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Adult Request Thread Pre-emptive Strike (700)

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Okay, the newer one has already started to auto-sage. It's currently still on the front page but it has fallen past the line where we'll have to start clicking All Threads in order to see it.

Here is the link to it and the ones before it. Lots of great requests still in these!

I'm going to repost the two most recent ones from the most recent thread.

I know this is mostly requests for new stuff, but I haven't been here in a while and I'm having trouble finding an old fanfic. It was Engie x You, started with ambiguous-gender-ness and then had two endings, one for M and one for F.

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Okay, so I've started fleshing it out a bit. I want, for a change, for everyone else on the team to have turned Medic down for sex. They think he's creepy and unattractive. Heavy's the only one who likes him, and Medic takes advantage of this. Also hacking a few limbs off in the process, because he's a terrible person.

Either that, or a similar idea with Classic Heavy x Modern Heavy, because I see Classic Heavy as someone who would only have sex with someone who would challenge him (i.e. Modern Heavy).

Help me find a OCxeveryone fanfic I read (1)

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I once read this fanfiction about a dove/human mix Medic created and that was kept captive by the merchs.
Some of them exploited her as a sexual object, others treated her as a person.
I think this was published here when I read it.

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The fic you're looking for is called "Poulette" and it's still on the first page of the /afanfic/ board.

Null Our Boor; or: Taco Run (40)

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My On the Road/TF2 pastiche.

I first startarted bumming around with Scout a few years after the war ended and a few before that war ended which was never a war, really, and this was long before I realised that neither war really had a beginning or an end and that all of them just ran into eachother, willrun into each other til the end of time, but more about that later. Scout had decided that night he was “just stahvin for a taco” and I had to reflect that sentiment. We were both coming down and Scout was certain that he was the fitter of the two of us to drive, I could not object. He had only done “just a little speed and some mescaline.” “Where'd you get mescaline?” “Where didn't I get mescaline.” That's when I knew I would never get a straight answer out of him for anything, as if I ever wanted one. We left and very shortly I knew we wouldn't just be getting tacos. “I need to see the Medic,” he said and gave me a cheeky bloody wink and while we were driving he told me about his awesome life: running, literally, from one girl to the next high, to the next girl to the next high, to a few men in between, mostly for the money. “I'm the fastest hand in Boston!” I believed him about that mostly business and I didn't question him further on it. We arrived at Medic's place and before the engine stopped, Scout had bounded over the carhood and was screaming into the building's intercom, “I'M HYEAH TA BUY!” We were buzzed in. While dazed and lumbering halfway up the steps, he'd already reached his destination but immediately raced back down to intercept me, “Come on, old man, you're holding up the mission!” “Gwaawn, I'm not that much older than you!” “You are.” “You just seem young cause you still act like a teenager.” The door opened. “Aw, gawddammit!” “C'est le plus plaisir de vous-rencontre, aussi. You've brought another friend, I see.” “Saloooo!” I called out. A plain, unmasked face suddenly appeared and I was taken aback, we
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Now, with neither the necessity nor the ability, the Spy wanted to disappear. This time, it was not to hide but to be absent. In this he was envious of Mundy—a rare honor, let's hope—for distance accomplished the same effect. In spite of how much fun the terror of lurking inspired (especially knowing that sometimes this only required the possibility of his presence), he was ready and more than willing to be just a memory at this point.

Pyro felt no desire to contribute to a conversation but sitting with someone seemed to be the healthier option. Scout was already talking the ears off Degroot and Mundy and looked to be quite occupied. Dell was usually willing to share a recipe of any Southern dish that was closer to an array of opinions than actual measurements; this could fill a solid hour. However, the pyro would rather share silence with someone who was comfortable with it. This left the sniper or the spy.

Tavish sat facing Mundy and the Scout—the least obstructed view—with Scout across the aisle; this kept the Sniper from needing to raise his voice. “I feel mysteriously giddy, and no, I'm not on amphetamines (yet, haw); I've somehow aged without any of the, er, quotidien experience. And I know this should be alarming, but this is quite the opposite. Memories, even the nice ones, are worthless, anyway. Hate to spend a day like this inside.”

The Engineer was too tired to consider the logic of the Russian already being on the train; equally, he was too tired to ignore its illogic. Leave the osseomancy and whatnot with Degroot, (“they're called 'signs and wonders' not 'measurements and conclusions' for a reason.”) though a spectre at the feast would be welcome at this point. He adjusted his limbs until they were only nearly touching the soldier's and basked in the shared radiant heat as they sat side by side.

Jane thought he'd let his hair grow out. This world is running out of room for the sensible; the untamed and disordered obtain a special kind of balance. I imagine that's something out of Ezekiel or Hosea—who can be bothered to read the Prophets, anyway
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Why are some characters written in their own names and others in their class names?

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I hope it helps to acknowledge that the voice is constantly shifting, but there is a pattern to it (which I break a couple of times).

I started the piece before we knew about "Misha", so I decided to to use it.

And if nothing else, just for the variety of it all.

A Misunderstanding (0)

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First of all I'd like to warn before hand this fic deals with Rapeand noncon if this upsets you than please red no further.
So I've read some fics from this website before and honestly my fav fic on here has to be "Breaking Point" by TwoRefined which you can read here (It deals with Rape as well just to warn you.) http://tf2chan.net/afanfic/res/7217.html as far as I know the fic was never completed, but it really inspired me to write. This is a fic I originally posted on fanfiction.net but it hasn't received much traffic, so I decided to post here as well (Which is ironic because this site is pretty dead) But when I originally wrote this fic I had the idea in mind that it was sort of a love letter to all the great fics on this website. I'm actually really proud of it. If you wanna check out my other fics here's a link to my fanfiction profile

The Blu spy waited patiently outside his foes spawn doors. His team was extremely close to capturing the last point on the gorge. As the clock ticked down, spy tried to pick off members of the Reds before they had a chance to stop his team. But as the match played out into a nail bitingly close game, Blu wasn't able to cap in time. Spy had just cloaked as an enemy soldier when the administrator had announced the Blu's defeat. Cursing under his breath at yet another failure, spy decided to take the long trek back to his base.

The Blu Spy had been fighting this war for years, and though it was quite unorthodox, he knew how it always played out. When battle concluded, the losing team would have most of their weapons vaporized or deactivated and the winning team was allowed to trudge into spawn and kill them. Spy wasn't exactly sure what weird technology their weapons were equipped with to allow them to do that, but he didn't usually complain. In fact he thoroughly enjoyed the feature, but only when he won, when he lost it was a different story. Although, if Spy had cloaked before the e
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Has anyone seen this fic? (Engineer/Scout) (2)

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I'm looking for a noncon fic of Engineer tying up Scout to a machine and torturing him with the machine, only to make Scout admit he's a faggot. Then Scout does the same to Engineer.

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God, I'd love to read this. There isn't nearly enough scout/engineer

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God, I'd love to read this. There isn't nearly enough scout/engineer

Terrible dark fic (Soldier+Scout/Engineer) Noncon. (27)

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This is a gift I'm working on for a friend, who basically requested two random classes from one team finding and violating one from the other during humiliation round. I'm posting it here because I used to lurk in the threads some years ago and I think it's sad the chan is dead. Set in Sawmill, if it was like... bigger. WILL CONTAIN NONCON AND GRAPHIC VIOLENCE.


Scout isn't afraid. He likes to think he doesn’t know how to be afraid anymore, and if he does, he sure as hell isn't going to let it show in front of his own teammate.

Red Soldier, it's the understatement of the year to say he's batshit insane, but he knows things, and Scout ain’t ever seen him afraid of anything.

Soldier's seen a lot of things, Soldier's done a lot of things Scout probably doesn’t want to know about, but he thinks he probably needs to know. If he's going to stay here, risking his ass for intel he doesn’t get to see and shitty pieces of desert and run-down buildings, Scout sure as hell isn't just going to sit on the sidelines and watch while his team hogs all the fun.

He isn't stupid. He knows fighting doesn’t stop when the winning team is announced. Once a team is declared winner, what's left of the other is usually scattered or sent to respawn – often by Scout's own barrel or bat. And he's been killed a great deal of times himself during humiliation round too,

There's nothing to do but run or kill after a match, and he figures that's what most of his teammates do.

But Scout isn’t stupid, and Scout sees a lot too.
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>>25 Or really any of the BLUs, considering it appears Soldier's done this to just about all of them? (though I do admit Revengineer is a personal favorite of mine)

27 .

23 24 25
I will probably be writing a sequel at some point (haven't been able to access the site for two weeks). It would definitely come with an explanation for Medic's involvement and some sort of punishment/revenge from the BLUs.

26 Hah actually while I was writing I had this headcanon explanation for why something like this could occur more than a few times and not have major consequences for the enemy team or Soldier. I figured the teams switch around. Like every third month or so they get assigned to a new battlefield/map and another team to fight against, eliminating the risk of enemies becoming friends and keeping the endless fighting from growing stale.

So uh, that would be something I would have to explain in a second fic, but without getting too much into the whole clone thing, because I don't want it to be about that.

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I'm really interested in a sequel, as few people here have expressed (i'm more interested in scouts side of things, maybe how his relationship with both soldier and his team's engineer)

I found an adult Audiofiction.. (0)

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I never thought anyone would think of doing this..


So I was searching for some short readings on youtube and came across this. From what i understand it's about the Medic's daughter.. Its quite a well-developing story so far, and its updated every month or so. Only five people worked on it, so its not too bad for that... what do you guys think?

Freizeit's Smut Thread (30)

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This is my first TF2chan /afanfic/ thread. So I'm going to be posting my PWP/smut fics for you guys. I originally posted them on 4chan's /y/ board in many parts, but I figured I might as well post them here, too.

These fics aren't meant to have substantial plot, but I tried to pack them with enough description to make them into sweet little bites.

Requests and crit are welcome.

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I was wondering, OP, if you spoke German at all?

30 .

29 Why yes! I've studied it for three years. It's my minor in college, and I'm actually going to be studying just south of Stuttgart soon.

... Did you find any errors? Geez, that'd be embarrassing...

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I found you on the non-con thread in 4chan! I want to comment on everything you write, you might consider posting on ao3! (also, I noted the Ramsey/Reek art you posted and I eagerly hope you write for them as well! )

Help Me Find the Best Fanfic I've Ever Read (2)

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I'm looking for an awesome fic I read several years ago that featured Engineer as the main character, he was like a father figure in the group and took good care of his teammates by fixing things, cooking their favorite foods, etc. Medic was part of the French Legion, people keep assuming he's a Nazi but no one bothers to ask him. Sorry this is so unspecific, those are the most specific things I remember. The whole fic was not fluffy, but peaceful and caring in tone (also multi-part) Thanks people!

2 .

where there any pairings in it? that might help narrow down your search more.

3 .

Sounds like that might be "Snapshots of an Unconventional Team", available at http://dotchan.com/?p=2877

Poulette (162)

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This is my very first attempt at TF2 fic, and is a oneshot. Please be gentle.


I don’t remember all that much. I don’t remember my name, for example. Sometimes when I try the fragments fly around like leaves in a teacup.

I recall being relieved when the van stopped for me on the highway out of town, and the thin one looked out. He said I could hide with them as long as I needed to, and laughed when I hid my head under a blanket in the back. I don’t remember what I was running from, only that I did not want to remember.

The soft one is almost as small as I am, and always comes to me naked. I hear the door open and close, then rustlings of fabric and metal on the stone as he strips while walking. He smells like engine oil and soap, and says nothing until afterward. He likes to touch me everywhere, with both his warm and cold hands. He learned one day that if he used his fingers inside me when I came, my cries poured forth babbling, fluting chirps. Once, when he didn’t stop I fainted, and when I woke up he was gone.

This room has no windows, and the light that shines through the frosted glass in the door can come on at any hour. I wake instantly at this, and can even steal a minute or two to groom myself before the door opens. I don’t remember how I arrived. Or what happened between that day and when I woke up in this room, on a pile of blankets in that corner behind the boxes. They come to me here when they can’t sleep. Many nights can pass where they don’t come, but those are rare. I guess they don’t sleep well.

The big one is the nicest. He almost always asks first, and never goes on top since that first time. He always sneaks in honey for the grain paste that is all I am can really eat now, and always brushes my hair while I clean up. He tells me stories in his own language, which is wild and choppy like a ravine in flood. I can hear his smile when he teases me into breathy laughter. He likes me to bite him in little pecks all down his chest and promises one day to show me the moon.
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161 .

OP's tumblr is Justamus, and they don't seem to have written much in a long while. That said, their Secret Santa fic a couple years back was also quite horrific.

162 .


Yep. I'm pretty sure they left the fandom for good over a year ago.

163 .

OP is also on AO3 apparently.

Burn Ward (Medic x Pyro) (5)

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Notes: If folks are interested in this, I will continue it.
We're going old-school.
No named characters, no proofreading, no comic canon, final destination.

No warnings until later sexual installments


Burn Ward

He knew it was sick.
It was in the way it slouched when it thought no one was looking; the wet sound when it breathed heavily. It took a week before the audible wheezing became evident even when not exerted, and another before the sound of distant coughing began to be heard throughout the base.The sound disturbed Medic from his methodical and careful organization and cleansing of his tools, pushing anger through every vein as the wet distant noise continued to mock him. Sterilizing his neatly lined syringes, he remembered bitterly what had happened in the washroom just a few days prior and cursed when he dropped one of the small cylinders to the floor from the distractions of his musings.

He bent, picking up the larger shards remembering how It too was bent a few days prior. He was in the hall when he heard a thick solid sound strike the tiles of the washroom followed by that familiar damnable coughing. He stuck his head in and saw the red rubbery figure’s back curled forward on one knee, clutching the sink in front of it for dear life. The sound of the wet coughs that struggled through the respirator echoed through the room, as gloved hands instinctively clutched at its throat. When it had noticed it wasn’t alone it looked up and tensed, hands trying to cover a face that was all ready masked, but failing to covering the source of its distress. Medic flinched back in shock and revulsion as strings of mucus and phlegm trickled and bubbled out of the metal ring below its great black eyes with each ragged breath. The horrible thing was drowning on its own phlegm from an ongoing infection that went stubbornly untreated.
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4 .

Love to see this continued! Wondering what happens next

5 .

Thanks a bunch for the support guys.
Expect an update sometime around the 1st of Dec.

6 .

Thanks for the positive feedback ya’ll. Let’s see how far this goes.

Looking for someone to proofread for me. Last installment has as many conflicting proper nouns as a middle schooler essay about God would contain. Send me a note via electronic mail at distasty@gmail.com if you wish to ease my grammatical suffering.

Chapter 2

They had made it to the top of the stairs when it fainted.

Medic had not been expecting it and nearly lost his footing when the smaller man he was supporting went limp. Swearing, he slowly dipped Pyro’s body to the ground, propping it against the wall so it would not drown it it’s own excretions. Perhaps he over-estimated the dosage? He doubted that, as he was careful to compensate for its reduced height. He guessed the stairs were too much of a strain on an already compromised respiratory system, which matched the horrible sounds that crept through the respirator along with the amount of strain it gave while hauling itself upward. Although he would never openly admit it, he theorized the sedative probably had not helped.

As a final attempt, he bent down and gave the Pyro a hard slap and a forceful shake in hopes it would rouse him. When it remained slack and unresponsive, Medic let out a groan. Despite its small size, Pyro’s weight proved too much for Medic to carry outright, which left him with the dragging option he had threatened mere minutes ago.

He pinched the bridge of his nose in irritation, his head-ache arching in a glorious crescendo in response to the situation. He would have some aspirin and a cup of coffee when he made it back to his office.

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Trying to find a particular Demo/Sniper fic (1)

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Hey, everyone! I hope this is the right place to ask, but I am trying to find a story and . It was about Demo slowly finding his teammate more and attractive over time until he starts to think "Oh shit... am I gay for Sniper?"

For some weird reason, Demoman yelling "I ain't yer mate, MATE!" sticks out in my mind the most. There was also a scene were they went swimming in a river. I know it's a little vague - my memory is quite hazy, but I would love a chance to read it again.

2 .

I think it's Fileshares or Resources. This is for posting your own adult fic.

Efficient German You-Know-What/My Other NSFW Fics (2)

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Heavy x Medic medical kink.
Heavy had always had an appreciation for science. As one of four members of the team with a degree, and the only one lacking one in the area of “hard science”, he often listened in on what Medic, Engineer, and Demoman were saying, nodding even if it wasn’t his area of expertise. He at least understood that they did what they did for the betterment of mankind, the team, and for the pursuit of knowledge. And Medic knew that he knew this; he smiled a little over the rims of his spectacles as he watched the Russian listening intently from the corner. It was at that moment that he began making plans.
Medic called Heavy in, as soon as the daily battles had finished, and asked him to remove his trousers. Heavy agreed, pulling them down a bit skeptically, and the doctor nodded and asked him to follow with his underwear. Heavy did as he was asked - he was no stranger to health checks and medical exams - and Medic tried to feign disinterest as best he could as he took the tape measure from his pocket. He first noted down each measurement of the Russian’s penis - impressive in length and girth - then tested his body temperature, heart rate, and so on. And while Heavy was still perched there, half naked on the examination table, Medic had to turn his back as he asked him to masturbate until he was at full erection, so he could compare notes on the before-and-after. Ever the co-operative patient, Heavy simply shrugged. Anything for science.
Heavy was given a chair to sit down on, to make it easier. Medic wasn’t that cruel, to force a man to pleasure himself on that cold table, but he couldn’t help but smirk a little as he… observed. After all, it wasn’t perverse if you took notes. And right now he was noting every detail in the Russian’s face; every gathering bead of sweat, every bite of his lip. Heavy’s hands moved slowly and deliberately, running his thumb and forefinger down the length of his shaft, tugging gently and carefully running his calloused thumb across the tip. But research demanded professionalism. So he quickly proceeded with the rest of the measurements, noting the change in size and curvature, as well as elevated body hea
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2 .

Bear-Knuckle Boxers

Pairings: Heavy x Medic, Heavy x Classic Heavy, implied Classic Heavy x Medic
Warnings: Non-con, albeit portrayed more in a dramatic manner instead of a fetishistic one, a bit of voyeurism, violence (sexual and regular violence), some fluff at the end


“Heard your daddy died, little boy. You lookin’ for another one?”

Classic sneered, tracing the line of Misha’s jawline with an ominous smile. His hands snaked down towards that thick, muscular neck, the broad chest, the padded belly over a muscular core. God, he wanted to rip that flak vest off with his fucking teeth. Misha winced, his shoulders tensing, eyebrows furrowed. He was starting to sweat now, but he tried to remain steadfast. He refused to let himself be intimidated– he’d lived through Hell once before. This should be nothing.

Classic knew it’d be a close fight if he used guns or fists. But he’d read up on Misha’s dossier, and knew every button to push, every little tiny insignificant thing that riled him up. And man, wouldn’t it be great to reduce the largest man he knew to a submissive, powerless little thing? Pair of panties with a great big cock straining against them, so turned on but so ashamed of how much he loved his predecessor spanking his ass, crying because he found the one pair of handcuffs he couldn’t break. Inch by inch, Classic cornered Misha against the wall, hissing as he ran his hand up against the Russian’s cock.

“You big baby.”

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3 .

This was amazing. Both of them. Everything is described beautifully and lively. The character personalities are just right and I never thought "This is something the real characters would never do". Well done. I do hope to read more Heavy/Medic from you in the future.

Scout/Scoutma for super-perverse little deviants (2)

1 .

(includes voyeurism, Scoutma/other, being-drugged-with-prior-consent-established, and all the obvious reasons not to read this filth)

When he looked back on that night later, he couldn't remember what he'd needed from her room, that had had him searching her closet. He'd been too old to be trying to get a peek at Christmas presents, and anyway, it had been spring.

It was before RED, before he'd made the decision to leave home like that, and all he can really remember was that he'd been far enough in her closet when he heard her come home, that it seemed like hiding there was the best plan.

She didn't stumble in alone, though he hadn't been able to see much of her date. Tall, broad-shouldered... well, not too broad-shouldered, but when he compared the man to himself, or to pictures around the house of his father, that was how he seemed, broad-shouldered. Dressed like any man might be for a night out, in a dark suit, but with the lights out, he was swallowed in shadow.

He kissed at her neck, and he seemed to stay in shadow even when the streetlight out her window bathed her in warm, soft light. Like she was in a spotlight, always, and the Scout knew then he should have looked away, stuck his fingers in his ears or something and closed his eyes, and waited it out. But it was the closest he'd ever been to a naked girl, watching a pair of big, square hands strip away her flimsy dress. It was such a warm spring night, and the dress looked like nothing in the man's hands, like he could have torn it off, torn it to pieces.

He'd whispered questions that the Scout didn't understand, about whether or not 'it' was kicking in, and he watched, his Ma's skin glowing in the hazy light, as she slowly went limp as a doll in the man's arms.

He didn't have much of a view, when the man laid her on the bed, the shadows fell in such a way that the Scout couldn't see much, hard as he tried to focus. He could see her breasts move when she breathed deep, and the way she was sprawled out, but not half the things he wanted to see. The shame of it burned, but not
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2 .

I'm sorry, this is the only thing I thought during reading this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9fgFTyzE_o

It was well written, though. If I should choose ONE male to pair with Scout's mother, yeah, that'd be Scout himself.

3 .

Incest isn't really my thing, but you wrote this so well. It's sad and beautiful, and it just made me feel so warm inside. You should write more of this.

Class & You: Request Thread, Name-Your-Kink (66)

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Hello tf2chan, new here. I'm a fanfiction writer looking to expand my horizons, and since I've been on a tf2 fanfiction kick lately I'm opening up for anon requests. But this time, I'd like to go beyond typical vanilla NSFW and open myself up to other types of kinks/fetishes/forms of sexual expression in literature.

Long story short, tell me what you wanna see. I predominantly lean towards Medic and Sniper stuff, but can certainly expand beyond those characters if need be.

I do draw the lines at underage things/or anything with legality issues. But you all already know that. I may be reluctant to go for requests involving scat or water sports, as I don't necessarily have a propensity for that kind of fetish either.

But forget that. I'll write what inspires me, so let's see what you lot can come up with. You can also suggest possible story lines as well, which can be incorporated into your anon request.

Ready, set-- request!

65 .

Hello, Harlequin! It's nice to see you back! As for all the requests, it's totally understandable with what you're doing. I'd be very happy to have your tumblr so I can read more of your writing!

66 .


Hey Anon, it's good to see you too. : )

Here's the tumblr: http://harlequin-writes.t umblr.com/

From there, it's possible I can give you my main also if you'd like.

67 .

Are you still taking requests? I would love to see more of your work here.