- is standard term for Anglophones, it means "square head". I don't write character's thoughts with accents or blurbs of other languages, which is why he "thinks it in English". He's really thinking in French, and it's all translated for the reader's (and writer's) sake.

The conservatory's occupants were huddled among the scarred debris, listening for any sound that could betray someone's position. Background conversation was briefly heard over the public address, but nobody could discern who the voices belonged to, or what they were saying.

Then Scout gave another call, one less bombastic and triumphant than the last. "Fuck, are you guys still alive out there? You didn't get hit, did ya? Uh, anyhow, we need you guys to keep that motherfucker in the greenhouse. Knock him down again, hold him in place, doesn't matter how you do it. Just pin him for as long as it takes us ta turn him into Swiss cheese." It was bizarre, hearing the boy catching his breath at ear-damaging volume. As if in afterthought, he added, "...shit. Tex woulda heard all of that, too.&qu
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Words cannot express how happy I am that this fic was not abandoned!

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This post has been deleted.

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PLEASE PLEASE if there is a god PLEASE I need to know the last bits, even though you probably won't ever even read this, much less write the last part. Where did the Sniper end up? How will he and Engie resolve their encounters with Spy and Soldier? Will the Demo get plastered to his satisfaction? Even a hint about what'll happen to Andy, and how the BLU Spy dealt with the end of the alliance? What of Pyro, Medic, and Heavy, who made but a brief cameo the whole time? I am desperately scouring the internet for a more complete version of this story.

Wetter spots (Sniper x Engineer) WARNING WATER SPORTS (19)

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A small water sports ficlet, nothing too serious.

It all just sort of happened. Engie and I were just having our usual beer by the fire, he was strumming that worn down Gibson of his as I just sat back, enjoying the heat of the fire on my feet. Things had been slow, as usual. Small talk about the match of that day, how we hated the Spy and how we'd end him the next day. Our little talk shifted to more intimate things and before I knew it, Engineer had put his guitar down and took me in his lap. We kissed, small pecks at first as I gently ground down against him. We had done this kind of thing often, but lately, we just didn't have time or the energy for such shenanigans. But now we had. We kissed harder, I could feel his hands holding my ass, urging me to grind harder. I knew we'd both probably finish in our trousers, for things always went so fast after a certain point. My breathing became labored as my hips got a mind of their own. I could feel his erection against my own and I grabbed onto his shoulders, leaning down to kiss him harder. Moans escaped our throats, and he pulled me closer. My hands went up to pull off those goggles so I could see his gray/blue eyes, tip off that silly helmet of his to make us both more comfortable.
I could feel my pants straining, though not only because he caused me to be as hard as rock, but also because of the liters of beer in my bladder now. I groaned, shifting uneasily, trying to escape his grasp to get up and take a piss elsewhere. I might be into that kind of thing, but I wasn't sure about my Texan mate and didn't want to force it on him, not even by accident.

"Mate...I need to take a piss." I tried to get him to let me stand, but his hands only gripped my ass firmer and bucked up into me. "Shhh." he had hushed me and began to whistle lowly. His eyes clouded with lust and his lips dry. I could feel my belly protesting about keeping my urine inside for so long. "I'm serious!" I tried to break away, but it was too late. When I rose my hips to stand, I lost control of myself and within seconds, a warm w
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That Sniper/Spy was amazing! Watersports starring these two are WAY too rare, yet they always turn out to be delicious. I enjoyed this more than I probably should have. Thank you for this.

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Soft snores and the smell of sex lingered in Sniper’s van. Both men curled up against each other, Spy hugging Sniper from behind, the sheets kicked away from their warm bodies.
It wasn’t uncommon that the couple usually retreated to Sniper’s mobile home for private time, no one really ventured out the base to visit the camper, knowing that the bushman liked his peace and quiet more than the company of others, giving the two men a perfect place for their recreations.

We have been together for some time now, our mutual kink of water sports had hooked us up. At first Spy was the dominant. He had the power; telling me what I could or could not do. But that line had started to fade when we developed a more deeper bound. We communicated more and soon our relationship didn’t only revolve around the kinks we shared. Where we would part ways almost right after, we began to linger, share a beer, a meal, a bed.
Though I began to love Spy unconditionally, the man proved to be an excellent and caring lover, there was one thing that makes me highly uncomfortable.
Spy is clingy when he sleeps, especially post-coitus. The man would wrap his limbs around me like a squid hugging its prey, not ever letting go.
At first I thought it was cute and endearing, but it started to become a problem.
Spy really didn’t let me go while he was asleep, and I have to wake the man or Houdini my way out whenever I have to take a piss. Which in my case was at least three times a night.

Usually I keep my usual jars close by, so I didn’t have to get out of bed at all and can fall asleep happily right after.
But tonight I forgot to stack up and things were starting to get uncomfortable. Twisting and turning I tried to get out of Spy’s death grip.
But the Frenchman had different plans. His arms locked firmer around my torso, hands threading through the curly chest hair, his legs wrapping around mine, causing us to look like a mess of limbs. Reaching down I had to squeeze myself in order not to lose control and I grunted softly, cramps settling in now too. Great…
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Oh my gosh! Poor Sniper! Such a heartwarming story and Spy's reaction was simply precious. Thank you for this, I really loved it!

Mostly Apples (Demo/Spy) (51)

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[I am attempting a fill for the person requesting rare and/or incompatible pairs, although I submit that Demo/anyone besides soldier or medic’s theoretical wife counts for a rare and incompatible pair. Many thanks to this bottle of beer for beta-ing my work, if you see any mistakes, blame Shiner Bock. P.S. there is the intent of adult content, not sure if I will get there or if I want to, or if anyone wants me to].


It wasn’t very often that he could remember showering, he had to assume those moments he woke up wet and half-naked on the shower floor with a stream of cooling water trickling over him had been the conclusions of such activities. But today, he had fended off his demons with enough Scrumpy to become so drunk he reached the other side of intoxication and descended back into stone-cold sobriety. Today, he felt like he could handle a shower.

There was no one else about at this hour, the rest of the team having performed their ablutions earlier and now settling down for the night, so the Demo took advantage of their absence to give in to his Celtic nature. The acoustics of the room lent his voice an even more melodious quality, complementing it with a full range of backing vocals, and he danced a little jig out of sheer delight.

A few minutes later, Demo ended his rousing ballad with a flourish, and the final notes bounced off the tiles and dissipated into the steamy air. To his surprise, he heard quiet applause coming from somewhere behind him, and he poked his head out of the stall, casting about the empty locker room for his unintended audience.

“Bravo, bravo!” Out of the mists, the form of the Spy coalesced before him, seemingly decloaking from invisibility, the ominous effect spoiled by the fact he was wearing only his mask and a too-small towel wrapped about his waist. “That was masterful singing, truly impressive.”

“Och, away with ye, I am not in the mood for your prattling,” the Demo grumbled, shutting the water off and reaching for his own towel. That was his own fault for not keeping his voice down, but more irritating than getting caught in the act by someone whose business was catching o
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First, you attempt an insurmountably rare and hard to imagine pairing. You fucking pull it off, with flying colors on top of that.
After a flurry of anons forgetting to sage as of late, this fic UPDATES after 2 years with little to no hope of ever coming back. That is nuts.

Not only does this update have a sweet reward of porn but...
1. You kept updated with character development in the TF2 shorts but without being abrupt with character development in your own fic!
2. Fic succinctly points out the shitty archetype Demoman is almost always written as, but he isn't!
3. most importantly:

tl;dr So. Much. Joy.

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sooo oddly enough, following the release of a stunning 15 minute short from valve, my interest in tf2 is liiightly rekindled out of mostly nostalgia...(about a year and a half after moving on, i think?)....and I decided to check the chan (not expecting much tbh) but lo and behold, my favorite fic updated just yesterday after a long absence, and the ending is SO good and bittersweet.

waxing nostalgic again here but I remember drawing (bad) fan art for the first chapter two years ago!!! and while I've moved on from tf2 fandom for the most part I have a soft spot for demo/spy still (or bomb voyage, was what I called it) and for your incredible writing. I think we met briefly once too at a con (I hope I'm remembering right), and I wish I couldve said more.

anyway, I love this, I love demoman, I love spy, and it goes without saying that I love this fic, and I should probs wrap this up before I get too sentimental. thank you so much for such a fabulous trip, old friend!

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Aww, wow, thanks guys, glad to see a few fans from way back when here to read the conclusion! It really was a grand time, I'm happy to have put forth that effort, especially since a lot of things in canon changed since I first started writing, and also that people thought it was worth it.

And yep Chronic that was me, the assassin at A-kon, always good to see ya, and thank youuu!

Perhaps I'll write some conclusion for the other characters and post it elsewhere, but this is the end of the era, so I shall be on my way, thank you all again.

Dying Wish (Soldier/Bucket) (6)

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10:45 PM - r_Contra: should i write
10:46 PM - r_Contra: soldier/bucket porn
10:46 PM - r_Contra: because i already know
10:46 PM - r_Contra: what i want to do
10:46 PM - Cat Bountry: With Shovel being cuckolded.
10:46 PM - r_Contra: Done.
10:47 PM - r_Contra has changed their name to r_Contra is writing.

Dying wish.

It hadn't ever been something Jane Doe spent much of his time thinking about. He'd died too many times to count, mostly at the hands of people that looked exactly like him- but were probably Communists, all things considered- and others who resembled his teammates yet somehow were not. The Medic and Engineer had explained their Respawn Hypothesis to him and the rest of the team a few years ago, but Jane had already long forgotten the specifics and just preferred to stick with his Shovel.

The RED Soldier gave a guilty gulp.

Oh, Shovel. He'd almost forgotten.
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This has been the best part of the Love & War update, hands down.

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this was illarious, the best part of "love & war" indeed

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The characterization of the shovel reminds me of "when a man loves a shovel", or whatever, by Marty,

little boy blue (58)

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team/spy abuse, part 1 of 2


He kept his eyes open while they fucked him. Even when he could not discern much more than a hulking shadow, grunting and thrusting above his line of sight, he never took his gaze away. It did not make things any less bearable in the end, he could hardly pretend they were anyone else but his own teammates. But he told himself to look, to not cover his eyes, and before he realized it, they had finished, the shadow would become a man again, and it was time to clean up and get ready for the next.

They never took long with him. Not this far out from town, from a woman’s embrace, from any other sort of release from boredom.

He could not guess whose idea it was, and did not want to know, but perhaps they had intended this for him from the start. Better him, then, he had eventually concluded, after that first time with Scout, who broke down and cried pitifully in relief in his arms. At least he knew what to do, to soothe the rage and lust that drove a powerful man, how to please and flatter the ones he worked with, even if he could not hope to receive any valuable bits of pillow talk to use against their opponents.

Well, nothing he could use in the battlefield, at any rate.

The second time was less awkward, and by the fourth time, he felt a sort of insane sense of accomplishment. Then they started the hitting. And he could not help but wonder how the friendly fire mechanism never broke down during those long nights, even when it always seemed to break down in the middle of fighting for him.

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I love this. You said its on AO3 but I can't seem to find it on there, do you have a link?

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here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/999678

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Aww, and I thought there would be an update... Thanks for the link anyway!