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Adult Fanfiction

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1Adult Request Thread Pre-emptive Strike69723 November 2011 04:52
2Dying Wish (Soldier/Bucket)817 December 2014 14:23
3Looking for a deleted story115 December 2014 05:53
4Chargin' (Demoknight/Reader)613 December 2014 00:10
5Terrible dark fic (Soldier+Scout/Engineer) Noncon.26 9 December 2014 05:03
6Breaking Point ( Mark 3 )126 2 December 2014 22:15
7On The Coldfront20227 November 2014 07:24
8Law & Order: BLU41 8 November 2014 23:47
9Looking for a fic?231 October 2014 06:43
10Any class and you?18630 October 2014 11:56
11Wetter spots (Sniper x Engineer) WARNING WATER SPORTS2324 October 2014 23:02
12Going out for Italian (NSFW Medic/Scout)415 October 2014 09:18
13looking for a fic, have you seen me?130 August 2014 19:44
14No title yet but Heavy and Medic horror/mystery story thing sort of idk1226 August 2014 13:16
15find-a-fic125 August 2014 03:12

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Adult Request Thread Pre-emptive Strike (696)

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Okay, the newer one has already started to auto-sage. It's currently still on the front page but it has fallen past the line where we'll have to start clicking All Threads in order to see it.

Here is the link to it and the ones before it. Lots of great requests still in these!

I'm going to repost the two most recent ones from the most recent thread.

I know this is mostly requests for new stuff, but I haven't been here in a while and I'm having trouble finding an old fanfic. It was Engie x You, started with ambiguous-gender-ness and then had two endings, one for M and one for F.

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697 .

Pyro pegging Scout. That's all I've wanted for a long, looooong time...

Dying Wish (Soldier/Bucket) (7)

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10:45 PM - r_Contra: should i write
10:46 PM - r_Contra: soldier/bucket porn
10:46 PM - r_Contra: because i already know
10:46 PM - r_Contra: what i want to do
10:46 PM - Cat Bountry: With Shovel being cuckolded.
10:46 PM - r_Contra: Done.
10:47 PM - r_Contra has changed their name to r_Contra is writing.

Dying wish.

It hadn't ever been something Jane Doe spent much of his time thinking about. He'd died too many times to count, mostly at the hands of people that looked exactly like him- but were probably Communists, all things considered- and others who resembled his teammates yet somehow were not. The Medic and Engineer had explained their Respawn Hypothesis to him and the rest of the team a few years ago, but Jane had already long forgotten the specifics and just preferred to stick with his Shovel.

The RED Soldier gave a guilty gulp.

Oh, Shovel. He'd almost forgotten.
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6 .

this was illarious, the best part of "love & war" indeed

7 .

The characterization of the shovel reminds me of "when a man loves a shovel", or whatever, by Marty,

8 .

I might add you on steam now just to see what you'll come up with next.

Looking for a deleted story (0)

1 .

So there used to be this story called 'La bete' on fanfiction.net, and the original author deleted it. Was just wondering if anyone here happened to see it and save it.

Fic was sniper/tentaspy medic/tentaspy, kinda pwp where the spy accidentally gets injected with some sort of syrum and turns into a tentaspy, sniper and medic being the only ones there to help him. I unfortunately do not remember the author's name.

Not expecting a miracle or anything, but if anyone happens to have it that would be great.

Chargin' (Demoknight/Reader) (5)

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5:56 PM - ATF_Joan / @_@: no contra no

5:56 PM - killohurtz: CONTRA NO

5:57 PM - [oops]❤Mama❤: contra
5:57 PM - [oops]❤Mama❤: nooooooooooo

5:56 PM - ATF_Contra /// -dictory: THAT DICK IS GONNA BE UNSTOPPABLE
5:55 PM - Dane: NO
5:55 PM - Dane: CONTRA NO
5:56 PM - ATF_Contra /// -dictory: I'M UNSTOPPABLE
5:57 PM - ATF_Contra /// -dictory: NOTHING IS SAFE
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4 .

i can't believe that your girlfriend sent this to me. it's an unbelievable piece of work

10/10 would read again and again

5 .

R.I.P. Reader

6 .

If he wears the wee booties to bed, does he get better turning control?

Terrible dark fic (Soldier+Scout/Engineer) Noncon. (25)

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This is a gift I'm working on for a friend, who basically requested two random classes from one team finding and violating one from the other during humiliation round. I'm posting it here because I used to lurk in the threads some years ago and I think it's sad the chan is dead. Set in Sawmill, if it was like... bigger. WILL CONTAIN NONCON AND GRAPHIC VIOLENCE.


Scout isn't afraid. He likes to think he doesn’t know how to be afraid anymore, and if he does, he sure as hell isn't going to let it show in front of his own teammate.

Red Soldier, it's the understatement of the year to say he's batshit insane, but he knows things, and Scout ain’t ever seen him afraid of anything.

Soldier's seen a lot of things, Soldier's done a lot of things Scout probably doesn’t want to know about, but he thinks he probably needs to know. If he's going to stay here, risking his ass for intel he doesn’t get to see and shitty pieces of desert and run-down buildings, Scout sure as hell isn't just going to sit on the sidelines and watch while his team hogs all the fun.

He isn't stupid. He knows fighting doesn’t stop when the winning team is announced. Once a team is declared winner, what's left of the other is usually scattered or sent to respawn – often by Scout's own barrel or bat. And he's been killed a great deal of times himself during humiliation round too,

There's nothing to do but run or kill after a match, and he figures that's what most of his teammates do.

But Scout isn’t stupid, and Scout sees a lot too.
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24 .

Thank you. You brought forth the tension well. Scout's bystander syndrome broke my heart.

Perhaps you could've described scout's emotional reactions further to really milk it for drama, but I suppose being shocked into a bit of detachment works too.

25 .

How about a sequel with Engie looking for revenge?

26 .

>>25 Or really any of the BLUs, considering it appears Soldier's done this to just about all of them? (though I do admit Revengineer is a personal favorite of mine)

Breaking Point ( Mark 3 ) (125)

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A rusty door swung open, flooding the dim, windowless cellar with a warm, yet somehow malicious, red glow. A Spy sporting the same color of dress strolled in, flanked by two other RED associates – an Engineer and a Heavy. The shorter man was carrying around a box of supplies, and began laying them out neatly in a specific order on a stainless steel table in the midst of the room. While he was busy, Heavy paused and closed the dank cellar from the outside world by shutting and latching the heavy bolts.

Spy flipped open a cigarette case, lit one up, and took a deep draw. He exhaled slowly, directing his cool, icy eyes at the shackled figure on the ground as his two associates bustled about.

The shackled form glared back boldly. “Well. If it ain’t the fat bald bastard, the skinny bald bastard, and the short bald bastard.”
“Fuck off, ya shape-shiftin’ rat.”

“Pardon me, but I don’t t’ink you are quite in zee position to make demands, boy,” the man drawled in his light French accent, twirling his cigarette around between his fingers. “You’ve been, eh… ‘escorted’ to a secret facility of ours, over 800 kilometers away from zee nearest BLU base, and I’m zee only object standing between you, and a long, painful death.” the man casually pulled out a beautifully engraved revolver from the inside of his vest. “So I recommend you ‘ave an intelligent thought for once in your pathetic life, and cooperate.”

The boy shackled on the ground just snorted. He was around 19, and had short cropped hair that was looking pretty messy, with parts of it matted together as if he hadn’t been to a shower in a while. His wiry body was garbed only in a loose undershirt and a pair of blue camo-boxers. The bronze tan he sported was starting to fade slowly but surely from the lack of sunlight. However, he was covered with a layer of grime so thick, one could barely tell. The Scout’s entire body was covered with harsh bruises, and his wrists and ankles were rubbed raw due to the tight shackles, but his blue eyes still burned with that cocky, resolute flare. Pity. It would have easier on the both of them if he’d just given
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124 .

hello it is I #113 sorry about bumping the post I know I would have flipped if a fic that hadn't updated in a year suddenly did a thing. Again sorry I don't really go on 4chan so I didn't know it would do that

125 .


126 .

>>125...over a year after the last post...I have a feeling you're attempting to make a point about what happened with 113, but I'm a little too angry at you to care. DO NOT NECROBUMP PAST A YEAR LATER. Probably not even after a few months, but definitely not after more than a year later. This is infuriating to those of us actually patiently waiting for an update. Please, no bumping.

On The Coldfront (201)

1 .

This is the first part of a longish RP between me and my pal OtherHazards. Haz is Heavy, I am Medic. It's still ongoing, but this time I'll try to post it mostly chronologically.

The Medic was the first to greet the new arrival at the base, but it was not a warm welcome for this chilly place: “Herr Heavy, welcome to Coldfront. Once you have deposited your rucksack in your bunk, kindly come to ze infirmary for your intake exam."

Heavy found his new room in the Coldfront base without trouble, and dumped his rucksack on the bunk without ceremony. It was empty, and institutional, like any of these rooms when you first move in... Heavy looked around ambivalently, then remembered something, dug a fresh blue shirt out of his pack, and changed out of his current one. He tossed the dirty shirt behind the door to deal with later, and headed down towards the infirmary. Wall-maps are handy things, and since the locations are by class symbol, language doesn't count.

In the infirmary, the Medic found himself straightening his syringes and rearranging his pill bottles. He knew that the Heavy would be back soon, and found himself eager to make a good impression. Ridiculous. He forced himself to sit down calmly and review his notes on the team.

Moving through the unfamiliar corridors, Heavy could hear the hollow rush of the heating vents, just keeping up with the cool breath that seeped off the concrete walls. It was familiar, and not, like the team he would soon meet. He knew what they would be, but not yet who would fill each role… except for one, and he'd barely met the man. Another Heavy might have taken this more seriously, but he knew better. Medics were useful, but when one ducked off for his own reasons, it wasn't the end of the world. They were both adults, after all... Letting that thought go, Heavy stopped in front of the infirmary door, then opened it.

The Medic had heard the footsteps in the hall outside, and he forced himself to remain calmly looking at his paperwork for another moment. He was not going to get excited about this. This w
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200 .

Too bad this was discontinued. It was my favorite TF2 fic.

201 .

Looking through these old fics, I feel I came into the fandom too late. All the good writing seemed to happen before I got here, and most of these works of art have probably been forgotten.

202 .


I'll try to post my fics here, then. I can't promise they're any good, but at least you'll have something new to read.

Law & Order: BLU (40)

1 .

[authors' note: we regret nothing.]






Anne the Cat Detective (The Dustbowl Horror; Disconnect; Howl, Dog; Entire Team Is Ladies)
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39 .

Says the person not saging to someone that did sage (Unless they deleted their post and reposted with a sage).

40 .


I don't know how to sage/don't know how to recognize one. I was just trying to help.

41 .

To sage, just type "sage" into the e-mail box. You can tell a post is saged if the name text is black, and unsaged if the name text is green.
However, I'm personally glad you didn't sage, because I never would have found this wonderful fic without this bump, so thank you.

Looking for a fic? (1)

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I was wondering if anyone knows the name of this fic. Basically what happens is Engineer joins and he finds out that none of the team members can touch each other (himself included). I guess the Administrator made it so nobody would fool around on the team. And Demoman and Engineer later find a way to work around that. It's been bugging me for awhile because I thought it was quite good.

2 .

I don't know if there's one with Demo, but "Asymptote" by renquise has that premise with Engie and Spy!

Any class and you? (185)

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I've been a thread stalker for a couple of months for a fanfic and I was wondering if there is anyone who can still make those kinds of fics now these days? If so, feel free to put it here.

184 .

Perhaps that person meant as in CBS x You.

I second the notion, though!

185 .


Yes, I had mentioned that I would like to see a CBS x Reader insert. I would just prefer a story to be written for a female reader. Personally, I like gender specific stories rather than gender ambiguous ones.

186 .

I need Sniper/Reader like I need air.

Wetter spots (Sniper x Engineer) WARNING WATER SPORTS (22)

1 .

A small water sports ficlet, nothing too serious.

It all just sort of happened. Engie and I were just having our usual beer by the fire, he was strumming that worn down Gibson of his as I just sat back, enjoying the heat of the fire on my feet. Things had been slow, as usual. Small talk about the match of that day, how we hated the Spy and how we'd end him the next day. Our little talk shifted to more intimate things and before I knew it, Engineer had put his guitar down and took me in his lap. We kissed, small pecks at first as I gently ground down against him. We had done this kind of thing often, but lately, we just didn't have time or the energy for such shenanigans. But now we had. We kissed harder, I could feel his hands holding my ass, urging me to grind harder. I knew we'd both probably finish in our trousers, for things always went so fast after a certain point. My breathing became labored as my hips got a mind of their own. I could feel his erection against my own and I grabbed onto his shoulders, leaning down to kiss him harder. Moans escaped our throats, and he pulled me closer. My hands went up to pull off those goggles so I could see his gray/blue eyes, tip off that silly helmet of his to make us both more comfortable.
I could feel my pants straining, though not only because he caused me to be as hard as rock, but also because of the liters of beer in my bladder now. I groaned, shifting uneasily, trying to escape his grasp to get up and take a piss elsewhere. I might be into that kind of thing, but I wasn't sure about my Texan mate and didn't want to force it on him, not even by accident.

"Mate...I need to take a piss." I tried to get him to let me stand, but his hands only gripped my ass firmer and bucked up into me. "Shhh." he had hushed me and began to whistle lowly. His eyes clouded with lust and his lips dry. I could feel my belly protesting about keeping my urine inside for so long. "I'm serious!" I tried to break away, but it was too late. When I rose my hips to stand, I lost control of myself and within seconds, a warm w
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21 .

I never thought I would enjoy reading water sports this much. Must be Sniper/Spy thingy. I do wish you're planning to give us more with these two. It's way too underrated.

22 .

Oh, I didn't even see you replied there! I'm so sorry.

I've been quite busy with this and that, so I didn't really get the chance to write anything.
Maybe you guys could give me a prompt or something? Get my creative juices flowing again?

23 .

Both snipers torturing a spy with jarate/pissing on him? Just something nice with these two, they're so fucking delicious.

Going out for Italian (NSFW Medic/Scout) (3)

1 .

What a great lack of Medic/Scout we have here. Let me fix that.

One foggy evening, after the now mundane events that happen in Teufort on almost a daily basis, Scout had returned to his room after a long tiring day. He was aroused and hungry but did not know which need to satisfy first. Scout suddenly gripped his mini man-pickle and began growling as he tugged furiously. Then, a huge whiff of spaghetti came to his nostrils. The smell over came all, and he had the urge to follow the scent while still masturbating. Flustered, he poked his head out the door and the smell became potent. He couldn't resist it any longer. He had to get the spaghetti. Scout blundered about with his hands on his wiener, blindly trying to follow the scent until he came to Medic's lab.

Nervously, Scout pushed the door open and found the place was seemingly deserted. However, this was not the case, as the door suddenly slammed shut behind him while he was still jerking off. Then, before he could look behind him, he felt someone forcefully grab his slick unclothed cock from behind. To his surprise, it felt really slimy and soft. Scout looked down. The hand around his wiener was warm and full of spaghetti. Scout heard a growl in his left ear followed by a harsh familiar voice.

"I vas wondering vhen you vould come around."

Scout felt so sexually frustrated but this was so fulfilling. Medic pushed Scout onto the Stretcher. He yelped and turned to look at Medic as he pinned him savagely. Medic crammed spaghetti into Scout's mouth directly from his crotch and panted loudly. Scout was overwhelmed and frightened but the sound of Medic gasping made him so aroused.

Medic continued to thrash his spaghetti violently into Scout's mouth until he could not breathe. Spaghetti sauce began erupting from Medic's genitalia as noodles slapped against Scout's face and overflowed out of his pants.

"Ja, you like mein big spaghedick, don't you herr Scout"
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2 .

I have absolutely no idea what in the world is going on here.
This pleases me in some way I cannot possibly understand.
Personally, though, I'd change "Ubermensch" to "Uberspaghetti" or some other stupid pun.

3 .

Ah, the wonders of modern medicine. Where can I get me some spaghejizz?

4 .

Ah, yes, I'll take note and do that next time.

From Spaghedic, he's the world's leading supplier of spaghejizz.

looking for a fic, have you seen me? (0)

1 .

the story is scout x sniper, and it's Scout's first time with a man. He goes to confess his possible homosexuality with sniper, and they end up grinding naughty bits together in Sniper's van.

I've crawled through the archive several times, and I don't know that I'm just missing it or if it's gone. Could someone help me out?

No title yet but Heavy and Medic horror/mystery story thing sort of idk (11)

1 .

Hey :)

This has been on tumblr for a bit now but I felt like posting here because a) why not and b) I would really love some more constructive criticism and feedback to improve future parts, ass I've never written anything like this before and hey, I'm no teratomarty.
plus I've never used the chan even after being around the fandom for a year now, I figured it was high time I tried.

The NSFW aspect is played down, this isn't porn with out plot so much as plot with a bit of fisting at the beginning and possibly some future blowjobs on the horizon

Warnings for fisting, a hint of badsex and major character death.

Here's the first part, anyway.

It was a full moon, appropriately enough, when it all began. Every window in the BLU base was open in surrender to the desert heat and allowing the moonlight’s bright majesty to live and breathe within it. Every mercenary already asleep went without a cover or his night clothes, and every mercenary still awake was down to his vest and shorts and attempting to cool himself off with a drink in the rec room. All, that is, except for Heavy and Medic, who were sweaty, sticky, completely naked and so very much enamored with each other.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

10 .

Okay, so this is officially abandoned. Expiration Date took all my headcanons for respawn and how it works and can be hypothetically used, stomped on it, set it on fire, then danced in the ashes. I can't think of a way around it. So, to make up for that a little bit here's a little bit from a little further down the plot. Apologies for the sad.


He exhaled slowly, his eyes closed, seeming to revel in the simple sensation of being able to move, to feel. Every shift in the air was amazingly poignant against his skin; each caress of the wind on his face like a callous, icy hand. He had such a smile of pure contentment on his face that Heavy found it difficult to look at him.

“You don’t understand,” he said quietly. It was without emotion, a simple honest statement. Heavy finally found the courage to look upon that handsome face. His skin was waxy, almost translucent, displaying the intricate array of blood vessels under the surface. His uniform was bloody and disheveled, his hair miraculously still perfect, and his gloves were absent.

“How can I, Doktor?” Heavy replied at last. “How can I possibly understand ?”

“Without experiencing it for yourself? You can’t.” He let in another breath, feeling every strand of muscle fiber between his ribs contract to allow it into his body. He opened his eyes. They were milky and clouded, the moon behind Heavy’s head reflected beautifully in them. Heavy tried, oh how he tried to find some trace of the man he knew before in them, but he saw nothing.

“I feel… simplified,” the German before him explained, “like I have been drained of all I was before and have become something …else.”

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11 .

I've been lurking on and off this site for a few months...first time commenting. I love your story and it's a shame you've scrapped it, even with the respawn inaccuracies that honestly don't matter to me. I can't find anything wrong with it at all, frankly...and I'm actually clinging onto the hope that you'll change your mind and carry on.

12 .

So sorry to hear you're quitting this :/
I'm willing to be nobody here would have cared even if your description of the respawn differs from the "official" version. There are so many variations of it already.

find-a-fic (0)

1 .

I remember reading a fic focusing on the scout and his pet (baby) tentaspy. The scout came into his room after a long day and fell asleep and the tentaspy got out of its tank and tentaspyxscout ensues. if anyone knows what fic I'm talking about, pls link it to me, or even post it on the thread, I don't mind either way.